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Monday, January 5, 2015

Soy chilango (He is a native of Mexico City)

Hahahaha - Wow so this is just funny and weird and I don’t know how I feel about it.

This was my last Fast and Testimony Meeting as a missionary. AND LET ME TELL YOU. It was embarrassing. I just cried the whole time. Thanks a lot. I tried to bear my testimony. But if I couldn’t even speak English while crying, let alone in Spanish. So it was funny. But my tears were contagious and everyone else started crying to even though I didn’t say anything. hahaha. 

It’s rough. But it’s going to be a good change. Today was super chill because we went to Centro. My last time! I went to go buy a bunch of Mexican stuff for you folks. Hope you like them all. I seriously got some mad bargaining skills. Like I bargain and then the people don’t even know what just hit them. Even the Mexican that went with us was in shock. He was like WOW HOW’D YOU DO THAT.??? And I was like.... soy chilango. Duh. I don’t even know who it is all for because I just liked everything, and got everything that I could within my budget. With money to spare...!!. Talk about that family. Just be proud. I accidently offended some people because I was so good at bargaining. It was a confidence builder. You’ll thank me sooner than later. eeps.

So my birthday was great. We enjoyed CPK and the after party since it was p-day!! woooohoooo! Ate some yummy cake. 

Ahora. We got to talk about the business that went down. So we had 6 people in church! WOOOHOOO. Miracle.

R. is perfect still. She is a secret genius and has a scholarship to her university and she scored so well that they moved her to better, more difficult classes and so she had to quit her awesome job working in a lawyers office as their assistant getting paid a lot, and now she is jobless. And all of the jobs here basically require working on Sundays. SO we taught her about the Sabbath day and fasting. We told her that it really isn’t even an option. It’s not, well hope I can find a job that doesn’t require me to work on Sunday, it’s more like... I hope I find a job because I DON’T work on Sundays. And so we went job-hunting for her and she did it too. We fasted for her and she fasted too!!!!!!!!! And after that fast she had a job interview for a job from that goes from Monday to Friday!!!! aahahh woohoooo. Miracles do happen. She is so determined to get baptized on January 17th. She asked me to baptize her, and I was like.... “well you gotta do it on the 17th, so no more missing church”. And she got excited to keep the commandments and reach her goals. We are super excited for her. She even offered to feed us on Friday because the other hermanas couldn’t. Talk about chosen. We are having daily contact with her so that she gets baptized on the 17th! Please keep praying for her. 

We might have another baptism too. C. is an investigator that had disappeared since I got here. But he showed up to church again. His wife is a member. They went on vacation and had a bunch of work this past month. So we are hoping he can get baptized this week or the next. He is super ready too!!! yayaya.

S. went to church again and loved it. She is a young woman and is going to have a picnic with the young women this week before school starts. We are so happy that she is finding her place here with us. But we gotta work more with her mom because otherwise she won’t get baptized. But her mom is losing interest and has had so much work. Dang. Pray for her. 

Z. went to church and got mad at us because we wouldn’t tell her our first names and wouldn’t give her a hug. Hahahahah She like legit ran away. But we had to explain that right now as missionaries we have lots of rules. And she was like.... EVERYTHING IS PROHIBITED HERE. GRR.  But she liked church. She is kind of a nut. But her sister is a legit good investigator. So we are going to work with both of them. Hopefully she was joking about all of that stuff.. I think she was. Hahaha. 

And then randomly 2 new investigators showed up for the first time to church. THANKS MEMBERS FOR LOVING US AND BRINGING US INVESTIGATORS. They are a nice, smart couple with two kids. But I don’t think they are married. But they seemed to like church a lot. Hope so. 

Anyway. I am really weirded out because I will only write you guys 2 more times. But I’m just trying not to think about that much. I don’t remember all that I was going to tell you guys. It was a wonderful weeks. Lots of miracles and lots of fun. The best missionaries are the missionaries that know how to have fun. And that’s a fact. The spirit is with us more when we aren’t stressed or mad or sad or worried. It is with us when we are smart, service-ful, and having fun doing this work!!!


Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

New Years Eve with the Bishop!!

CPK birthday lunch



New suit. homemade

Rosca de Reyes!!



adorable Mexican grammies

Went to the coolest artisan market and bought some fun souvenirs... 

finally went and saw the angel

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