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Monday, December 9, 2013

Responsibility, helping the missionaries, and happy birthday to Rachel!

All right - I will just start this email.

I don’t think anything happened – so that’s weird.

Living with four missionaries is legit crazy, four as in me too. Haha. Sometimes it drives me crazy because I have to be the responsible one and tell people to shut up and study and then they all hate me. I hate having to be responsible. Sorry parents for giving you so much trouble as a dumb child. 

Anyways. Haha.

So it’s almost Christmas and it is like legit crazy! WOWOW HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. So we need to pick a date when we are going to skype for 45 minutes. It has to be a day other than Christmas #lol because all the computer places will be closed. So like on the 23 or 24 or 26.... you choose. I vote the 24 or 26 because that’s better. And tell me what time. Probably when it is like noon here or something. You do the math. And tell me what the skype user name and password are again because I totes forgot. DON’T FORGET. Okay? 

So we are being the best missionaries and contacting like CRAZY because members haven’t been giving us references because they "don’t know anyone". And I’m like “okay, well are you just cooped up in your house all day like a hermit?” And they legit respond... “Si.” Haha. So that’s weird. So because of that we are desperate and are talking to everyone we see. Well not really. We are more focusing on when the Spirit indicates it. And if He indicates it and we walk past the person we have to be super socially incorrect and chase after the person to contact them. That’s the way. Uh huh. So we have contacted some pretty great people that have accepted the invitation to be baptized! AHAH. One of them is our neighbor that lives right below us! I was all kind and knocked on their door to "get to know them" since I am their neighbor and all. We ended up putting a cita and at the end of the cita she was like “heck yes, I will be baptized if I know its true.” AND that was the lady that did the Mary Party last week. (which by the way wasn’t a BLOODY MARY ritual JENNY PENNY, it was simply a worship service for the Virgin Mary....) LOLOL. Everyone is having Mary parties and parades right now because its almost Christmas. It is super funny and I love it. Sometimes I want to start joining them but then I was like... better not, but back to our neighbor. So she is great. The other lady is basically our neighbor too. She is struggling a lot because of family and health issues. She is a wreck and it is heartbreaking. She can hardly walk and she has to sell stuff on the street to live. So when we talked to her she was crying the whole time. I think she is really going to love the message. Some more people were good when we talked to them but then they like actually never came out of their house and we waited forever. So that’s always awk. It’s like hmmm... what do we do. But yeah. Contacting is super fun. I sometimes still get scared to do it but whenever I do it I always feel super good and happy. So I suppose I should keep doing it. 

The kid we found at the baptism is flakey and never comes to church. But he is still living with his girlfriend and he has no other place to go and he doesn’t want to marry her so its like... well.... you can’t be baptized then. And so we are working with him.....

Yaya okay what else happened.

Kind of nothing. 

But I really liked the Christmas devotional even though we got their 20 minutes late due to dumb traffic and going in a bus. DUMB. I was like wait why is it only one hour. MORE PLEASE. 

OH YEAH! D. and D. I love them and their sons. They are they greatest people ever. Their sons are already future missionaries because they know everything. And they always pray and thank God for knowing "los mormones". And I love it. But they finally came to church! I WAS HAPPY. They just need to get married. So I played marriage counselor even though I didn’t want to. They have major issues. So I was just like well I honestly am sorry that this is so hard but it WILL get better if you trust in God and start changing your life to follow Him. I told them that it will be more likely to have a successful relationship and marriage and family once it is based on the Gospel Teachings. And I think that it struck them. They came to church. SO now I just gotta play marriage counselor again and get this two kids hitched!  

We are eating with the C. Family on Christmas EVE! WOHOOO. Best Christmas ever probably so don’t even worry about me. Haha. Love you all....

Ya sorry this is boring and short. #onehouremailstinks

I think my mission is the strictest in the whole world. But I still LOVE IT. But we seriously get new rules like every day - what the heck? Yeah we will probably never get facebook or ipads. First, because we aren’t allowed to have fun in this mission #thatsaninsidejokeireallylovethismission, and second because we already teach 30 or more lessons every week. That facebook thing is helpful when there aren’t so many opportunities for teaching like we have here. Not that it is a bad idea. I love it... But I doubt we will get it. 

Anyway. BYE. Love you all. 

Stay happy and strong. Remember your potential. God has not called us to be impure; He has called us to be Holy. We can do it with a little help from our friends. And Him. We have a perfect Pop. He knows our potential. Don’t disregard your greatness. Okay. That’s all. BAI. 

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

PS  OH YEAH MY LOVERRLY SEESSTER RAAACHEL turns like 20 this week. HAPPY BDAY GURRL. jk. 14 right? haha I love you so much. You’re so cool and way too hip for me. Keep being nice to dad.

PPS this is a shoutout - shoutout alright?!?! Love you sister. Be wise and stay sweet.
My Comp and I


 I hit my head on the table. Rude.

Foot in the face

Nobody is perfect. 

Christmas tree O Christmas tree. 

Bus full of missionaries...
Twas cold

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