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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Atonement, graffiti, sick!, push-ups, and changes...

Hey family! So I am super happy you are all having a great time away from home traveling the world... haha. DC, I am sure is as beautiful as ever. Super fun. And Andrew... SUPER jealous. Jk. After the mission. Plus I am in Mexico.... haha super exotic and foreign here. Lots of graffiti. lolz. (ps you should keep the graffiti on our wall so that when I get home from the mission I can feel like I never left MEXICO)....(someone put graffiti on our side fence last week!)

Okay so remember last week when I was writing you and told you I felt super sick. Yeah, well I wasn't fibbing. SO we had our district meeting in the Casa de Oracion as usual and I was like using the bathroom like I have never used it before. Sorry for the detail. But it was bad. AND then we went home on a MICRO and the motion turned into motionsickness and I was dying. Literally. I was mourning my life at this moment and would have rather been on the sinking Titanic. It was really gross. And my stomach was burning and just not right. I was feeling food from the past crawling up my esophagus and yeah, it was evil. So we got off the micro and immediately I was in search for a garbage because I did NOT want to just throw up on the street with hundreds of people to accidentally slip in it after I was done... SUper courteous of me. So rapidly I saw some garbage and was like GOLD and sprinted to it. It was one of the worst throw ups I have ever had. Super chunky with rice and suuuper hot with all of the salsa. It brought back memories from when I threw up those Flamin Hots... Remember that? Good times. So yeah. After a minute or two I was done... and started walking. Then I realized it was the garbage for one of the taquerias and the guy was P.O.ed and I was alll, haaa sooorrrrrryyy....THANKS. and then ran away. I always seem to find myself running away from awkward situations. So yeah. Then that night I was on the toilet and hated life. Sooo yeah. It was super fun. Hope you enjoy the detail. 

The next day I felt a little better. Luckily we had intercambias so I went with Elder B. and we ate at an Hermanas house that makes super good food and I was lucky enough to have PASTA. It was soo calm in my tummy and I was a happy camper. That was definitely a blessing. But yeah. I feel better now. All is well in Zion. Que bueno. So the intercambias were fun. We had a really good lesson at a FHE with the familia G. Their such a great family and I think are in the process of baptism. So Elder B. and I went in to teach a little about La Expiacion. The Atonement. We started with an interactive example... unfortunately I was the guinepig. So Elder B., one by one, offered candy from the USA (HOW GLORIOUS....) and after each person - whether they accepted the candy or not - I had to do 10 push ups. We then related it to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is there for all of us. We have the choice to take what it offers or not. Jesus Christ already suffered and paid the debt, so it would be STUPID not to accept the gift (or candy). I did like 70 push ups and was secretly dying. (keep in mind I was still kind of sick - so i thanked Elder B. later). It was really interesting being the guinepig. I got to feel the pain that I had from doing the 70 push ups one after another... and it really wasn't that fun. Then I was thinking about how I could NEVER do 10 push ups for every person on this earth that has lived, is living, or will live, let alone feel all of their pains, sickness, tempations, and sins.... So it was super real this time to kind of understand that I CAN'T comprehend the pain he suffered. It is gut wrenching. Jesus Christ was literally all alone at one point. At one point he lost the influence of the Holy Ghost. His Father couldn't help him. He had to suffer this for himself to be capable to help us through our sufferings... It was the ultimate sacrifice. And the Atonement didn't end when he died on the cross. The atonement is living within Jesus Christ. The atonement is absolutely valid for us to use, and we NEED to use it... So, in this life we are meant to have hard times so that we can run to Jesus Christ and feel the comfort he offers us. He has literally felt it all. It was a really cool lesson I got to help teach and listen too. 

We also have a new investigator named M. and she is really struggling in life. She literally lives in a tin shed that barely fits a bed with her two little kids. She needs God soo much and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help her in this journey. I will keep you updated with her. 

We have changes tomorrow... and I have a new companion. I am staying in Chinampas which I am super happy for. But my new companion I am a little nervous about. Change is hard, but it is part of life.  I am going to definitely try to do everything I can to become friends with him right away. We will see how this goes. Elder R. is our new District Leader, and he is training a new missionary. I am so lucky to have him still! Woohoo. Elder B. leaves next week. His fam comes Wednesday and I will meet them Saturday. It will be fun to talk to Americans! haha. 
PS my Spanish is rapidly getting better and better. I really don't have much to worry about and can communicate almost whenever I need to to anyone. Such a blessing. So another month or two to learn all the random vocab words I am missings and then I think it'll be safe to say I am fluent! Elder B. gave me one of his suits and I am stoked about that because it is a lie when they say you are a one suit elder. You can't be a missionary and expect to only have one suit in the mission. My suit would've died before the two years were over if I didn't get another to wear half of the time. Just some words of wisdom. 

All is well orrrhurrr in Mexico. holla' atchurboi. Hope you are all well and safe and enjoying summer. I cannot believe it is already June... Say wuuut. A year ago and I was starting summer term at BYU. Que loco. OKay, love you all. ADIOS FOOOS.

Con Amor,

Elder Macdonald


Elder B. is going home this week : (

Me struggling big time. Notice mamacita laughing at me struggling.

A doll of Elder B... creepy, yet endearing. If I don't get one after I finish, does that mean my mission wasn't a success? Probably.

Grafiti. Does our wall look like this? lol

Last pic with Elder L. And I know you want to make fun of my pants being at my belly button, but don't. thnx

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