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Monday, April 1, 2013

Okay first of all, I love you guys so much and miss you so much. I have never missed you so much before. Yes, I have been so homesick. Probably because we talked on the phone so long and also probably because Mexico is loco. 

So my first email to you was super positive and stuff. Well, that is because it was the first day... haha. It was a great first day. The tacos were super good. I loved the assistants and office workers and their house (KEY). Yes, my house is crap. More about that later. 

So we went to the Stake Center and had a meeting with all the District and Zone Leaders and then we got our companions. My companion is Elder L. He speaks like 2 words of english. At first I freaked out. I still kind of am. But we are able to communicate more. The first day I understood NADA. I was really confused and wondered if I even learned spanish in the MTC. Straight up- joke. Haha... I was super depressed to say bye to my other Elders from the MTC... mainly because they speak english. But I hope they are doing great and I can´t wait to see them in 5 weeks. Who knows, I might see them this week for General Conference. I am so excited for that. Anyways...

The first day was absolutely horrible. I hated it so much. I felt sick to my stomach. My area is soo ghetto and my house was sooo dirty. I had a legit panic attack. I instantly thought to myself..."what have I gotten myself into - i want to go home NOW". But don't worry. It is getting a lot better. So my area is huge. It is the most south east part of my mission - Chinampas. SO much walking. I thought I was going to die. Oh yeah. And because we only are fed one meal at like 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It is called comida. The first meal I had looked super sketchy so I freaked myself out. And the lady told me they were ojos - eyeballs. I was going to puke. But they were eggs. It turns out the food is actually good down here. It is super different. I didn´t get sick all week until this morning. Yes I had through flow, aka diahrrea. I thought I got a worm. But I took a pill and I feel a lot better. So no worries. 

The second day was better because in my personal study I was reading in Mormon 8: 37-39 and it talks about how we need to stop caring about material and earthly things and have charity and love and serve and give and everything that really matters. It was such a tender mercy. I really realized that I have been so blessed with an outrageous amount of unnecessary and nice things. AND I get to return to them in two years. Most of these people don´t have showers... they have to do bucket baths. Some do.. but that is not the point. The point is they live such humble lives. I had NO IDEA. What a reality check. WOWOW. God knows me and knows what I needed to become a more Christ-like person. So these two years are going to be hecka tough but I am going to try and be positive about it. 

I think the easiest way to do that is to love my ward or in this case a branch - rama because it is so small. I was so blessed with great people here. They love and care about the missionaries so much. And there are so many of them that need to be strengthened, so that is our goal I think. It is hard to understand a lot of the lessons, but I am so much better than I was on Wednesday. Seriously. The gift of tongues/interpretation of tongues is realsie. Anyways... 

Saturday was Santo Sabado so I guess they have a tradition of water wars. It doesn't make any sense. But yes, I am a gringo aka the target. So we were walking to an appointment and suddenly we were surrounded by a bunch of Mexican teenagers yelling GRINGO GRINGO GRINGO and they were throwing water at me. We ran away from them, and never got to the appointment. The important part is that we didn't get too wet. lolol. So yeah. That was really interesting. 

We travel on buses here. They are called meecros? I have no idea how they are spelled. But they are freaking LOCOCOCOCOCO. I mean jam packed with people sitting on people. Hot and sweaty and nasty old buses. And I am pretty sure they run over people all the time. Don´t worry, I won't die. But they do what they want when they want. 

This week there was a huge carnival in the middle of our area and I was always super confused, but then I understood that it was only for this Easter week. SO thank heavens that is done with. So many crazy, drunk, smelly people. I love them, but they smelled. And so much smoke everywhere. I will probably die of lung cancer. NBD. Anyways, I hated my area at first but I am growing to love it for the people. It is super safe here, so don't worry. The people are so nice and mind their own business. 

I really want to work in the office or be an assistant to the president because they have such a nice house. HAHA. But yeah, I am an organized person, and God knows that. It is up to him I guess. But maybe pray for me? Ha, maybe not? Idk. But in all seriousness I would love to be an assistant and greet the new missionaries and work with the president because he is such a great guy. I probably need to learn Spanish first. I am getting really good at understanding, compared to last week. Anyhoo. 

