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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 9, 2013 "And so it begins..."

FAMILY! hey hey hey. Okay so right now I am on my half P-day since it is the first week. Next week, and the rest of my time here my P-day will be on Fridays!

Okay so the MTC is actually really amazing. The transitions into a very structured and early schedule is kinda hard but I am already getting used to it. On my flight here there were 15 or 20 Elders. Once we got dropped off they basically kidnapped us and threw us into the life of a missionary. I guess I expected nothing less though. I was the first one in my room to get here so I had first dibs on a bed, booya. Then I was walking around with my tour guide missionary guy and within 30 min of me being in the MTC I ran into HERMANA PARRY. Soo cool! Yes, we hugged. But I don't think we are allowed to do that anymore... It was a super quick "hey, how are you?... love you" kind of thing and then we had to part ways. I really considered that a tender mercy from the Lord. I am very grateful for that because it really helped calm my nerves a little bit. PS, I already wrote a paper letter home but I haven't sent it yet so sorry.

Once I got to my classroom I was the only one there. And yes, my Teacher only spoke Spanish to me and I died twice... Laughing of course. She probably hates me. Her name is Hermana Dana and I really have learned to like her as a teacher since lately. Once I met my district I really loved them immediately! My companion is Elder Hammond from Bear Lake Idaho and he is super chill. We will be good for each other! I met Stephanie Connely's friend from her high school because he is in my group too and he is going to my mission! We have six hermanas in my district and they are all going to Kentucky, Spanish speaking... They are all super smart and probably fluent in spanish.

My Zone, which is basically my hall is full of nice guys! There is a district next to me full of 18 year olds, and they are very rambunctious. My zone leaders are basically angels. Every night they come in our room and ask if they can do anything for us and then tell us they love us. So that's interesting... But kind, nonetheless.

I have really enjoyed the classes and workshops I have been to - the one's for new missionaries! The spirit is so strong in the MTC and I am really growing to learn how it works in my life so much more than before the MTC. Everyone here is so happy and nice all the time, and I really am starting to understand why. Waking up early and going to bed early is tough but it keeps us healthy and productive #happiness. My spanish classes are really great. The first day my companion and I were dying and wanted to die. Could I be any more clear. However, the spirit is working on us to learn the language and I think we are getting the hang of it. I pray for the gift of tongues every time I pray. I could use some help toooo ;)

LOL OKAY. So Yesterday we had to teach our first lesson in Espanol and if you imagined it going bad, imagine it worse. First, I was able to get us in the door in spanish pretty well. (some other comps had problems doing that). But once we sat down and asked how what he likes to do I was a lost little puppy. I tried to transition into religion and how it plays a role in his life, just to get some background... But he didn't understand me so we kind of just sat there as I was signing and saying spanish words to him. My companion is awesome, but he took even less spanish then me so he couldn't save me from the depths of my despair. We even had books, which we later learned we weren't supposed to have, and they just confused us even more. Anyways, the awkward silence was too much for me so of course I just started laughing... YEAH I LAUGHED. I knew I probably shouldn't have because I am supposed to be a professional or whatever but the pressure was too much and the situation was to perfect to laugh at. I felt so sorry that he had to sit there with us... Well after a few minutes of utter silence and broken spanish up the wazoo, I realized it wasn't going ANYWHERE so I just said "lo siento, adios..."- I'm sorry, bye. lolololol. I didn't know how to say anything else so yeah that's what I said. He kinda laughed at us and I ran away cracking up. Most people cry and feel depressed... I rofl'd fur dayz. OH good news. He is my new teacher in three weeks. HA, funny, and it isn't a joke... uhh.

Ahh I am running out of time. A few more minutes. Well I saw Mackynzie one more time and we realized we have completely different schedules. We have both been searching for each other in the cafeteria every meal but she is an hour after me so it was no use. Sad, but I have hope that we will see each other in crossing.

One thing that really stood out to me these past days was my purpose as a missionary. We recite it every day in class. As a missionary I am to INVITE others to Christ. That is all I can do. I can't force someone or be manipulative. I have to simply state truth, invite, and let the spirit do the rest. The spirit is my best friend as a missionary and I am stoked to get to know him more personally. This was a hard transition and I definitely miss you guys, my friends, and the life I had before... but I am really excited to start new and fresh as a misoneria de la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. This is such a blessing in my life and I can already feel the change in my heart, desires, and testimony. I love it here.

I hope everything is going just SWELL back in mesa and down the street from me at BYU... haha.

PS when letters came the first night I got like 5 letters and everyone else basically got none so that was definitely awkward. I am not trying to brag... I am merely trying to express my love for all of you who wrote me and have been thinking about me! I am going to try to write you back asap... hopefully today?? Idk we are super busy but I will make my best effort!

I LOVE YOU ALL. Be safe and remember that this church is true. Read the scriptures. Be a missionary in your daily life. Pray for the spirit. Okay time is up. I love scout. lol. ADIOS.

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