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Monday, May 20, 2013

Rain, the Atonement, burgers, and bunnies

I do believe the rainy season is starting a wee bit too early. Seriously. It rains every day. Usually in the night when we are walking home... I like the rain alot, don't get me wrong, but one of these days I might drown. It doesn't just rain here... it practially floods. Why didn't anyone tell me this before...? I thought I was going to Mexico, not Portland... haha. You think this kind of detail should at least be in the fine print of a mission call. Ha. 

So this Tuesday we had Zone Conference. I was slightly confused because Zone Conference is every 3 months and we had it last month but I guess Presidente Valadez wanted it again. I was totes fine with that because I love to see everyone and hear talks and learn from the President and his Wife, as well as other missionaries. We talked a lot about the Atonement and I was reminded yet again of its perfection. We are so lucky to have the Atonement because we absolutely need the Atonement in our life. The Atonement allows us not only to be forgiven of our mistakes but also to find a source of energy to keep going when times are hard. Christ's merits, grace, and mercy are sufficient for our weaknesses. And through our weaknesses we can be made strong through his merits, grace, and mercy. Love it. We also talked about applying scriptures better in lessons and being more interactive with the investigators. I've got a lot of work to do to become a good teacher, but I am up for the challenge. Then we had hamburgers for lunch. I ate 3. It was glorious. The hamburgers weren't even good... but the fact that they were hamburgers made me super happy and hungry. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the food here, but food that reminds me of home is good too. 

OMG I forgot to tell you a funny story from a while ago. When I got the package like 2 weeks ago and it had Virgin Mary stickers I pooped my pants it was so funny. Everyone looked at me all weird because of the stickers thinking I was Catholic or something and I couldn't stop LAUGHING. It was so bad. So who knows if the Virgin Mary thing was a joke or legit... But keep putting them on packages because they make me laugh!

We met with a crazy lady this week. Not crazy, because she has good reason to be, but I mean I think she could be classified as that due to my lack of vocabulary. We taught her a little and she just wouldn't stop talking (basically everyone never stops talking here) and so we thought she kind of liked it... But then Thursday when we had intercambias I came back with Elder B. and she was all stand offish and scary so I went running. D. was her name. Who knows what will happen with D. 

So yeah we have switches this week and I was with Elder B.! It was so much fun and I learn so much from him when I teach with him. First of all, we taught 6 lessons which was super good because we usually only teach 2 or 3 a day. But no, we taught 6! And some of the lessons were really great and helped an inactive member come back to church this week! So yeah.. It was super great and fun. He leaves pretty soon for home and he said that when we go to Hawaii the spring break I am back from the mission, he will show us around as a family! So lets take up that offer. He goes to BYU Hawaii. 

Later this week we taught a girl named C. who is a mom of 2 or 3. Her mom is a member but super inactive (nonetheless she still says she loves the church). Anyways. The lesson with C. went super well and you could really tell she was feeling the Spirit. So I hope she was able to read a little and pray. Hopefully she is home this week for our cita! We also taught another person who is friends with Hermana P. in my ward. A. is her name. So we were teaching A. the Plan of Salvation and her friend from her church comes in for something and was listening to us and had all of these wonderful doubtful questions that my companion answered flawlessly. So I was super convinced that since this girl knew so much about the scriptures and had a testimony of Christ and we answered her questions that she would want to talk more with us. Turns out no. I literally begged her for her address.... But she was "busy". No one is too busy to talk to us for 15 minutes. It just meant she didn't want to. It is sooo hard for me to accept no's from people I see so much potential in... SO HARD. I always knew it would be. I just have to respect everyones' agency and realize I did my part (the invitation). So I am going to work on this and try not to die everytime people say no.

So this Saturday we were eating at this families house... They had these super cute bunnies in a shoe box because they were babies and I was all "aww they are cute". and they asked me if I liked bunnies and I was like "duh they are soo cute". And they were like "how do you like them".... and I was like "HOLD UP FOO, to eaaat???? NOOOOOO" hahaha and then they looked at me wierd so I was worried if I offended them and I was like "....well, I have never tried them....". She told me they are better then chicken. So who knows. I might be eating them soon. I have pictures of them.... I'll send them soon.....

Elder B. had a baptism this week and it was S. who used to be a Testigo de Jehova! She is soo great and I was super happy for her. Her family came and I think they liked it alot. Then this week at church F. CAME. (oh yyeah, we taught him this week). He is the guy that LOVES the church and knows nothing about it. He explained how he has had it rough for a few months and he was really praying for something to change his life. Then we walked past his tortilleria and he says we are his angels. So that is flattering... haha. But he loved church and just loves the Book of Mormon and says it is the best gift he has every recieved. I think we are going to baptize him in June! Hopefully!! 

This p-day was good. We went to the other missionaries house to play games and I have some pictures I'll send you. I love my district! Super blessed! Anyways I loved the emails from you guys and am sure you are all just great. Good luck to graduating seniors. Super happy for mission calls #dingsdingsdehickkk and yeaaah wooohoooo! Love you alll so much. Thanks for eeerything.

Con Amor,

Elder Macdonald

His pet parrot (Loro) teaching him to whistle

The ill fated bunnies

His companion

His district

Jenga with a self timer camera...


Jenga with the coolest District on dia de P

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