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Monday, April 21, 2014

Earthquakes, TMI, and #prowalker


lol... why did you hear about this one but not the other THREE that have happened in my entire mission? haha. (I had heard about the other ones, but they weren’t 7.2 earthquakes.)

But don’t worry I will give you the deets. So this week I got sick from some type of food that I ate... I don’t know what... But it gave me hardcore stomach pains and diarrhea. So I was miserable Tuesday night and wanted to die. I called Hermana Valadez in the morning and she told me to take two pills. Well these two pills made me constipated. (HOW FUN RIGHT.... actually, no. I would rather have diarrhea). And so the stomach pains kept on going... AND I couldn’t poop... and because of all the bad nights sleeps I had I got all muscle cramped and wanted to die. Because of my neck pains I got super bad headaches, which made me dizzy. So yeah this wasn’t the fun-est week ever, but I mean I worked... So I give myself credit. 

Besides being sick and miserable with walking all day every day... We had a good week! One day a youngster of 14 years came with us ALL DAY. What props. I remember NEVER wanting to go with the missionaries. Granted we didn’t have missionaries assigned to just our ward at the time and so I didn’t really know them... But I still remember we had the option of going on splits with them…which never sounded delightful. So I just was so proud of G. for coming with us. HAHA by the end of the day he was DEAD. We walked to the ends of the earth and back. I didn’t really realize that we do walk so much as missionaries. I am obviously used to it all. #prowalker  He gave good testimony and was able to help us put a baptismal date with E.!

E. is progressing super well. We saw her everyday. The day we invited to her asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet, she did it that night. HAhA and that night.. WE (the missionaries) were in her dream. HAHA. She said we were like yelling at her to know if she was going to go to church or not... HAHAHAHAHHA FETCH. I was like “uh awkward”. But hopefully she takes it as part of her answer lolol. I don’t know why everyone thinks I yell at people. But anyway - She also went to church and liked it a lot and is adapting better to the church and everything. Her fecha is for May 3rd... WOOHOO. 2 weeks. Hopefully we can see her everyday this week to make sure she keeps this goal running and does it! Her son J. is being a turkey and is not showing interest right now.

V. also went to the Visitors Center that day and liked it a lot. But he didn’t like one thing... One of the sister missionaries asked him.... “WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN BAPTIZED YET?” and he didn’t like that and ignored the question and went off about how he doesn’t want us to force him to be baptized and blah blah blah. Drama. Haha. No. He is a good guy- Super willing to do whatever to change. But he WON’T pick a fecha bautismal. So that makes our work harder. Anywho. 

P. is an older guy that isn’t really understanding our message. So we are going to try and change the way we teach with him so he understands better this week.

My companion is super great and is working hard!!

Okay so about the EARTHQUAKE. It was on Friday morning. We were doing companionship study in the house and my table started to move. So I gave my comp a quick glare like “QUIT IT” because I thought he was moving it to be funny. Haha And then I realized that my chair was moving too... And he was facing me on the other side of the table... SO he couldn’t have moved my chair. That’s when I realized that the whole HOUSE WAS MOVING and so I jumped up and was like “AHHHH WHAT’S GOING ON?”. ahhahahahahah it was super funny. So we ran outside and I saw the trees and plants all moving up and down and back and forth and that movement made me motion sick and got me dizzy. SO I had to sit down. And ya. But then the cell phone service was down when I tried to call my District to find out if they were okay so I freaked out and thought they died. And since that day we haven’t had cell service in the house which makes it super complicated because we have to go to members houses at night and use their house phones.. Anyway… the earthquake was super little. No one was hurt. But man did it cause me quite the fright. I have never been awake or alert in an earthquake... So this was a first for me. 

Easter Sunday was CRAY CRAY. Everyone was drunk, lighting little demons on fire, and of course in Iztapalapa they were having a real crucifixion - So that’s super normal and cool right??? It was super nice and helped me remember the real reason of why we commemorate this day. Haha. Love apostasy. 

Sunday there were lots of investigators. Topilejo is doing super great! This week we have a Zone Conference with the President and I am excited to hear from him! Life is good.

Love you all SO MUCH!

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald
Dog with dreads. Noooo manches.

Dogs attacking me in the street.

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