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Monday, January 12, 2015

A sweet and amazing family, and the LAST FULL WEEK

OH BOY, this week came.

It’s my last week in the mission. And I truly feel content and happy with the work and service I have given. I definitely could’ve done things better, but I did the best I could in the moment it was presented to me. It’s all part of this whole progress thing, I think. 

Well, sometimes I wake up with a pit in my stomach. Other days I am super happy. I don’t know, I am like really sensitive right now. I just try to choose not to think much about it. lol. I will just let the whole change process happen on it’s own. The good thing is, I can live everyday to its fullest and find, teach, and baptize, just as any missionary would. 

Well, my last baptismal service as a missionary will be this Thursday at 5 o`clock. R. is so ready. She passed her interview with so much emotion and excitement. She stayed for another baptismal service and felt the spirit so strong that she was crying basically the whole time. Haha I don’t think she knew what to expect. She is nervous, but READY to make a covenant with God. How amazing is that, that our Heavenly Father lets US make covenants with Him. He loves and trusts us so much. 

We ate with her family this week on Saturday. It was kind of heart breaking because her family life is a struggle. Four years ago her mother had a brain tumor. So she had to go into surgery. Waking up after surgery, she couldn’t move her right arm or below her waist. She was paralyzed at 31 years of age, being the Mother of 6 children under the age of 16. Her husband went to the United States to work and send his family money. After the first few months, they lost all contact with him. They don’t know if he died or left them for another woman. R. prefers to think he passed away, as tough as that is. They, as a family, don’t let strangers into their house. They basically don’t communicate to the outside world, besides school and work. So when R. told them that we were going to eat with them in their house, they all freaked out. Nervous really, for the whole “two big white strangers” are going to eat our food type thing. Haha So, when we got there they were all hesitant to let us in and talk to us. But from the beginning we were able to love them and get to know them. Such a great family. Such a hard life. The only thing we could do was be there to listen and testify that the Gospel of Jesus Christ heals broken hearts. They made us sooo much food. It was adorable. All of the younger kids made the food because the mom can’t, and R. was working.... It was touching to see such strong young children in the service of their physically incapable mother and two complete strangers. We helped them feel good about themselves and gained their trust. We taught a few principles of our Heavenly Father, and they could feel a sweet spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the message. We made an appointment to visit them this upcoming week :) R. was shocked that we did it, but we told her we would. Haha. I know that as representatives of Christ we have the power to bring light into the darkness, that the darkness can’t comprehend. But it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. All of us as members have such the great responsibility to serve our brother and heal the wounded in spirit and body. We all need of the goodness of Christ, and we all need to be willing to give it. I know this is true. I know that we are imperfect, and that means we should learn to have patience with imperfect beings, being imperfect our own selves, that surround us. The mission has taught me that. When we serve others, we truly are only serving our loving Heavenly Father. Sometimes it requires us to go out of our comfort zone, and that is PERFEC - because that makes us progress. And without progress, this life would be extremely bland and boring. I am so privileged to have been able to know such sweet souls of our Heavenly Father and feel un poquito del amor (a little bit of the love) that he feels for them. 

I can choose to keep applying all of the things I have learned, lived, and witnessed in my mission, or let it be nothing but a sweet memory. I will choose to apply it. And I will keep inviting and helping all of my loved ones apply it too. Not because I am bossy, but because I love them. Hahaha. 

So I am at a loss of words. We worked hard this week and have 5 investigators at church. Everyone seemed to love it and be happy. Hopefully this can keep happening here in Acoxpan. I know that ALL missionaries are entitled to have a successful mission. It just depends of the work we put into it. And of course the tender mercies of the Lord.

Well I love you all so much. I am excited to see you, and I am happy that it is finally time. But I am also sad that the time came so quickly. I guess its just part of the plan of the Master. 

I still will write you one more time. Until next week…

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

Met Jacob Porter's companion. Elder Z. He is in my ward!

dogs with sweaters. never gets old.

Tour of the Estadio Azteca

This was today!! Just like 30 minutes ago. super fun.


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