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Monday, June 17, 2013

Good byes, change, growth, and earthquakes...

So last Monday after I emailed you guys was super depressing because it was the last District Meeting with Elder B. and L... But I decided I was going to take what I learned from them and make myself more of the missionary God knows I can be. So yeaaaahh. This week was a little challenging. Tuesday morning we got to the changes and I had a hard time being happy. SO I said hi to my new comp and then said bye to my friends Elder B. and Elder D. because they are leaving the mission and I won't ever see them again ever in my life... hahaha or for a year and a half. Whateeer. (they are being changed out of the south mission to one of the new Mexico City missions) The first day was horrible because I was just in silent mourning. My new comp's name is Elder G. He really isn't a bad guy but we are just not similar in many ways so it makes for a hard companionship and gives me lots of opportunities to learn and grow. I think he thought I would be "a helpless American missionary". This week I proved him wrong and he knows I am a hard worker and trying to be a good missionary.
When we had weekly planning in our Companionship Inventory I let him know I was sorry for some things I had done, but that if we are going to have a healthy companionship we needed to work together.  He apologized for a few things and after that the week was pretty good.  Okay. Know that I know I am his companion for a reason and I am going to find that reason ASAP so I can get ouuutttaaa hurrrr. hahaha. But really. I know we are together to learn from one another. He is a good hard worker and that's what I was asking for in my prayers so time to start looking on the bright side of life.
SO enough about that foolish nonsense. We have so many amazing investigators that will be ready to be baptized in July! I ammmm soooooo stokkkkkedd. I feel so lucky to be here at this time because it is such an oppourtinty to see so much spiritual growth in people. This week flew by and if I only have 5 more weeks here I need to get to work so I can enjoy the opportunity to baptize some of these fooos. We have two marriages to look forward too, and like 5-7 people that we could baptize. We already have 4 dates of baptism. Wooohooo. And some of these people are gems that will be such a help to this Rama. 
Okay another fun story. SO when I told you it rains here I wasn't lying. This week it literally flooded and I was walking in water up to my calves. I have the picture to prove it. Another weird thing that happened was an EARTHQUAKE when I was sleeping and I remember waking up because my bed was literally moving up and down, like ALOT, but apparently sleep is more important than my life so I disregarded it and fell back asleep. I woke up and thought it was a dream until Elder R. called and asked if we were okay! hahaha. So that was funny. 

So Elder B.'s parents came this week and it was so much fun to see them interact with the people here in English. I just about died because I thought about you guys and when you will come down here to pick me up and I can just imagine you trying to say something in Spanish and offend these people or something. But it was such a fun going away party and such a success. It really made me realize how many lives Elder B. affected and how excited it made me to work hard to bring the gospel into the lives of so many here. yayayaaa. PS his mom sent you guys a picture of me in an email I think. Did you ever get it??? Who knows..

So ya I don't have much to say. Just send me words of wisdom to keep going with this companionship and work hard. I love you guys so so so much and missed you all alot this week. Super happy you guys have had good experiences. Love hearing about your lives every week!

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald
A cool cave thing.

The water flood/Titanic

His new District

It's a bird, its a plane, its Elder B.!

Sad to see him go: (
Oh yeah this dog was wearing a weird shirt. hhahaha. So confusing

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