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Monday, September 9, 2013

We are all children of a Great Dad


Okay, first wanted to say that I really came into this change thinking I would hate the area because Elder W. struggled with it for the first two transfers, but then I realized that I hated my area for the first little while too and then I started to love it just like he did. So all of my opinion was invalid and my area is great! It is all city this time. No more mountains for meee.... But hey, I got to experience it all. The house is pretty foul and I might get diseases from it, but its hauntingness is growing on me. I am getting used to it. We cleaned it all wonderfully this morning and I bought a toilet seat, so it feels like home. The only downside is that whenever it rains (WHICH IS EVERY DAY) it floods the house and it stresses me out. The house is trying my patience. But I won't let it be a distraction. hahaha. Plus the house has more than 8 years of being a missionary house so it has a certain charm to its name. Even though it wouldn't be legal if the President knew what condition it was in.... Don't worry. All is well in Quetzal. I will attach pictures of the house to this email.

Although I was sad about leaving the amazing people in La Noria, I am really just so blessed to know that there are amazing people in ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. I mean, HELLO, we are all children of a great Dad. So I really am content. I have also felt a lot of love from the members. We have a member family that lives right around the corner and they have a water purifying factory in their house so we get our water from them for FREE. Its like I am back in the states. hahaha. They are great, have lots of trials, but their trials are making them stronger. I am so lucky to get time to get to know them and help/serve them whenever I can. They have offered their house to us whenever we need something.

It is really cool being able to go to an area where one of my best friends just left off. Elder W. did such a great job in this area and the people loved him so much. He also talked me up big time and I might kill him for that. They always tell me funny stories about him and they love that we are friends. I can also call him whenever I need to to figure something out about the area or the people... Except for our phone is broken and we can't see anything on the screen. He kind of left me with the best conditions one could ask for - the house, the phone... Haha. He's great.

Okay so there is this family here that I am definitely going to make a TV show about... Oh wait - it has already been made... MODERN FAMILY. Like this is my legit Modern Mexican Family. They are SOOO HILARIOUS I love them so so so so so ssoso much. Elder W. and his other comps baptized half the family and I get to work with the other half. I am left with teaching the grandma and grandpa. Okay so gramps is the happiest person you ever did see. He laughs at everything and always just gives you the biggest hug. ALWAYS. He is like a Pixar character. And this week we put a fecha bautismal for him this month! He is so excited to get baptized. haha. The grandma is probably the BIGGEST character ever. She is so sassy and so great. She LOVES  missionaries so much. BUT she is so so so Catholic and doesn't want to pick a date yet but she knows she will get baptized sometime soon. She always grabs my cheeks and tells me how cute I am. She fights with the whole family because she likes being the boss. So there is always some sort of hilarious argument going on. She speaks so nasally too so it just makes it that much better. She always tells the grand daughter to get her hair out of her face and the grand daughter is just as sassy back to her so it is just so funny seeing how wonderful families can be when they argue. hahaha. Also the grandma can't hear very well so I am literally screaming to teach her and it is hard to pronounce things and scream at the same time so the whole family is trying to help me and everyone is screaming at the same time so I just give up and start laughing. Hahaha. They love being LOUD. I would fit right in. The grandma also laughs and is really funny. She really has a great sense of humor and I didn't know that was possible for someone of her age. Haha. So when she starts laughing I do too. We have to remind her the right way to pray every time because she is always chanting in the background or standing up and shouting and everyone is so ready to tell her to stop. It is so great. One day she will learn. She came to a really great stake conference this past Sunday and I think she felt the spirit. We eat with them Tuesday. PARTAY.

The other people we are teaching I still don't know very well because I have only taught them like once. One girls name is Eleanor Rigby. She is super great and speaks English. Another guy is definitely in the mafia but I mean, we all have got to make a living - right? More... well I can't really remember. But its fine, next week I will remember.

So it legit rains every day and my shoes are permanently soaked and it is super annoying. I might be getting sick because of it... ALSO The area was just split into two and so we are also helping two other missionaries learn their area which is the hilly part of our area. One is from Peru and one is from Mexico. I really like them both a lot and they are just great. My companion is Elder W. and he is just great! We get along great. It is hard because I am finishing his training after the first six weeks with the amazing Elder W., that I can't even compare to, so I hope he still likes me. Haha. We have a very similar sense of humor, but we are SUCH different people. He refuses to move out of the house and didn't want me to buy a toilet seat. But we have learned to compromise. Hahaha. All is well. This kid is great and is learning a lot really quickly.

Anything else? Oh yeah every Friday night we get tacos free from a great guy. It is a tradition in this area. He literally makes the best tacos ever. The best thing too is that his taco stand is so clean and he is a clean freak so I just trust his tacos so much. Half of his family are members. He really makes some of the most amazing meat I have every tasted. I am super excited to bring you guys his one Friday night and let you feast on these AMAZING tacos. His name is C. Haha it's just perfect. #tacosur I THINK THIS IS ALL OKAY.

Love you all so much. Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep it going well family and friends. It is crazy that people are getting married and stuff, but I guess that's life. Haha life is weird. But its so great. Mission life is sooooo tiring but it is SOOO worth it.

Sigan adelante...

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

These are fried grasshoppers. I was so close to eating one.. But then I thought...



Part of this wonderful family I was telling you about.

Mi compa and the wonderful family

this loverly piece of house....

Imagine that toilet with a seat now. ahhh yea.

The bedroom. Lots of nightmares.

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