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Friday, March 22, 2013


Going to the SLC consulate

The amazing Cafe Rio salad

Okay hi. Mom - yes I got my last shot. Glad that is settled. 

I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS. I am leaving Tuesday March 26th. I report to the travel office at the MTC at 3 am. Shucks. Then my flight is at 6:00 AM (ps if I have time I will call you before my flight in SLC so maybe at 5?? maybe) to Dallas, Texas. I arrive at 9:45 AM. SO I will get off my plane and call you around 10:15 (hopefully earlier), until 11:35-40? Who knows? But I will fight for a phone in a very missionary-like manner. Then I fly to Mexico City at 11:55 and arrive at 1:35. Fiesta! Hopefully I make it alive. After I land I will probably baptize five people, just saying. But I will email you as soon as my Pday is in Mexico and tell you eeerything. Elder B., Elder W., Elder G., and I are all flying together. I am stoked. We just met W. and G. on Tuesday when we went to SLC to get our visas at the consolate and they are great missionaries! So yeah. I am leaving this place eventually.

I am actually really happy I stayed in the MTC for another week. Although it was hard to say goodbye to my district and stay here, the Lord has a plan for me. And that plan is perfect. I have learned so much. First of all, we three left over Elders were put into a different district. Our teacher was Hermana Eyring. Yes. The granddaughter of the big guy. She is an angel and so nice. Elder D., Elder B., and I taught in a trio. Trios are so fun because I never stress out. With the three of us we teach amazing lessons. HA JOKE. Pero, it is so much easier with three minds. I actually was teaching Eyring as an investigator the first lesson. While I was talking about Christ and how he was baptized to fulfill the will of God even though he was perfect I just threw in "so would you want to be baptized?"... Yeah, right as I said that SHE LEGIT ROFLED IN MY FACE. Talk about awkward. She said she was laughing at the three of our faces being either so serious, dozing off, or confused... Yeah I doubt it. It was lolable and a good memory I guess? Sure. But I have really grown to love the new district I am in. Also, reviewing the spanish lessons a second time is really helping my spanish. 

So this tuesday we were moved into the new class room, but our change wasn't recorded in the computer, so the MTC had been looking for us everywhere and got Security Guards in on looking for us. We were supposed to go to the consolate to get our visas. Luckily, 30 minutes before we had to leave, a girl found us and was so out of breath and reprimanded us. But she was so excited for us at the same time. I blame Hermano C. and M. for ditching us and making us change class rooms. Haha, I still love them though. But SLC was so fun. kind of. We took the train. I met more Elders (W. and G.) that are going to my mission! We met some crazy people. But the coolest part of the day was when I was standing up on the train and looking around at random face. I looked at them as individuals and thought about their personal lives. I thought about the struggles they might have, and I thought of the amazing things they might be doing. The spirit overwhelmed me with our Heavenly Fathers love for each and every one of them. It was amazing. I couldn't stop smiling at everyone. I am sure they were majorly creeped, but I didn't care. I am a representative of Christ, and through loving everyone - truly loving everyone - I think I am fulfilling part of my purpose. It made me so excited to think about all the people in Mexico City waiting to hear the truth and accept it. Not everyone will while I am there, but I am planting seeds and helping other people be ready for the next set of missionaries. I am also harvesting the people that are soo ready right now. God is preparing everyone on his time. Everyone needs to feel and be loved. Without knowing they are loved by their Heavenly Father, nothing else matters. But once they feel that love, everything will fall into place. 

OKay. Elder Tingey (NATE)... yeah, he may think he is cool for getting the driver to take him to in-n-out, pero he isn't. Yesterday we had like fifty doctors appointments for Elder D., thus we had many drives with the MTC vans. In the morning we bribed the driver to take us to KNEADERS (for french toast). Ah, it was heaven sent. Oh yeah, and in the evening we bribed another driver to take us to CAFE RIO. It was a beautiful thing. Oh, and the best part is while we were in line we talked to an older man. He was soo nice and super excited for us, so he paid for all three of our meals. CRAAY? Yeah, being a missionary has many benefits. So yesterday was fun and full of great food. 

Last night something kind of funny/bizarre happened. Well, on our floor for the residence halls, there are many Somoans, Tongans, etc. They are full of much energy, to say the least. So they were running around attacking innocent missionaries with massive pillows and the strength of ten oxen. I really wanted to take a shower, so I took the risk. As I was walking down to the bathroom one of them (in very broken, grunty english) yelled "UH OHH AHH I EAAT YOOOUUU" AND CHASED ME TO THE SHOWER. Talk about the zombie apocalypse. He got his companion and chased me to the shower. I pleaded for peace so that I could shower!!! He thought I was hiding something because I ran away from them. I guess it isn't normal to run away from huge men that are wanting to eat you??? But I told them to get my roommates. They obliged... 1 minute later I heard screams of horror, and lol'd. I was afraid to walk back after that, so I took a long shower. The end. 

So the last weekend with my district was great. We learned so much with Hermano C. He talked to us about the talk and quote "Come What May and Love it". Everything happens for a reason. Remember God has a plan for you. Remember his plan is perfect. Remember that his plan will allow you to grow and learn and become an amazing son or daughter of God. Life will be hard and will be unfair. But, take the hard circumstances and grow from them. Pray for strength, work your hardest, and serve others. SO yes. Remember that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you and knows you perfectly. Really think about that. 

Well, I can't think of much else. It is snowing right now. uhh. The weather was perfect last week. WHY. I just mailed the snow coat home to Katie. So look for that. Um try to connect Katie to your call. Thanks. Thanks for all the letters and eerything. But keep trying to write letters or dear elders and I'll email you back. Mom, thanks for all the talks you sent me. I will look at them soon. Thanks for answering all of my doctrinal questions. It's so fun to question and learn. Well. Love ya. I will talk to you soooon. Hasta Martes!

Andrew - HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. I love you so much and miss you. Have a great day. I am going to write and send a letter today. 

Elder Macdonald 

ps- pictures are coming.

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