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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We are a worldwide church and General Conference was fantastic!

Well General Conference was fantastic.

This week was super great and really full of tons of work. I can’t believe it is already October. Time is a strange concept.

I am being weird and throwing up a lot, but I’m not very sick... hmmm. hahaha. Don’t know what to do about that?? Yesterday and today I threw up RIGHT after breakfast. It was very uncomfortable. Just FYI.

Yesterday we ate with President and Sister Valadez. Their house is beautiful. And they cook so YUMMMY. I loved it so much. They made us a plate from the Yucatan. It was a piece of pork marinated in some yummy sauce with a green pasta and salsa. I ate sooo much because I had to make up for my breakfast that I threw up. I didn’t get sick after lunch so I thought I was all better, but then today L. made us breakfast because we washed our clothes in her house and it was super yummy. Mexican eggs. But unfortunately I threw it up again. Grr. hahaha. So yeah, that’s my strange story of the week.

We are preparing three people to be baptized this Saturday. And of course here come the big random trials that we have to overcome. One of the sisters had problems with her kidney and she got really sick. She went to General Conference but couldn’t enjoy it for her dumb kidney that is hurting her.... The other two liked Conference a lot. And the husband went to BOTH sessions on Sunday because he liked it so much in the morning. It was great to ask them what they thought. They felt so much spiritual strength after leaving the stake center. The wife said that she is ready to be baptized because she already made the decision. And when she makes a decision... she follows through. Her husband is more timid and has more doubts, but we also think he likes everything more. But they are totally going to do it together. Their interviews are tomorrow. If it is God’s will, they will get baptized! Hoping for the best. 

We are teaching the funniest old man that can’t hear ANYTHING. So it is hard to teach him. But we have had pretty nice experiences with him. He is really discouraged because of his physical state. He is embarrassed of his body and misses the “Glory Days” when he used to be a macho man. He always tells us about how everyone used to be afraid of him. LOLOL. He is a little bit lost with the doctrine, but he finally learned how to pray correctly. 

The recent converts, O. and M. are still strong as ever. We re-taught them the restoration and part of the plan of salvation. They went to Conference, but I couldn’t see them so I still don’t know what they thought. I am sure that they loved it. Miracle. Her ex husband, who was never her husband, but is the father of her children wants to get back together and O. is afraid because now she has to get married... haha. She is seeing miracles from her baptism.

We had Leadership Counsel. It was great. I didn’t talk much. I’m more of an observer. I should probably talk more. That’s all.

SO General Conference was fabulous! SO great - just magical. That’s all. What I loved the MOST is the fact that men got to speak in their native languages. BOOYYYA. Haha - sorry America. But it’s seriously such a testimony that we are a WORLDWIDE CHURCH. And yeah, that means that we all have the duty to LEARN more languages. Just saying... If you want to enjoy the talks more.... you need to understand them without translation. I feel so bad for the people here because most of them can’t understand English... and the General Authorities always spoke in English.... and it is sooo much better to hear them speak in English because of the emotion and spirit it invites.... the translation is always crappy... not because it is incorrect, just because the translator just reads.... So it makes me so happy that they put emphasis in that. English isn’t the only important language. Learn another one. And you will be able to appreciate so much more what those men were saying. I don’t know if that makes sense. But I liked that the most of anything.

I loved Elder Holland’s talk. He is an amazing speaker and brings so much umph to his message. I liked the Jorg guy. He was super straight to the point. I liked Uchtdorf and his many talks. He is my favorite person. I wanted to like Eyring’s talk, but I didn’t get to hear it because of internet problems.... I loved the Carlos guy talk that spoke in Portuguese. He was inspired. I loved the Prophets talk, but I only heard bits and pieces for the dumb internet.... I loved Bednar’s talk. I just loved it all so much. It was such a powerful Conference. It made me sad because it was my last Conference as a missionary. But I have to LOVE the Conferences just as much when I’m not a full time missionary. if I don’t, you have to hit me. 

We watched it in the high counsel room. hahahah with a projector and with comfy chairs. We were so spoiled. Loved it.

Well I am so excited and happy and pleased that we have living day Prophets that lead and guide us in these latter days. I don’t know what we would do without their counsel every 6 months. BE HAPPY AND OBEY THEIR WORDS.

This week should be great. Love you all.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders

super blurry,,,, but our conference session was so legit

Taking pictures of taking pictures


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