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Monday, June 3, 2013

First baptism, packages from home, gratitude, and skin of pig!

Hey family!

First of all, I got the package. It came last week on Wednesday - SUPER QUICK, but since there was food in the package I had to pick it up myself and sign stuff so we had to wait until today to pick it up. So that is what we did today. We went to the super rich part of the city and got lost. NBD. But yeah I got the package and am so happy with all the wonderful dulces (candy) and corbatas (new ties) and everything. So THANKS best fam bam in da worrrld. Seriously!!

Also thank you so much for the emails. I was able to have a really great week and feel a lot better about everything. But your emails helped, nonetheless. I love emails from you guys eeery week. 

So I am starting to get sad again because of change (like usual) because Elder B. goes home in a week or two (NOOOOOOO) and Elder L. will most likely change since my instruction is over. CRAY CRAY. I really am dumb and am always too late to appreciate what I have when I have it... But I really had the best district leader a missionary could ask for, and likewise with my trainer. A lot of it was the getting used to Mexico so I was never focused on the good... hahaha. But yeah I am so grateful for the blessings I have had these first twelve weeks in Mexico. I talked to Elder W. this week because we went to immigration and he is still struggling (like as bad as I struggled the first two weeks) because he has had a difficult trainer, and his district wasn't a cup of sunshine either. Just trust me... No time to get into detail... haha. And as sad as it is, that was when I realized how much I love Elder L. and Elder B. and the ejemplos they have been for me. Gee, I hope I can apply the things I have learned from them in the remainder of my mission. Anyways, I am not like depressed but more bitter sweet to say goodbye to them. 

So this week was great. Wednesday, like I said, I went to immigration and got to talk all day to Elder W. He is a great kid. We had some great laughs about our experiences and just pumped each other up to keep going and make this mission the BEST. (PS this email will be short cause we don't have much time). Then this week was my first baptism. WOOOHOOOO. Even though I didn't teach him from the beginning I still had the chance to review lessons with him and he eventually chose me to baptize him. Jonathon Daniel Martinez Serradle is his name, and it was such a cool experience. It was also pretty loco - I mean, what's to be expected in Chinampas. First of all, the water was legit freezing because we were out of gas. Suprised? I wasn't. Then when I baptized him he got all stiff and I was like ahhh heck nooo and we both went down and I basically was swimming and his foot went up out of the water and so we had to do it again.... hahaha. Elder B. and Elder R. had two baptisms that day (sisters) and they are hilarious and NEVER stop laughing... So one of the girls was laughing the whole time I was baptizing Jonathon, one, because it was probably awkward to watch and two, because she was freezing and I guess that is funny... So after those three all got baptized and Hermano Eros shut the doors to the font they DOVE IN THE WATER. Hahahahahahaha. It was legit crazy and I was a bit concerned because maybe that is like againsts the rules or super sacreligious or something, but hey, it makes for a good memory. So that was an interesting first baptism. Probs won't be forgetting it. Thanks. Oh, and I also sang Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light) with a family from my ward that know how to sing and it was super fun. So we just sang the harmonies and it was greaattt. 

This week I was forced to finally eat Chicharon. EW. It is the skin of PIG. Why is it that  anyone would have a desire to eat that. Idk. But EVERYONE EATS IT HERE ALL THE TIME OMGOMGOMGOMG. And most of the time is is hard like a chip and that I can deal with if I think it is a dorito, peroooo it was all slimy and goopy and I was crying while eating it and yeah. But hey, at least I tried it so now I can honestly say I don't like it. 

We have so much potential here is Chinampas so just keep praying that we can find and teach with the spirit to bring more strong members into the ward.

I had some great reads this week in Mosiah, my favorite, and am just loving the Book of Mormon more and more. Also the New Testament is wonderful. I am in John. My goal is to become a better teacher with the scriptures and really know how to teach with UMMPH. So that is a work in progress. Anyways. I gotss 2 go and read my other emails. I'm super popular. jkjk. lovelove

Boo - have fun in ITALY and learn italian so you can help me learn after the mission. 

Rach - have fun with maci

Zach - have fun with grammy and papa (ps thanks for the letters grams and pops: love emm)

Parents - Hate you for going to DC without me. Thanks for the invite. tell Kates I love her.


Con Amor,

Elder Macdonald
supers awk with my hands. laugh

Elder B. gets a treat

The locals having fun 


The volcano that is going to kill me soon. RIP. Popcoltuahsocanon is the name. algo asi


Thuggin it after a bautismo

Immigration with Elder W.

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