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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hospital food, harvesting the Elect, and a testimony of the Redeemer

This week was so great. I love the mission. I do, I do.

So I can’t even remember exactly what I liked.... ohh ya.

SO, I went to doctor as you know, and his stupid medicines didn’t even help me. I am done with his medications and I am still sick. I am bound to die like this, I suppose. And being sick has been stressing me out just a little bit.... also with the help of not being able to work in my area as much as I would like to because of my assignment.... so I got a little bit stressed out. But I have learned to see the good in everything that we are doing, and to understand that we are doing it for something.

We did exchanges with the Assistants to the President this week. It was super great. I went with Elder S. He is a good missionary. We learned alot from each other and enjoyed the exchange. I think he is such a great example of just being an example. 

We had to go back to the hospital because I needed to sign a card from the insurance company and so when we were there they invited us to eat again in their super yummy restaurant kitchen thing. I ate pancakes. Haha but when we got there we ran into 2 elders... and then 2 sisters came in. So it was just a mission reunion there in the hospital. Missionaries love getting sick. It’s the best. 

Then we had a good day teaching investigators. We have honestly seen God’s hand in this work. I have come to realize that it doesn’t have to do with my skills or talents or abilities. As long as I give it all I have, and try my best, God will make up for my shortcomings... and he will guide the chosen to US. Hahah. We have so many new chosen investigators that have just fell into our hands. We haven’t done anything – It’s crazy. This is what missionary work should be. We should teach people that are already ready. Sounds funny, but it’s true. We don’t need to be the ones planting. We are commanded to baptize the elect. And those elect do exist.  For example…

On Saturday we had a baptism in the ward. So we invited a lot of people to come to the baptism. We even invited some of them before so we could teach them in the church. When the two investigators got there (M. de J. and K.) with the member, we gave a church tour. Let me tell you that this church building is brilliant. It is so beautiful. So it is so easy to feel the Spirit. Also because the paintings are fantastic and huge and so it gives us something more to talk about. We applied it all to the faith we have in Christ. We let them understand that everything we do and learn in the church is centered in Christ. It makes so much sense to me that Christ is the center of it all. Later I will talk about that. But literally RIGHT when we were finishing the tour, 2 more investigators got to the church and so we gave them a tour too! Started and ended with a prayer, and they just felt so freaking good. They also loved the baptism and ONE said that that is going to be her soon. Haha, it is mind blowing that the Lord lets me see these types of things and live them. I feel so privileged. 

The baptism was great and the Spirit was so strong.

I did more exchanges with a new missionary. Elder Y. He is such a good missionary and it was a great honor to learn from him. I eat with him everyday and we always joke around, but it was fun to actually get to know him. I love doing exchanges with the missionaries because I get to learn so much from them. And the Lord has put so much trust in me to help these missionaries grow in their confidence in preaching the gospel. I always make fun of him for being a ginger. And all the Mexicans tease him about his last name. hahahaha. poor kid. #bullying. 

I got my scriptures back and I love them. I will send photos.

SO last night after the District Meeting a missionary in the zone called us and needed to talk to us. He is struggling a lot with some doubts he has had about his testimony and the doctrine. He was super nervous so the doubt wasn’t very clear to me at first. But basically it has to do with the need of a Christ, of a Redeemer. We didn’t have a lot of time to talk so we told him to come on Friday with his doubts super clear so we could help him. But we talked about how Satan is always going to work on our weaknesses, and if we feed these weaknesses, they will grow bigger and bigger until we can’t take anymore, and He has one. However, I know that we need a Christ. I know that because I have felt his love and his Atonement in my life. We inherited the affects of the Fall. The Fall of Adam and Eve has literally separated us from God's presence and turned us into mortal beings. We as mortal beings have no chance of living with God again unless it was through some reconciliation or agreement that we could become immortal beings again. And that reconciliation comes through Christ. He gives purpose to our good works. He gives purpose to our eternal expectations. If it weren’t for him, it wouldn’t make sense to be a good person because today we live, drink, and eat, and tomorrow we die. When in fact we know that our being is meant to be eternal, and our works are meant to be better. Those things direct us to the Atonement of Christ, where we can come to an agreement with God, and be forgiven of our fallen state where we are subject to sin and imperfections. (sorry the stuff I said doesn’t make sense I can’t add words because it will just delete what I want to say. ARG.) hahaha but anyways. I love being able to help the missionaries with their difficulties because I know how it can be. I feel honored that he had the courage to talk to us and ask for help. Hopefully we can help him understand and trust in what he already knows.

Today we went to Centro. It was super fun. I have to send photos. We saw the pyramid and my comp bought glasses! It was super good.

Well I love you all super much a lot and good. SO enjoy life. Feed the missionaries good food. And be good!

Con Amor, Elder Macdonald
my scriptures

the breakfast club

District Meeting

Elder G.

the gen - The Elders he flew to Mexico City with from Provo

Centro - The downtown District


A pyramd that the Spanish covered with more idolotry.

This is a diagram of what Mexico City used to be... a wee little lake. hahahhaa.

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