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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Helping the sick and needy, Dia de los Muertos, and 11 weeks to go!


I can´t believe another Halloween passed by. This Halloween was super memorable.

So I was on exchanges with a super awesome District Leader. We had an awesome exchange and learned so much together. As we were finishing and going to meet our other companions in the Metro, the Assistants called me and told me that the Elders from Jardines (the Elder I was with) wasn’t answering his phone. They didn’t have signal in the Metro. So I told them that I was with the Elder they were looking for and they were like PERFECT come to the mission home because they are getting an extra companion and you two have to take him to the hospital right now because he is sick... hmmm. I love being in charge of the sick and needy.

So we went to the yellow house (mission home), we got the companion, who basically wasn’t able to walk because his legs and body were going throw weird convulsions, and we took him to the Policlinica (the hospital for the missionaries). Luckily I know how to arrive. We had to walk super slow because the new missionary was in so much pain. He had just gotten to Mexico this week and got here from Peru. They sent him to Ajusco, a little pueblo right next to Topilejo, which is full of mountains and COLD AIR. So his bones were killing him and he basically died (jk). So they took him out of there. We got to the hospital trying to make the missionary happy because he was super distressed, and the doctor starting joking around with him that he was going to die. I thought it was hilarious because I know the doctor and he is super sarcastic and really straight forward with people. He has a very dry humor. But the Elder didn’t like it and started getting scared. The doctor says he is a dry Mormon because he hasn’t been baptized but he believes the church is true. He just doesn’t want to get baptized yet. Haha.. He is a hilarious dude. So the District Leader and me were cracking up all day and the other new missionary was so scared and confused and not sure if he needed to laugh or cry. It was just a big practical joke the whole day. We ate food. The sky was cloudy. Everyone was walking around in costumes and face paint. It was one of the strangest Halloweens I have lived. But I finally got home at like 8PM with my real companion and we were exhausted. 

The next day I got to go to the temple. AHHH. I was super stoked because exactly a year ago to the day I went to the temple. I remember because it was Dia de los Muertos and I thought it was fantastic to do work for the dead that day. It was very special. This year I got permission from the President to do exchanges with a missionary from our ward to take like 8 investigators to the Visitors Center. It was one of the most spiritual experiences ever. I loved it. The investigators were all crying as we learned about the importance of the Book of Mormon. One of the investigators lost her legs and is in a wheelchair. The week before her father passed away. We watched a Mormon message of a woman that lives in Guatemala that lost her legs in an accident and she testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and what that it teaches about the resurrection. Super powerful. Then we watched the great movie about families. We learned about prophets. We taught them about the temples and the work for the dead. It was all just so awesome. E. was there and she loved it. She is so ready to get baptized. But she is going to get baptized the week I get home because that is when her brother comes home from Spain from serving a mission. 

My new companion is great. He is a funny guy. It is super fun to be with him. So that is going well. I got to see Elder R. today in an evaluation. That was good.

Yesterday we had a leadership counsel and it was so freakin awesome. We learned so much about how we can better minister to the other missionaries that we are serving. I am super stoked about that...

Umm I am short on time. Okay thinking, thinking. We ate with an investigator. G. is loving the gospel and is learning so much. She loves changing her beliefs and feels such a power in following the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Hahah. Yes!

Well that is pretty much it. I love you all so much. I am pretty sure I will get changed after this transfer. 5 more weeks here in Iztacalco and then 6 more in an unknown land. It’ll be great. 


Con Amor, Elder Macdonald

My C. family

Dia de los Muertos

Bus to the temple!!!!!!

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