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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hard week, patience, discouragement, and funny shower stories

¿Hola como estan... que taaalll?

Que BUENO. SO this week was rough on some occasions and great on other occasions. Tuesday we went looking for a guy named R. and instead found an extremely drunk man that was just in THAT kind of mood to talk about religion. So yeah, we went in because his family was home so we didn't think anything bad could happen. He was so extremely drunk my head hurt within the first two minutes. All I could think about was how sorry I felt for his little girls and his wife. Drinking is a really ugly thing. And, I hadn't really seen it first hand until then... So yeah not only is alcohol bad for our nutrition, but it also ruins everything good about our thoughts or personality. Haha it was quite the experience. He was crazy so I was just like kkk we gots 2 go peace brudda. And now I never want to go back to find R. Geeeessshlouisss. 

So right after that we went to find P., but he wasn't home and I was just super frustrated and like wwwhhhhhyyyyyy. He has been super busy with work and a divorce and it has been really hard to find him. We remembered that close to his house lives a less active member so we went on over. This scary old lady walks out with the stinkiest stink eye you ever did see and was like "L. is not home..." and we were like okay when can we come back and see her. She then went on to explain that L. was in a dark place when she was baptized and supposedly blamed it on the church so she went and found peace in some other religion and told us we aren't to talk to her and make her sad again. And I was like woooahh lady. But I didn't. So I was like "okay well we will come back another day to talk to her. Oh by the way, what is your name?" and she straight up told me I didn't need to know her name in a very snotty manner. RUUUUDE. Moral of the story, don't be polite and ask someone what their name is if they seem a little P.O.ed at something. Haha okay well it was really rude but super funny after and it is good because I am learning to have a lot of patience with rude old women that think I am the spawn of Satan. Entonces....

Yeah then we went and talked to an old man the next day and he talked FOREVER. And whenever I was like okay great can we share something he went on and told me to be patient... It had been 2 and a half hours. He was super great and all but I was just about ready to die in my chair if I heard anything more about how Mexicans are adopting the dumb social characteristics from Americans. Haha. Anyways. Yeah this just has seemed to be happening a lot and we have not had any success when WE SHOULD be having success. I know I am not supposed to compare myself to other missionaries but Elders B. and R. have had baptisms every weekend and it is a goal to have at LEAST one baptism every month in this mission because it is very very possible if you are working hard and doing what you are supposed to. SO I had just been thinking what the heck are we doing wrong and then I get frustrated with my companion because I am very Christlike and that is what Christ would do. NOT! Then I feel discrouaged and Satan is stupid and makes me feel bad about myself and I get annoyed and have horrible attitudes when I need to be super charasmatic and have the spirit twenty four seven. So yes. This week, it is fair to say, I got discouraged. So I am really trying so hard to keep the spirit with me and do everything in my power to have it and to have success and then let the miracles come. Anyways, I am learning. 

We talked to M. this week. She is so amazing and has the testimony that everyone needs. She just barely recieved this testimony and is so emotional about it and happy but she can't get baptized because her husband is not her husband and it is super dumb because NO ONE IS MARRIED IN THE DF. Haha. Her boyfriend makes up excuses that it is economic but we know it is not. Then he is like "well we want to wait to have a big wedding and have lots of people come" and that is not a real thing because no one does that here and the fact of the matter is he is afraid of committment and yeah. So it is really weird being 19 and telling 30-40 year olds what they need to be doing with their life and that if you exercise faith in something that is a commandment of God you will see miracles happen. But he doesn't understand and so that is rough. It is hard because I want to see M. happy and baptized because she is so ready. Anyways we will keep pestering them because I am good at pestering people. You guys know that :)

OKAY FUNNY STORY. SO remember when Mack was tracting and knocked on a window and some naked guy sticks his head out the window and was like "WATCHUU DOIN I AM TAKIN' A SHOOWEERR" and she ran away like a loser. So I did that too. lolololol. SO we knocked on a window of this couple that is not married but the guy is a member and she wants to be baptized but they need to get married first - but FIRST he needs to divorce his first wife for this to pan out. SO yeah we knocked and she sticks her head out of the window and was like "Uhhhhh sorry we are kind of like bathing right now" and I was like uhh SHUT UP STOPP TELLING US THIS PLEASE DSJKOAFUIGN. But we calmly were like kkk see ya 2morrow crazies and ran away. Haha so it was kind of funny and weird, but I died laughing when I remembered the same thing happened to Mack in Texas a few weeks ago. So in sync are wee. N'sync, byebyebye. 

So yeah this week was kind of hard and uneventuful but hey, that's the mission for ya. Haha jk. The mission is great and when I remember why I am here and have the spirit and charisma I am pumped and loving it. This Saturday we have a baptism for a guy that has been waiting a year to be 18 to be baptized, so it is super exciting for him. We also have another baptism June 15 that I really really think will actually happen this time. But then again, anything can happen in Chinampas. 

Love you all so much and I am so glad everything is great. Can't believe it has been a year since I graduated and since I went to BYU summer term. Life is flying by. I practically have four months out in the mission. AHHH. To be fluent in spanish would be great... anytime now, tongue. 

Con amor,

Elder Macdonald

PS  At the baptism I am singing with the Mexican Von Trapp fam. Lead Kindly Light. Divina Luz.

A "creepy" house

We had to "iron" water because we were out of gas (I told him to never do this again)

There is a bar in the place they rent to have church: )

This is where the branch meets for church

They also have access to a kitchen for services

Farmland in Chinampas

He thinks if looking closely you will see Homer Simpson's profile

"Pan from heaven"

"The BEST District"

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