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Monday, April 28, 2014

There is room in the House of the Lord for a repentant sinner!

Okay. Well something a bit concerning happened after emailing you all last week... I left my MICRO SD card in the computer place and when I came back to find it... It was GONE! So I was super sad and worried and stressed because the person that was working there had left... but the other workers couldn’t get a hold of her to ask her if she had taken it to keep it safe, or if someone else had used the same computer and maybe taken it. Lots of thoughts went through my head like... WELL THE PERSON THAT STOLE IT BETTER SEE MY PÍCTURES AND DECIDE TO GET BAPTIZED. Because if not… it would’ve been a waste. hahahah. I also thought... How sad that all of my pictures since Christmas are gone... it was slightly depressing. And then I thought of you, parents, and thought how you would’ve killed me. Ha. (FYI – there would have been no killing)  But guess what? We went back the next day and the lady had my micro SD card. I was so relieved. Anywho...

This week was wonderful. I felt loads better about lots of things.

We had a Zone Conference and it was just great. Hermana Valadez talked about Moroni 6:1-4 about how the investigators need broken hearts and contrite spirits to be baptized. But she said that we as missionaries need to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit to be able to exhort someone to have and do the same. A broken heart is a repentant heart. A heart that feels displeased and disappointed from ANY sin. A broken heart is something we need constantly to be constantly repentant of our sins. But what balances this sorrow is a contrite spirit - A spirit that knows that Christ forgives us in his infinite grace. When we feel the spirit of the Lord, we can then know that God has forgiven us for all of our sins and that he has entrusted us with the Holy Ghost. We then need to use that Holy Ghost to guide us and do what the Lord would have us do. That is how one becomes a repentant sinner. Because there is room in the house of the Lord for a repentant sinner!

Then the President talked about the importance of the members and how we need to work with them! Hear that, members? Work with us! lol. The work will run so much more smoothly if we do it all together. 

This week I also went to the temple to see the doctor! I don’t like going all the way to the temple... It is SOOO FAR. And traveling in the busses and stuff makes me even more sick. Loverly. But it was good. Saw lots of other missionaries there. Haha. He just gave me some meds to take. I guess I have an infection in the stomach or something. So I am taking antibiotics. yummy. Still have to buy one. I am almost positive it was a worm... But the doctor didn’t think so. Lucked out...

We are teaching lots of great potentials! E. is supposed to get baptized this week but she kind of declined.. But we are still working with faith that she will get baptized. HAH YAYAYA. She even knows that this is all true. She is just afraid with the very small chance that it isn’t and that she might lose herself in the religion. QUIEN SABE EH. I just know she gots ta get in dat watuur Fast.

Her son J. got mad at us cause we told him he needs to remove his piercings to get baptized. lol. SOWWWY boi. We will see what happens. 

But they came to church!

A new investigator fell from heaven and wants to get baptized asap. He is young. He is 20 years old. His girlfriend is 17... They have two kids. So we are like well even though she is a minor, you need to get married to get baptized... and plus... YOU HAVE TWO CHILDREN. So she needs to ask permission from her mom and supposedly she is a wee bit difficult. We will see. HOPING THAT THEY CAN BECAUSE HE IS SUPER EXCITED TO GET BAPTIZED. Obstacles. Everywhere. }

Lots of people went to church this Sunday. It was fantastic. Topilejo is growing a WHOLLLLE LOOOOT EEEH. I really hope I don’t get changed in two weeks. Changes come so fast. Weird. I have learned a lot through hardships. It’s the only way I suppose- The refiners fire. 

Well it is almost MAY. So that means its almost my dad’s bday. Happy birthday this week day! 30 de abril. Que divertido no?¡¿ Love it. Are you like 100 yet? Who knows? Love ya lots

Also congrats KT LU. U DID GOOD. Now enjoy the real world. haha sucks no?

Oh yeah. We are going to skype on Saturday the 10th of May!!! Tell me what time would be best. I am thinking around 12 or 1. Haha or idk. Whenever you want. Send me my username and password again. Love ya lots 

Con Amor,

In my jungle.


MY DOG. He smiled for the pic. He always finds us and works with us.. hahah.

We ran in super fast for pictures... hahah.

Touch screens at the Visitor Center

Family rooom


My true love


Kitties kill me

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