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Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles, laundry elves, and it's COLD!


Haven't said that for a while so it just felt necessary.

Well this week was truly great. Miracles are so real. It was also tough and funny. BUT that’s ALWAYS.

So in our house here we have to wash all of our clothes by hand because it is cheaper than taking it to a lavanderia and less awkward then flooding peoples houses. So we just suck it up and do it. Haha. And I actually thought it was kind of fun last week. But this week it was not fun because my line broke and got all of my clean, wet, WHITE clothes, dirty and black and gross. So I had to clean them all again and it was stupid. I felt like a Pioneer. And plus it hurts your hands to wash clothes the old fashioned way. Elder W. and I came to the conclusion that America is a lie and everything is so perfect in America because elves do everything for us (or moms?). And here the elves don’t come. It also because Santa Clause doesn’t come to Iztapalapa (the Federal District he is in). Well, at least that’s what all the parents told me here. Hahahahahhaha. So sad. But, that’s life. I think its because the 3 kings come and give the kids presents. So because of that Santa Clause doesn’t even bother. Anyways. That’s just a little fun fact of Iztapalapa. And the water is green. But you already knew that. 

Well yeah so this week was super good. Miracles I tell you. Four investigators came to church and for two of them it was their first time!!! It was super great because the members totally helped us drive them to the church and drive them home. I LOVE that. Way to go members! One guy was actually in a bad accident in January of this year and has been on bed rest for like 8-9 months. He is just now starting to walk and do therapies to regain strength in his leg. One of his legs is just skin and bone. He lost all muscle and almost all of the control that he once had in his leg. He is a great man. He has a strong faith in Jesus Christ. He was baptized in a Baptist church a while back. He enjoys talking to all people about religion so his interest isn’t really driven by "finding the truth"... It’s more driven by interest in learning more and talking. Which is good too but it’s hard to have spiritual progress with that. BUT he came to church with his wife. And I really hope they liked it. The Gospel Principles class was a slight disaster so that was unsettling. The topic was the signs of the second coming and then they got back on the topic of the twelve tribes of Israel and it was just so weird and everyone was confused and our investigator was making comments on the 144,000 that come from the twelve tribes and everyone was so confused and I was just like “uh can we like end this class?”... #thanksfornotcomingtoclassTEACHER but its okay and I need to learn patience. Haha. And then we had to leave early from church because our Zone Leaders "needed" our help but they really didn’t. So I didn’t get to talk to him after priesthood to see how he felt about it all. But we shall see......

We also have two baptisms planned for this week. I have mentioned to you that it is the Grandma and her son that will complete the C. Family. So I have been worried about Grammy because she has lacked a testimony. So that is all we were focusing on with her these past 5 weeks- TESTIMONY of the church, the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet Joseph Smith. So I was losing a bit of hope because it didn’t seem like she was catching it all due to her age and due to her past life as a strong Catholic. But, I should’ve been more hopeful. I mean I had seen her go from rejecting a baptismal date to wanting to get baptized! And last night we were able to see her and fill in her baptism papers. And guess what. SHE HAS A TESTIMONY. She is recognizing her belief and faith as a testimony and I was just so grateful to God because he really does work miracles. It is so beautiful and great. I should’ve kept the faith that I initially had. I mean we were led by the spirit to give her a specific baptismal date and so obviously God was going to prepare her for that day. And you know what! She WILL be ready. But she told us that if the water is cold she won’t get in. Hahahah. SO we have to make sure that the heater works. I am also really worried for her because she needs to have an open-heart surgery. Apparently she has been sick for a while, but now it is like urgent and I am really worried that it won’t go well. She is really old and fragile and yeah. But we were able to give her a blessing and I really have the faith that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. What a great blessing to have seen her progression in just the short few months that I have been here. Her son is also ready for baptism this week and I am so stoked for him. Hahaha and his son came to church this week with a "futuro misionero" tag and I was loving it. So if everything goes according to plan, we have two baptisms on FRIDAY!

Alright.... what else happened.....

Oh yeah, the orphan boy that we were teaching that isn’t in our ward is good. He is an interesting character.  He wants to get baptized. But he is like not wanting to go to his ward so that will be interesting.... He has a tough life and I am just glad he is making good choices to follow Christ.

We got a new investigator thanks to some members! It is like a family friend of boyfriend of someone. He is kind of super awkward and not really open with us so we don’t really know if he wants to listen to us or just is doing it for the girl. He didn’t come to church and he said he would. But I mean everyone says that.. It was cool because we have to focus more on God and Christ with him because he doesn’t have a background believing in God or Christ. So it was a nice reminder to see the blessings in my life. First, because almost everyone here believes in Christ and so it makes that part easier. Second, because it has been a belief so integrated in my heart since I was a baby. It really makes life easier to believe in Christ. As cheesy as it sounds, its true. I don’t know how much he will progress. But I'll keep you updated. And plus if President splits the area again then I won’t even teach him in my area. AHH. The changes are coming in a week. Next Monday you will know what happened. Time is FLYING BY. So loco.

Well I am like losing all train of thought of what else happened this week. I am really hoping this week goes perfectly but it never does so I am just a little bit scared. Please pray for L. C. (Grammy) this week because she is going into surgery and I am worried it will not permit her to be baptized and just worried for her health in general. So yeah, please do it. And I think that is all...

This upcoming week we have a Capacitation de Zona. A Zone Training and it should be fun. We also have baptism. AND that will be fun!!!!!!! 

Love you all soooo much. I can’t believe it is almost Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone was going crazy here cause it was BIEN FIN in the stores. It was like Black Friday and all of that. HAhaha. Love it. So weird. 

Well anyhoo. Thanks for your prayers and love. We feel it here in Quetzal.

PS I found out the new temple video came out the week after I went and I wanted to cry because that was like a slap in the face, but I have to count my blessings for the oportunidad that I had to go.. hahahaha. waaah.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

He is a chef.

CORN ON A COB HERE IS THE BEST. It's calle elote. They smuther it in mayonesa and cheese and chile. #heavenonastick


Saying goodbye...

It got freezing this week! SO COLD.

Heating up a pan to heat up my hands.

Some people give us baby food to eat... why?


Us with A. El futuro misionero.
Elder P. eating corn. Oh yeah btw he left us. Haha we were only comps for 5 days and he got reassigned. But it's all good. He was a great guy!

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