I don't have much more time. We went to a Costco like store in Mexico and bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and stuff. NO joke. Our house was freaking nasty and there are bugs everywhere. But I have been cleaning every morning so it is getting better. I was cleaning the lid to the toilet tank and it fell and shattered. God is very ironic and probably is laughing at me all the time because that was not very nice. I will have a good laugh once I am done using that bathroom. But seriously. I was trying to do a good thing and clean and then I Broke it. Que en el mundo. Irony is not funny when you live in my house. Haha jk. I am getting more settled and used to my surroundings so I am not as stressed and unhappy. I am actually really starting to love it. I get home sick in the mornings when I am not occupied. Our family trip to Hawaii in two years sounded like heaven a few days ago. But I am really starting to be okay and realize I only have two years to make a difference in the lives of others and become a better person. 

We had a lesson last night with a member family but the mom and dad aren't married, and he isn't baptized, and she needs to get a divorce with her ex husband so she can marry the current man in her home, so he can get baptized. Anyways we were at the dinner table, and we were giving a lesson on the Proclamation to the Family. It was like a 3 hour lesson (this family speaks Asian Spanish) and I had no IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. But the spirit testified to me that I should share a few thoughts. One about Ether 12: 27 how if we submit our will to God, then through our weaknesses we will be made humble and strong. So Yeah, I think I did something right. Then I also talked about how the atonement was NOT easy for Christ so why should it be easy for us. That really connected to them. It was all the spirit. The spirit really taught me because I need to apply those principles daily and remember my purpose. So yeah. It was super cool and dandy and got me excited. My district leader is Elder Beal and he speaks English. We have a meeting with them after this. OKay I love you guys more than anything and I miss you and appreciate your prayers. Keep praying for me and my invesitgators and my companion. We all need them. The church is true. Be grateful you were born in America with clean tap water and other amazing things. Ahh. Love ya. 

Con amor,

Elder Macdonald

PS -- I think I cry every time I share something gospel related in Spanish. It is so weird but I love it at the same time. It probably just happens because I am an emotional wreck right now. I cant wait to be in the groove of things and have Mexico feel like home. It is getting better, but sometimes I feel trapped in a strange land. haha. omg. I can't wait to come home and have a glass of ice and tap water. I miss clean tap water. I have been so humbled this week. 

Honestly. It is NOT fair how blessed I was to grow up in your family in America. Honestly. I am crying again. Holy crap. Pray so much for me. omgomgomg. I can do this. I can do it. I can. Don't be worried for me. ugh. 

I hope you get some pictures. About the mailing thing. just email and I will email as much as a can. I didn't email much to my friends. We are 15 minutes over an hour right now. I think we will have an hour and a half eventually.. who knows. 

I honesTLY LOVE YOU GUYS. Oh my gosh I wish I could've appreciated you more when I had you. haha. I hope my hard work here blesses you all. I hope you stay strong in the gospel. This Mexico place is making me rely on the Lord because He is the only one that understands my Spanish. oh my heck... I know without a doubt this church is true. I can finally say that. I think because if it wasn't true there is NO WAY in heck I would be here. I just need to transfer the love I have for you guys to the people here. I am venting like a mad man right now. You can put this on the blog if you want. I don't care. People need to know this is hard. I was NOT expecting this. But then i think about my friends from the MTC going to Honduras this week and I weep for them. At least we have hot water showers. That keeps be believing that my house is nice. I am careful what I eat and drink. I will never gain weight here. I have probably lost ten pounds actually, probably 7. haha.

 Okay. SOSOSOSO hard. But I know that Jesus Christ felt all the pain and hardship that is swimming in my head right now. I am so grateful for him because he can succor me. It is so good because I need him. My companion probably thinks I am a crazy cry baby. Oh my gosh. k gtg.. I love you again aginaagiagain. Adios fam. Tell people I will try to email them back, but I don't have much time. Feel special. I love you so much more to email you. Okay ugh. I need to go. Bye bye. Seriously. I am so stoked for Mothers Day in a few weeks. Pray that I can learn the language because in 12 weeks I will probably be training some poor soul. Oh my heck! 

love love love.

elder macdonald

Elder Macdonald's Mission President

I think this his apartment is in here somewhere!

He looks like a giant

Matt's companion

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