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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 15, 2013 "It's Friday, Friday, gotta do laundry Friday"

Okay, HOLY COW. I cannot believe it is already the second week. By that I mean I can't believe it has been longer than a week! 

I need a few things. Okay so maybe send me one of the small suitcases. I just realized that I have like 8 more pounds of books to bring to Mexico and my two big bags were already overweight. Obese, actually. Morbidly. Tell me what you think in a Dear Elder? I am sick with a cold and I want to die, except I am getting better. Send me maybe some more of the fluticasone propione nasal spray if you can. I think I will be better in a few days. It is so annoying though because all the snot is causing pressure in my sinuses and my jaw hurts from the pressure. I'll be fine though, this has happened before, I think. Send some deodorant spray or some kind of spray that smells good. The hand lotion you get from the Kocherhans was left behind... I don't really need it now but maybe later I will. I also want another white long sleeve shirt because I spilled on one and the spot was microscopic, however I am OCD and tried to fix it with the TIDE TO GO (thanks so much btw), and when I ironed it the stain set it. It is currently washing right now so hopefully it gets out. BUT one more long sleeve would be wonderful. Last thing! Dad, I love the pants you got me from that website... The Lands End traditional fit size 32? Yeah get me two more pairs in like earth tone neutral colors. Thanks! I already have two blue kind. I want more because one of my pairs from Pomeroys has a whole in it from the letting out at the waist. Idk.. okay now I will talk about the week.

This week was really amazing and it flew by. I love the MTC soo much. My district is awesome. We have cray cray personalities which makes it super fun. We are always laughing - which is fun, but we get distracted from studying easily so we constantly have to remember to shut up and not talk. Haha, we have to separate ourselves and hide in the hallway or other class rooms so we can focus.

My first few lessons with Jesus were awful, but I was able to speak the whole half hour in spanish to him! It is really awful spanish, but I still really enjoyed it. It is scary to invite people to baptism, but yesterday we really studied that in 2 Nephi 31. You should look it up. It talks about our purpose as a missionary which is also the Doctrine of Christ. Even though Christ was PERFECT he still had to get baptized. Not just to be an example... He had to get baptized because God asked him to - it is a commandment. Because I truly know the purpose and importance of that I feel so much better about inviting others to get baptized. I really want what's best for these people, and salvation is supes important so ya. I am still learning though, obviously. But I love what we have been going over. By the last lesson with Jesus we prayed and asked if he should go to church over playing soccer on Sunday. WOOO. Haha, but now he is our teacher and he is super funny and cool. We also learned a lot how we should be studying and teaching and preparing our lessons to teach our investigators. I am excited to start that on a better foot this time and have faith that the Lord can help me!

I have seen Paige Tingey, Nick Olsen, Stevie Bues, Austin Turley, Jacob Henriquez, and Daylon. I see Daylon like every day because we have the same schedule. On Wednesday I was running on the track upstairs and saw the Lattins get in their car after saying goodbye to Shelby! It was sad to watch because I remembered saying bye to you guys, but the MTC is so great so there is really nothing to be sad about. I have yet to see Shelby and talk to her though. Tell the Lattins I say hi and I was knocking on the window, but they were too distracted to see me. haha.

Once I made it to SUNDAY, the time has flown by. It is insane. Sundays are super relaxing. I never thought I would love attending so many meetings. It is a great break from studying. The musical numbers are interesting to say the least. So ya I am going to prepare something to sing somewhere so send me solo music if you can. I will look in the music library here today since it is my pday. I love pday. It is wonderful. We wake up at 5 in the morning to email and do laundry before the rush. lol. wut. 5am? kill me. Oh yeah, so I saw Mackynzie on Tuesday at the Devotional and it was super fun! We only talked for like 5 minutes. I miss her a ton. She is doing so great though and loving every minute here. Copy and paste her emails to a dear elder to me please. That'll be nice to get. 

Everyone watch the Character of Christ by David A Bednar. It is life changing. I don't have time to talk about it here, but LOOK FOR IT PLEASE AND THANK YOU. 

Spanish is really coming along. It is hard because my companion is really struggling with the language so it is basically be carrying the lesson and conversation to the investigator but I have faith the Lord with bless him. He is having a hard time because he thinks he is the worst in the class and that is getting him down. Pray for Elder Hammond! He is awesome btw. Love him. So nice. Sometimes too nice. Just kidding. Elder Dixon is in my room and Stefunny Connely's friend. He is a hoot and quite the character but I love him too. Seriously my whole district is just amazing. 

AHH I don't know what else to write - this is hard. Maybe I will write a paper letter too. Maybe not. idk. lol. My Branch President  is amazing. He is the funniest old guy ever. Seriously I was so blessed with great people here in the MTC!!!!

oH YEAH. I laughed during a prayer when Elder Hammond said something really wrong and it was awkward. Jesus laughed at me laughing. and in another lesson, jesus FELL SLEEP. Like what? I didn't realized we were that bad at Spanish. But I don't blame him. We are pretty bad at Spanish. 

Well I am sick a little so maybe pray that I can get better. Thanks. THANKS FOR ALL THE LETTERS EVERYONE. I appreciate them so much so please keeep em coming. They make my day. I love you guys so so much. 

I have been studying so much on Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon. I love him so much. I am truly coming to him and being converted to him. I can't believe he loves us so much that he would feel all of our pains just so that we could stand in the presence before his/our Father, spotless. The Atonement is real. It is a gift and we need to use it. Praying in the name of Jesus Christ is amazing. I love him so much. I wish I knew what scriptures I had been reading but I don't have my notebook. Anyways I have to goo. I am great, loving the MTC. I love you all and miss you. Thanks for the letters and love. Be safe.

Elder Macdonald

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