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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We see miracles and we have disappointments, but it is all part of a plan made by a loving Heavenly Father.

This was a great week.

We are working so hard. We see miracles, and we have disappointments. But it is all part of a plan well made by a loving Heavenly Father.

So I will start with the baptismal interviews. We were planning on baptizing three family members... But we only ended up baptizing a married couple. The mom of the couple did not pass her interview. It was a huge disappointment and confusion for her. She told us that she was done. She was done feeling rejected. She was giving into Satan’s lies - telling her that she is unworthy of anything that has to do with God. She was discouraged to keep pressing forward. She never wanted to step foot into a Mormon church ever again. It was honestly one of the saddest experiences I have had on the mission. We had three days of talking to her and expressing our love for her through the testimonies we gave, just to help her see the light at the end of the tunnel. It broke my heart, but she wasn’t ready. And that’s all. I know that she will be baptized soon. We are working on a couple things, helping her understand better the doctrine of this gospel to be super prepared the next time she has her interview. She is a strong woman. After 3 days of not wanting anything, we kept strong. We prayed so much for her.... and guess what?! She showed up to the baptism on her daughter and son in law, and she went to church. So we are still in progressing well. Pray for C. Please. 

On the other hand, her daughter and son in law had a great baptism. I was a little bit annoyed with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader because they didn’t show up and didn’t let us know.... but then I just got over myself and saw the blessings of the baptism. It was run completely by RECENT CONVERTS. Hahah it was a beautiful thing. A new generation of pure hope. The prayers were given by investigator and the talks were given by wonderfully prepared recent converts.... and it was just a miracle. I have seen too many evidences of lives changing as a result of baptism to doubt my testimony of this gospel. It is real. It is so real. These people progress substantially after entering the waters of baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

AHHH. O., M. and the L. are going to VERACRUZ to do baptisms for the dead. Hahahaha. I basically forced them to go, but hey, it is for the best. I cannot wait for them to go this week and see their faces glowing with the spirit when they get back on Sunday. Haha - we had to help them start their family history trees... and let me tell you, it was not easy because NO ONE knows anything about anyone here. But with lots of faith, and good works, we got all we needed. I will let you know how they felt when they get back.

M. de J. was going to get baptized this Saturday..... BUT she smoked half of a cigar... so we have to wait another week and her niece wants to wait for her. But it’s fine. It gives us more time to work with them. The good thing is she has 2 days without smoking! YAYAYA. I love seeing the miracles that coming from using our moral agency to have the power of the atonement present in our lives.

Lots of other things happened. We had to give interviews in the Zone for other baptisms. It all worked out. 5 baptisms in total this week. That aint too shabby. 

E. is the sister of a missionary. She is a great lady, but has never been interested in being baptized. But we are persisting to see miracles. We want her brother to get home and have one last baptism! Ohhh... PS he is in the same mission as Derek Skousen.... Elder R....... I think that is his name. Idk but I think that is awesome. He gets home in January too. Eeek. But yeah. She went to Conference and was BOMBARDED with answers. A God that doesn’t insist (require), is a God that doesn’t exist. So she was like wow that was a slap in the face. And immediately wanted to know how to follow his commandments. We ALMOST set a baptismal date with her. She is a tough cookie. But she wants her brother to baptize her, although she hasn’t told him anything.... haha. So yeah. She has talked to a million other missionaries. But nothing has worked. We are so blessed to be here, helping her progress. It has strengthened my testimony that everyone..... EVERYONE, someday, will open up and let the spirit touch their hearts. It is her time. And she went to church his week too. She liked it. But she won’t stay for classes. Ugh. But she gives us cereal every week. The people here are so nice to us. 

Ummmmm....... G. and D. are still amazing and chosen but their dumb schedules do not permit us to see them in the week... So they have to wait a little bit longer to get baptized so we cant teach them. But wow, are they fantastic. 

We are teaching so many family members of new converts and soon to be converts and we can just see the Lord’s hand in his Work in this part of his vineyard. I love it.

I really wish they would send to Meet the Mormons here because I have a movie theater in my area. LET’S GOOOO. But dang.... eeeps. I hope it was marvelous. 

We have Zone Conference tomorrow. It should be fabulous. 

Love you all so much. Hope everything is wonderful and great and happy. Hug Scout for me. And keep inviting people to hear the missionaries. Actually I feel very prompted to have you give referrals to the missionaries to L. Don’t ask them. Just send the missionaries to the house and you can say it was from me. And Josh Kennedy. I don’t know how he is doing. But please find his address and send those Elders to his house! Oh and someone in the ward... Betty? Pretty sure you haven’t sent missionaries to her house. So that would be wonderful. DON’T BE AFRAID. Listen to Elder Bednar, and be excited to share you beliefs with others. Have a great day.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

V. and I. got baptized!!!

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