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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

8 weeks to go and check out

WOW this week is going to be fantastic. This past week was great. I am also getting super stoked to be a missionary this CHRISTMAS! Why? Because the church is awesome and way smart....

It is a new initiative that the church is coming out with. They are even going to rent out YOUTUBE on December 7th to fill up all of their advertisements with this new video that came out about Christ being the true Gift of Christmas. I ammmmm stoooooked. Haha as missionaries we are going to focus on this being a way to get the attention of people to find out WHO God has prepared for this time to be taught, baptized, and nurtured as a member of His church for the rest of their lives. I was thinking about how amazing Christmas is. We tend to focus on the tree, the gifts, the hot chocolate, the peppermint shakes from Chik-fi-la, etc, when we truly should be focused on the divine gift that a loving Heavenly Father has given to all of his children - Christ. Prophets of old anxiously awaited his birth, and they taught the people that a Savior would be born. His life gives us THE example, and his sacrifice brings purpose to all that we do. As members of His church, our attitude towards Christmas should change. We should internalize the true meaning of Christmas and think about WHAT gift WE would like to give to Him. I feel so blessed to be one of His missionaries at this time to see history happen and be a part of it in some small way. The church is even going to show this video at Time Square in NYC. It is a small, short, and simple video that reminds us that HE is Christmas, not the bows, or gifts, or lights. We need to share it with everyone to spark an interest in hearts and minds of all to teach them the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel. AH. I’m stoked. DOOO ITTT PLEASE. 

Anyway. It hasn’t even been Thanksgiving yet and I’m already jumping the gun and singing Christmas music. Hahah. 

This week was spectacular and difficult. The trials from last week passed. And I felt soooo relieved. But then other trials were made present. But hey, that’s the name of the game.

WE had one baptism this week because G. didn’t pass her interview with the President. She was crying. It was sad and a little disappointing. But I LOVED what she told me.... She said "I am sad. But I now know that I can’t go about things how I would like to, rather how the Father would have it." And she left. That night a couple members from the church ran into her not knowing that she didn’t pass the interview, and they told her that they were super excited for her baptism this week. And she explained that she had to wait some more time. And the members were a HUGE help to her. They hugged her and testified that sometimes it DOES take more time. I am so grateful for the example that she has given me. After a hard couple of days, she is stronger than ever, joyfully awaiting the day until the President tells us that she can. I have no idea what happened. I just am praying that everything can be resolved FAST. But if it doesn’t, I trust that God knows why. I don’t have to understand completely. I know that this is the process of repentance that she needs. So she was like so stoked about the new hope she found and starting reading the scriptures until 5 in the MORNING. What? I know that she is truly repentant. That’s why I just keep praying so that it can be sooner than later. I would’ve liked to have been here to baptize her. But it’s okay. Her daughter had a wonderful baptism and everyone loved it. It was glorious. 

The children in the primary had their program. It was adorable. 260 people went to church. WOWOWOOW THAT IS A LOT FOR HERE. So we were stoked. 

E. is doing fantastic. She already stopped smoking and I am shocked but very pleased at the same time.

M. didn’t go to church so we are waiting for him.

O. and M. had a cita with us in which we called the Bishop to accompany us. When we finished I asked her to talk to him in private to resolve her problems. And guess what?. EVERYTHING IS RESOLVED. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LIVE with her boyfriend/ father of her children man anymore. YAyaya. And she received a calling. TALK ABOUT COOL.

L.’s are finally not sick anymore. And they are going to celebrate my birthday next week. Yay!

C. didn’t go to church but she is super stoked to get baptized. She just has had lots of work. 

C. went to church this week with 4 days without smoking. I sure hope she keeps that record going. We are finally seeing some progress with her. 

We found 2 new families this week that are promising. An 83 year old man was waiting for us to go to church but we got there a few minutes late so he started walking on his own. The good thing is that he walks slow so we caught up to him super fast. HAHAH. He loved church so much and was gung-ho to go next week. 

Everything is going wonderful here. We are finding, teaching, baptizing, and retaining. I love this work and I can’t believe that I get to be a missionary right now in this time. I am super blessed. LOVE IT. I know that this church is true. I know that we need to share this knowledge with everyone we know...

OH FUN NEWS. The family C. is preparing themselves to enter the temple!! AHHH. HAHAHH I am so happy. That makes me so happy.

Okay, well, I am outta time. I still got 8 weeks family. Don’t get too excited just yet. 

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald

The Zone

I make good rice

The baptism

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