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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mexican Independence Day, and do we honestly understand what we have?


So it is officially Mexican Independence Day today and I’m loving it. This whole week was just a big party and tonight it’s just gonna get a whole lot crazier, so we have to be in our houses at 7 o´clock tonight. Hope I don’t get shot. It was a joke. I still have the same dry humor. So don’t worry... OK? 

I started the week off evaluating little missionaries. From there we went to the hospital so they could do some tests on me and give me more medications.... And on the bus to the hospital, guess who I saw?? R. M. C.!!! She is my convert from Aculco. She said that she is doing so fantastic and loves being in the ward. She is actually teaching in the Relief Society. BOOYA. That’s what I am talking about... So fantastic. Love it. But her daughter is prego and needs help so she basically doesn’t live in her house anymore and lives in another state. But she comes down every Sunday to go to church. Talk about a true saint. 

When I got to the hospital they gave me an x-ray to make sure my throat isn’t being attacked by something weird. And GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! It is totally okay. Yeah. So they gave me some more drugs. They masked me and make me breath gas for 30 minutes and I got sooo freakin loopy and felt like I started flying to Cancun. I got super dizzy. And then they had to hit me on the back to break up the mucus. I think it worked a little. I am like 90% okay. I just need a little bit more time. But I honestly do feel better. That’s good news.

Then on Friday we had a Zone Conference and we taught the Zone about a handful of stuff, but ended with the Atonement and how the Atonement can carry us as missionaries in our labors. We watched a video by Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland. It is super powerful and everyone was crying. SUCCESS. And later that night we had the NOCHE MEXICANA. We were allowed to go if we invited investigators and brought them. We brought like 5 investigators. It was super fun to see 32 missionaries there all looking like losers just to make people laugh and enjoy the night. But we had to leave at 8:30.. to get home at 9. We honestly had way too much fun and everyone felt like they returned to college with all their friends for an hour.... Hahaha. We repented and forgot about the fun we had. Loved it...

Then the next day we went to the offices to receive changes. As Zone Leaders we know the changes like 3 or 4 days before everyone because we have to announce them. Hahaha it’s super fun to mess with everyone. Just kidding.  The changes were pretty crazy because the President is changing a bunch of Elder areas and Hermana areas. But whatever. He wants more variety in the wards. So we have to go tomorrow to help with the changes and tell everyone where they are going...

But that’s not all. The President wanted me and my comp to help the Assistants train the new missionaries that are arriving here tomorrow on their first day before they meet their comps. SO I am going to be working with the Assistant to help the newbies get super pumped about being in Mexico. It’ll be a super fun task. I am excited! Glad I get this opportunity. 

We had another Sunday of pure successes. 5 investigators got to church BEFORE 11am. That is a miracle in itself - getting there early. But then like 20 minutes later 5 more investigators came. We had 10 in the Sacrament Meeting. And they all LOVED IT SO MUCH! Lots of them are the same and have been there before. But they are just progressing so well towards their baptismal dates. We have so many plans to get them all dunked super soon. They are actually all super willing and it just shocks me and I just think.... What am I doing differently? I honestly don’t think I’m doing anything differently. But I will keep trying to find what’s up. 

Well I am super happy and loving life. We are sad because our District Leader is being changed to another area and he will only have 1 more change. 6 WEEKS, so crazy. I literally started tearing up thinking about that because it just comes so fast and I can’t believe it. So I try not to think about it. 

We had super great spiritual lessons all week. We have people that just are amazingly prepared and I don’t comprehend why the Lord lets me be part of their progress. But I LOVE IT. Someone was literally so shocked and amazed the whole time we taught the plan of salvation this week. Her facial expressions were priceless and it made me remember how priceless this information is that we have. Do we honestly understand what we have? I think we forget sometimes that we have the TRUTH of the RESTORED gospel. It is mind blowing and amazing. Such tender mercies the Lord lets us see this to build us up and make us stronger. The fact that the Lord allows us as members to know this stuff isn’t for selfish purposes, rather because he trusts that we are going to put it to good use and use it to teach others and share this priceless knowledge. GET IT? It’s true. 

Well, I am sending like 5 million photos this week. Enjoy. They are great.

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Enjoy Mexican Independence Day. I know I will. We already played some RISK today in the chapel. hahha. It is so frustrating and made me lose the spirit. Dumb game.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

They were killing me with gas. I got a little bit loopy.

In the bus

Birthday party in the hair salon.

The ginger.

Getting ready for sept 15th. The Mexican spirit.

So excited for the Stake party.

The group at the Stake Mexican night.


with the Bishop

Birthday dinner for my comp

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