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Friday, March 15, 2013

Still Here...

So the big news. I got transferred to the Provo MTC Mission Speaking "You'll never leave the MTC, #sorrynotsorry". Yeah. Which I am totally cool with, however no one told us! Yesterday I had to go ask if I should pack this weekend and the guy was all snippy with me. He said they have other people to worry about... Glad to know I matter. Haha, sorry that sounds really dramatic. Well, it is. Not. But kind of. Just funny that they were never going to tell me if I should pack or not. So Elder Dixon, Elder Brown, and I are staying here all alone. Our whole district is leaving Monday morning and I am sad and will miss them. I feel like the super senior of the MTC. But whateves. I can host again on Wednesday and do other fun privileged things. Speaking of which, I hosted on Wednesday. It was so so so much fun. The very first girl I hosted was going to the HOUSTON TEXAS Spanish Speaking Mission. So yeah WHAT THE HECK. I was like omgomgomg I just said bye to my cousin who is going there today (Wednesday). And then I remembered that Mack was supposed to come in that same day and realized that they probably would've been companions or roommates. Anyways, the Hermana was so nice and it was fun to talk to her with that thing in common. It is actually really funny to watch families say bye and cry now because it brings back memories. I remember that feeling and laugh because its all good and fine now. But it is still sad to watch the parents cry. Haha. I think of you guys. 

My teacher Hermano C. is the funniest man alive. He is from Spain and then Chile and has the most pride in his countries. He hates Mexico and Mexicans so we always say viva Mexico and he gives us the stink eye. He hates Peru more than Mexico so thats comforting, I guess. His accent is really funny because he isn't fluent in English so it is really funny to listen to him talk. We ask him questions all the time on his opinion of Gringos. He has hilarious stories and then really sad racist stories. So he kind of hates Utah and BYU because he thinks everyone here is ignorant. He married a gringo. When he met her.... YES WHEN HE MET HER... he said these words, and I quote "You look like someone described in my patriarchal blessing". Que en el mundo. Joke right? Nah, it's real. So they are happily married. Oh yeah, Elder B. asked him if he has ever heard of Disney. His response was "POR FAVOR. What do you think, I grew up in a tree?". Hahahah. It was really funny and awkward. Then he told us that for punishment for fighting with his sister, his mom would force him to watch Disney movies and find all the gospel principles from them. Sounds like a pretty good punishment to me. Just saying. Anyways he is way too funny. As "Ricardo", our investigator, he is an Evangelist and every time we say a prayer before and after we teach him he convulses and basically starts singing the hallejulah chorus. It is rude and intentional because he knows I am going to laugh. He says Feliz Navidad whenever he sees someone. 

So I just want to shout out to dalpal and debbdebb because they got their mission calls! I am so proud of you both and hope you love it! Just remember to work hard and pray a lot. So yeah - good luck and know that I have been thinking about you, as well as everyone of my friends that are going on missions! 

This past Tuesday Mack and I were supposed to meet at choir and the eat dinner together, but she never came and I was mad at her because I thought I would never see her again. So after our review meetings and everything I really felt like I should go and find her. I knew she wanted a blessing and I needed an excuse to say bye to her. So luckily I remembered what floor and building she was on. Even though there were so many classrooms I ran into an older lady and asked her if she knew Hermana Parry. Right as I asked the question,  she walked out of the classroom and started crying. Haha. So I was able to give her a blessing. I really have a testimony of the Power of the Priesthood. She cried the whole time during the blessing and her body was convulsing. She was a little nervous to leave in the morning and REALLY start her mission. But I am so sure she is doing wonderful and loving it right now. No worries. I am just so glad for the tender mercy to find her, give her a blessing, and say bye for a few months. 

The devotional this week was great. We learned a lot about about submitting our will to God. By submitting our will to God we are humbling ourself. Through that humility our weaknesses can then become strengths through the help of our Heavenly Father. And I can submit my will to His through exact obedience. It is hard to do it all the time but I am working. I believe that through my obedience I will be blessed with miracles. I need all the help I can get here. Especially in the field. We had infield training yesterday and it was really good. It got me so pumped to just go in the airport and hand out a card, or just have a quick conversation with someone. Gotta start planting seeds. Everyone needs this gospel, so why not start telling them about it NOW? I can't be afraid to do it - even though I am terrified - because fear is not faith. Yup, got to remember to submit my will of not wanting to do it for fear and let the Lord strengthen me! So I will let you know how that goes... when I even go to the airport. 

I had the opportunity to sing at new missionary orientation. The spirit really helped me with nerves. It wasn't my best run through of the song, but I still felt the spirit. I also got a lot of compliments, which was kind. So it was a fun experience. Glad I could share my testimony in a different way than just speaking! 

Well I don't have too many pictures from this week. Sorry. But just know that I am still here in the MTC. I don't know if I will be reassigned or if my visa is on it's way. Why? Because I am a super senior. I really am enjoying the companionship between the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It is cool to see how much they support each other. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and grow because of it. I love and miss you all. My address is the same MTC one this week, just so you know. Okay, well I will talk to you soon. 

PS - I wrote you a letter last weekend and sent it to Karyn's house because you were supposed to be there for spring break, but you left too early. Just call and ask if she has it. So don't worry about you not getting letters. Love ya.


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