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Monday, April 7, 2014

Short and sweet - loved General Conference.

Hey family and friends!

This week was interesting but really good. Lots of strange emotions and thoughts. But hey... that’s the mission.

I was seriously so grateful for the General Conference. It was fantastic. I learned so so so much but guess what.... I am coming directly from a meeting... so I don’t have my notes. I don’t remember which one was my favorite. But I do know that both the morning sessions (Saturday and Sunday) were like personal conversations to ME. I loved it so so much. I loved what Uchtdorf said about having a attitude of gratitude. It really put into perspective to me to always be grateful for the many blessings I have received especially when hard times come. I can't feel disappointed when things don’t happen my way... because God has already given me so many wonderful blessings to be grateful for. Also I really loved Bednar’s talk about the Atonement. I don’t completely understand what he was saying... But I am excited to be able to read it and study it and apply it. I loved the talk from the Prophet also because he really put into perspective loving others. So many more great things and such great inspiration I received... But I don’t remember what more... hence I don’t know what else to write... But I LOVED THE CONFERENCE.

The greatest thing was when I went to the bathroom between the Sunday sessions and saw two of our investigators there. I was convinced that no one was going to come... BUT A MIRACLE HAPPENED and they were there with members. It warmed my heart to see them there. I am really hoping they enjoyed it and learned some valuable stuff there.

My companion is super good. Haha. I am not training Elder T., he came pre-trained. hahahaha. Quoting The District. Oh my. He is really good though. I am happy about having a Mexican comp. He is from Veracruz. That's awesome, no?? It is going to help me a lot with my Spanish. A huge blessing. I hope I can help him a lot with everything he needs. 

The other guy in my district is Elder H. and guess where he lived at BYU?? Building 9!!!!!! hahahahhahahahahhaa. But we never met. However we know lots of the same people. It is a small world when you are a Mormon. hHAha. He is a fun guy... glad he is in my District. 

Well my mind has kind of gone blank. I really love you all and hope your week was fantastic. 

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald

English room.
Getting slushies after conference.

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