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Monday, February 24, 2014

Blessings of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and a baptism in warm water!

Very, very, good, good. 

SO this week was interesting. Not a ton of success (work wise)... But we had a baptism! It was like super last minute and I was afraid that no one was going to show up, but luckily a few people came... They made yummy food too that gave everyone and myself else diarrhea. That was loverly and funny when the President and his wife asked me at church if I had diarrhea too... HAHA. Gotta love Mexico.  

Well... Our new elder in the District is from Colombia. His accent is fantastic. Its so different from the chilango way of talking. He is a good, young elder with lots of stomach problems. They don’t eat chile in Colombia. 

I had intercambios this week with Elder P. He is my Zone Leader. We are good buddies. If you recognize his name it’s because he was my District Leader a while back. One of his first companions on the mission was Chris Barcus. Haha. He loved Elder Barcus. That day was super fun. We contacted a couple people. Some of them turned out to be Seventh Day Adventists. I met many Seventh Day Adventists this week, more than I have in my life. She was super nice in declining our invitation to hear our message but we still managed to get her address... We have a way with words. Some people just can’t say no. 

I found my favorite family in the world here in Topilejo. They are so humble and strong in their testimonies. They are converts of about a year. They struggled the whole past year with employment because they wouldn’t accept jobs that required work on Sundays. Everyone told them that they were dumb and that God would understand their needs... (#EVILPEOPLE). But they knew what was true and chugged along. I LOVE them for that. To begin, they are already super poor. And to go months without a stable salary, well, is just insane. But they did it knowing that God was trying their faith. They stayed firm and overcame the trial. And this week they both got jobs. I was super happy for them. I love to visit them and they love when we visit them so it’s a win-win.  They are such an inspiration. Although they might not know everything in the Gospel, they know how to recognize the spirit. And when the spirit gives them an impression, they follow it. I hope we can all be like this young couple. We have to learn how the spirit talks to us. We need to be worthy of his promptings. And we have to then listen and do what he tells us. Its putting trust in something you don’t see, but something you feel and know. 

Then we had the interview and we went to her house in the morning early to do it. (the woman getting baptized) They made us breakfast and the silly investigator of mine made the remark... Here is hot milk with sugar since you don’t drink coffee....  “WHAT .... you mean none of us, Hermana, drink coffee?” I was super concerned that she had been drinking coffee at first, but it turns out she just made a weird comment. And she passed the interview and was baptized the next day. The family was super content. All of them were like “we are finally a familia mormona!”  And I was like, “well..... technically not until tomorrow when your Grammy is confirmed”, but whatever. I’ll give it to ya. We went early to fill up the font. It took forever. But at least the water was warm. Warm water is a rare and beautiful thing here in Mexico. Elder Y. and I sang a duet. Then they made really yummy food but unfortunately it made everyone sick... Awkward. 

Then Sunday was interesting. All of the investigators that said they were going to go to church, didn’t go. AHH. The family that has the same excuse every week told us the same excuse again. And I was super frustrated. I think we will drop them. Hey, let’s not be rash...,but seriously. #bigdropping. The one that made me so sad was L. We ran into her before and she was like "hermanos, ya no"... And I was like fetch - what are you saying?”.... Because ya no means not anymore. And I was like “WHAT HAPPENED L?” I thought she was dropping us. She started to cry and I was super confused. Then she finally explained that her husband (who isn’t her husband yet) had been drinking and she told us that they are going to separate. And it was super sad and I had no idea what to say. She said she wouldn’t be able to make it to the Casa de Oracion (church) and went inside. So.... I am very perplexed. They were supposed to get married in a week... But I suppose not anymore. But the good thing (thinking positively) is that if they really to separate, she will still be able to be baptized. We have to see her asap. When we left we ran into her twin brother and dragged him along to church with us... literally. Cause I was like, “we need someone in church”. And so he came. He liked it... I think. Hopefully he comes back. 

J. also came to church. But he is having difficulties. I am worried for him. He disappeared this week. He is so young and I am afraid he has bad influences as friends. He said he would come back again next week. Hopefully we will be able to see him and talk about baptism again. Cause he was technically on date for this past Saturday. Ah man. Satan is a bozo. furreal.

Anyways. Oh yea. haha Sunday night we had a big long talk with two Seventh Day Adventists (different ones).  It was interesting. They were not convinced about Joseph Smith and were full of Bible rhetoric. It was draining, but interesting. I was actually pleased with the lesson. And it turns out that they already owned the Book of Mormon.... It was an old version. We taught a good lesson, bore testimony and left.

I am content but not pleased with the results we are having with new investigators. The key is always finding new people to teach. AH. So we are going to do that this week. Yes we are.

I love you all a lot. I am not super tan. I am more sun burned actually. Well compared to Mexicans. lol. So don’t be too jealous you white Americans. 

Elder Macdonald

Waiting 3 hours for the baptismal font to filll....

Da whole fam



We were on a bus and saw ourselves in a mirror. So we took a myspace pic.

Cleaning. I don't know why you thought I was tan....

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