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Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday wishes, the 4th Missionary, and talking in our sleep

First of all I just want to wish a happy birthday to two of my best friends! Elder Nate Tingey and Hermana Macck Parry. I love them both so much and just think its plain wierd that they turned twenty.... because that means in three months I will be twenty. WIERD. I hope they both had a great birthday.

Anyways. This week was super great. Almost everyday was just perfect... but then we had a day when practically NO ONE WAS HOME and it was super stressing but its a learning process... obviously. 

So this week I had my cold still - well it was more like a cough - and everyone here just wanted to help me get rid of it. So I was offered quite a few medications and ALOT of injections... Hahaa. Everyone here just injects if they are sick. THATS ALL. Because once they do it, they "dont get sick" which is super great. So everyone in mexican injects it. hahahah. I sadly had to refuse because before we take or do anything we have to call the Hermana Valadez so she can give us the diagnosis. So yaa. Too bad... no injections for me. haha. But its fine, because my cough went away.

Something else that happened. Haha okay soo my landlords own a restraunt right outside our house in like an open room and every morning he plays really good music. Like its always old classics, for example, the beatles. And it is always super great background music because i appreciate it but I can still focus in my studies...But one morning he decided to play the new album of Micheal Buble!!! I seriously was having a convulsion because I never thought I would be tempted to listen to the whole Buble Album during my personal study. The music was beautiful and I loved it so much. But I feel bad because for 40 minutes I couldnt focus on my personal sudy... it was bad. But it is pretty funny that I heard his whole new album in Mexico City for heavens sake. I definitely liked his songs though...

Okay so to the missionary work of the week. 

I read a talk that a friend suggested to me and it changed my life. It seriously is such a great reminder of the kind of missionary I truly want to be. It is entitled "The Fourth Missionary". It is a talk by a Mission President years back that he gave to his missionaries. He talks about the four different types of missionaries that we could be. The first two are disobedient, and after the mission they have to suffer from the knowledge that they have wasted precious time. The good that they would have done goes undone because they decided to be focused in themselves the whole time. The saddest part is that they go through their mission completely unchanged. Then he talks about the third missionary who is obedient, worthy, does his duty, but his withholds his heart from the Lord. In the end, the third missionary has success, enjoys the spirit, has faith in Jesus Christ, but unfortunately goes unchanged. Then he focuses on how one can be the fourth missionary. The Fourth Missionary is obedient and worthy, and does so with complete and total surrender to the Lord. He consecrates himself in charity and his predominant desire is to do what the Lord wants him to do. In the talk he reminds us that our greatest work and most important creation in this life is and will ever be US. We are truly the only person we can change. Change is key to this life. He said "to believe that weakness and deficiencies in your character are unchangeable is to reject the central truth of the plan of salvation... you are always changing". Jesus Chrsit commanded us to change even as He. So through our life on this earth is it our opportunity to learn and experience this change first hand. As we confront challenges by responding and applying the teachings of Christ in our life we are changed to become more like him. It is inevitable. Each time we respond and choose to follow Christ we are moving forward to assimilate attributes of light. The real problem and lack of change in the first three missionaries is that they don't believe in themselves. They don't really believe they can be changed through Jesus Christ. Also when we serve without charity it doesn't profit us anything. We don't change. "The purpose and central blessing of life is change. It is to be changed to become more like Jesus Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His character. It is to move from one degree of intelligence and capacity to the next, and from there to the next, until you see God face to face and know Him as He knows you."  I am not trying to diss missionaries that arent the fourth, I have just have a self reflexcion of who I am right now and what I need to do to become the Fourth Missionary. It is really interesting because being the Fourth Missionary is the easiest choice because it is just giving up the giving all you have to God. So if I have problems doing that, I know the problem is within me. The mission is a process and and great opportunity to change. My time is ticking away and it worries me because I just get stressed with deadlines and perfection.... but I just need to trust in the Lord that he will make me who I need to be by the time my mission is over if I just surrender my will to His. So I think I will try to do that a little more each day. This week I noticed a change in the quality and quantity of Spirit I felt this week as I made a conscious effort to be more submissive. 

So about our investigators.... Well we don't have too many and it is hard. Hahaha. But we have the great Grammy and Pops that I love visiting. They love us to come over and are always like why can't you just come today and we have to explain that we have citas. Ahh. But Gramps will be baptized in October. He just has to attend church 2 more times!!! WOOOOHOOOOO. His wife is slowly but surely getting a testimony of the Restoration. She made such a long and great comment in Principios del Evangelio this week in church and it was so cute to see her participation. The other investigators we have are just not progressing and I am just praying to find new people. Slowly we are finding new people to teach. The great thing about this ward is the members. We have so many hermanas that want to come help us with our lessons and it is so great. I LOVE when members come with us because they are such better teachers than me and I learn so much from them. One in particular is la Hermana L. She and her husband and children were baptized thirteen years ago in the church. They were sealed exactly a year after. Then about a year and a half ago her husband unexpectadly passed away and left his wife and two daughters. One daughter was on the mish.... Well his wife is one powerful woman with her testimony. She is like 40 something and is preparing to serve a mission! Haha I LOVE HER. She would be such a great comp if you ask me. So I hope she gets called in a field mission. She just reminds me of what true charity is and her strength through all of her hard trials comes from the power of the Atonement. She is a living testimony of that. I just can't wait for mom to meet her if she is still here when you guys come down! 

So the rain had come in and not let out for like ever. One because it is rainy season and two because of the hurricanes in Mexico. So it was cray cray Thursday and Friday. But now it is hot again and I am so confused with weather. But I got the package. The sweaters and bag work great. I found out that Pres probably won't change the rule anymore for our mission.... HAHAH but I love you mom for being so diligent in finding and sending me a side bag. I like it more anyways so it's all good. 

Well my comp and I are weird and sleep talk together and it is weird. Hahaha. One night he was like yelling at me in Spanish and I woke up and just told him to shut up because I was cold and tired and miserable. Hahaha. Then the other night I guess I was yelling at him in my sleep saying "GET THAT DOG MEAT OFF OF MY PLAAATTTEEE!!!" and he apologized. Haha. Then we fell asleep while we were watching the district (we are addicts #mishprobs) and I woke up to big crashes on the tile because he was trying to put the tv on our night stand in the dark but he just dropped it and it made my alarm clock fall and break and I guess I was asleep and got really vicious with him. Hahaha. But mom, you know how I get when I am sleeping... All is good in our companionship. We get along super well. He made pancakes this morning because I guess I am bad at making them. Haha. 

We have a crazy hermano in our ward who, during his sacrament talk, made everyone get up from their seats and move to the front and then made people talk from the congregation and it was super uncomfortable. Gotta love Mexico. I sure do. 



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