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Monday, September 2, 2013

Changes and members are the key


Ugh. I am being transfered out of my area... and as much as I understand that it is an opportunity to be better, grow, and change.... I just don't want to leave. I really just started to feel comfortable here and gained such a love for the people I am teaching as well as the members. ALSO my investigators are really starting to progress! But I don't get to stay here for their baptisms. I have to leave and start all over again. hahaha. I feel like this always happens. I am mainly so sad because of yesterday. It was a miracle. We had four investigators come to church with us that hadn't come yet in these 6 weeks. So I was just so so so so so happy because it was just amazing to see them come in and have members literally run to them and make them feel so loved. It was fast and testimony meeting and the nine year old daughter of N. went up to BARE HER TESTIMONY. Yes she bore her testimony her first day at church. I am pretty sure I never bore my testimony in church for like 17 years. She was so cute and was like so grateful to the "mormones" because they teach about God and it makes her feel good and happy. It was adorable and I was like freaking out because it was so great for her mom to see her daughter be such a strong spirit. Her mom was like tearing up the whole day in church and she was just beaming and said she would come next Sunday too. H. was the other woman that came with her son J. This week we had went to teach H. with a member and she immediately felt so loved and so excited to be "Mormona". She said being mormon was for her!! She was convinced. So this Sunday she came and just felt such a love in the Capilla and felt soo included by all of the amazing members. Her son was herded off by the young men and it was just so amazing to see the members flock to the investigators and make them truly feel at home. MEMBERS are seriously the key. Besides feeling the spirit (which is the most important), the members are probably the next most powerful thing to truly lead someone to baptism. If they don't feel comfortable in the ward, don't have friends to connect with, or just feel awkward... there is a good chance that they won't want to come back. But when the members do the fellowshipping, all the rest falls into place. So really. I encourage all the members to go with the missionaries to appointments when they invite you... maybe even tell the missionaries you are willing to go, and if you do that you will make a huge difference in someone's life. Members are where the power is. 

So yeah I am bummed because I am going to miss ANOTHER STUPID WEDDING and like 5 baptisms. I worked my butt off these past six weeks to baptize investigators in my second transfer here. But I don't get my second transfer here.... BUT at least I left the area off stronger than when I left it. I really do feel like some of these folks are family so I can't wait to visit them with my real family in 17 months. Isn't that crazy that I have 7 months...? I am really confused and feel like I just completed 6 months. Time flies, I suppose. I am also bummed to leave Elder R. because we really became such good friends and we were so excited for another transfer together. But whatever... He is going to TRAIN. hahahaa. He is so great. 

I am going to an Area called Quetzal. This area is where Elder W. (from the MTC)  is right now and I am going to take his SPOT. haha we were talking on the phone last night and he was so excited that I am going to love all the same people that he loves. Haha. He is awesome. But yeah this area is pretty ghetto, from what I've heard. But Elder W. has survived 5 months there. I think I can do it. I really should be stoked to have another opportunity to be a better missionary. I can start off fresh again and try to be super great. I am really grateful for this chance to grow again. I just really love where I am right now. I am going to be in Quetzal tomorrow around 11 or 12. Oh yeah... I think my new comps name is Elder W. or something.

So maybe one reason why I am changing is because Elder R. and I got into a bit of a laughing habit this week. Like super bad. Whenever we teach lessons and something happens that reminds us of an inside joke we almost don't have control over the situation and it is really bad. Also when we prayed sometimes we couldn't stop laughing. So hahahahah maybe it is a blessing that we aren't going to be together anymore. We really became such good friends and I am super lucky to have trained him. I probably learned more from him then he learned from me. I am sure we will be in the same district sometime in the future. He is a great missionary. 

Anyways I learned a whole lot about myself and others this transfer. I learned about the IMPORTANCE of the MEMBERS. I learned that hard work pays off. And... I learned that the will of God isn't always our first choice... But I am sure it is better than what our first choice would be. 

Anyways. I am excited for this change. Love you guys so so much. I feel blessed to call yall my family. OH SHOUT OUT TO HAYLEY MY CUZZIN - CONGRATS ON GETTIN HITCHED. Thanks for waiting for mee....... haha. Hope you are suuuper happy! Have fun doing all your cool things you do at home. Thanks for sending the packages. I got the package from Kates and a letter from Mack. I don't remember anything else cool that happened. I'm sure I'll have lots of crazy stories for next week since I might get shot. 

OOHH yeah. PS I loved the quotes you sent me. Especially the one by PLATO. Inspired? Probably. And about Michael Ann's friend. I had intercambias with my District Leader and Elder G. came to accompany us. He mentioned that he just got home like 3 months ago from Spain. So naturally I was like well shot in the dark but did you know an Hermana Oslund. And he was like omg yaa the loud one??? I was like HAAAYEEEEESSSSS THAT'S HER. I told him to go to Mesa and marry her. Maybe I can get special permiso to come to the wedding. hahaha. 


Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald


Love me some Elder R.

Love me some lazy eye

Mor of V.  It was a hard goodbye.
She was making a 'scared' face, but then she stopped.

My Indian child - I love her!

G.! Mi bautismo.

The Familia C.F. wasn't all there...

The Hermana that gave me the suit. Hermana R.! She always feeds us..

bye bye La Noria....

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