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Monday, June 24, 2013

Learning to love like Christ, seeing his own weaknesses, new shoes, and rabies

And I am still alive.

So I am sure you are wondering about the Companionship. Well it was a lot better this week. The problem is that I felt like he was only looking for my problems and flaws and how he can fix them. So he was constantly giving me "counsel" on how I can be better.  I was starting to feel really bad about myself. I felt that he legit thought really bad things about me. SO on Saturday we planned for this upcoming week and at the end of this planning session we had a companionship inventory. He sits down and gives a deeeeeep sigh - so automatically I think to myself.... "here we go again". And we did. He told me there are two things about me that concern him. And I was like what's new Doctor Seuss. First, he told me that he sees me too concerned with the material goods of the world instead of loving the people here. I immediately stopped him right there because I was like HOW outrageous can you be. So the background behind this judgement. HE spent all of his money in the beginnning of the month. In Chinampas we NEED money for transportation. He doesn't have any. So I am paying every time we travel and just about have nothing left because it costs ALOT of money to travel. SO one day I decided we were going to reschedule a cita because if we were to go I would have to pay for us both 3 extra times to visit a guy that is hardly interested in the church. And we were super close to an investigator who was down the street (she has a baptismal date), so I was like we need to go with her because in one hour we have to be here anyways for another cita. SO it only made sense... and since I am the one paying I thought he would respect my decision. He judged that decision as me being too fond of the material things of the world instead of loving the people. So I didn't want to have to do this but I got on his case and told him it is not my fault he was irresponsible and spent all of his money in the beginning of the month. He then was like oh. And I then expressed to him that I have felt like crap the past two weeks because he is constantly telling me what I am doing wrong and not what I do well. It is constantly a critique. I told him I know I am sooo far from perfect, especially as a missionary, but that I am trying my best. I told him I LOVE the people here, and if I loved the things of the world more than this gospel I would NOT be here. I then told him that I am not going to learn from his "counsel" but I will learn from his example. So I asked him to stop trying to change me into him and accept me in my imperfections and then we can be friends, love each other, and have SUCCESS. So then we got into talking about families because the second counsel was I need to live the gospel and forget my family. I told him he was crazy and that I am doing this for Christ, my family, and so other families can be together for eternity! Then he got emotional because his family are not all members and it was a perfect segway to help him and show him my love. I told him I respect him so much for the difficulties he is experiencing in his family and that I can't even imagine my family not being active. Then he teared up and after exchanging compliments we were all good. He felt bad that his counsel turned out to be so critical. He wants to be a psychologist so I think he feels entitled to help all of his companions change something or fix them. But he knows that I don't want to hear this anymore and I just want to be his friend. We were wayyy better after that. It is still a little awkward sometimes but it is a work and progress. He is a good missionary and I am lucky to have him in that respect. So I think I can make it one more month with this guy. I also talked to President V. this week when I had an interview with him and he knows that Elder G has struggles, as we all do, and told me he expected this. But he told me he knows I can handle it and the only thing I can do is love him and be an example. So I was super grateful for that talk with President. Love my President so much!! Like we are already best friends and I have seen him 5 times. haha. 

On the other note it was my comps bday this Friday and Elder R. and I talked to an Hermana about buying him new shoes because his shoes have holes in them and it is CONSTANTLY raining which does not help. So she did. So he has new shoes and I think he is happy. Glad I have this opportunity to love someone who can help me learn about my own weaknesses. 

I LOVED the conference last night. I saw Chris Ludlow and Austin Braun and Megan Berge on the tv! It was soo funny. I was freaking out. We were also all freaking out when he said that we could use FACEBOOK. But everyone was super loud and in the way trying to fix the TV to Spanish because it was in English and we were in the technology closet watching it in English and it was just loud and I coughed and we couldn't hear everything. So yeah that's what happened. The most important rule we follow as missionaries is to love everyone around us and serve them. Everything else will follow if we are doing that. So that is what I am trying to doooo. Sometimes it is hard. But yeah. 

We have three, maybe four baptisms in July and I am super excited. We have a wedding the 17 of July so be waiting for those pictures. It is with my favorite couple. M. and C. I am sooo happy they are actually going to get married so I can baptize them. Then we have M. who is a gem. She loves reading and praying and practially knows this church is true but is a little afraid to change her religion. But we are working with her and plus her kids want to be Mormon because they love the church so much. SO she is praying to recieve a 100% answer that this is true. I HOPE she gets it soon because her baptismal date is the 13 of July. hahaha. We are pushing for her because she is already ready and she will benefit the church so much. I love being able to help people become more close to Jesus Christ and accept his Atonement in their life to help them in every aspect. I love it so much. I feel so blessed. I don't know if I only have a month left in Chinampas or more but it is likely that I change in a month so I hope I can keep expanding relatioships with these people so when I come back and visit them after my mish when you guys come down they don't forget meee. hahaha.

I was super sick with a cold all week and it was horrible. But Mexican medicine works better and I am all better. I only have a cough. 

Also a rabid dog BIT ME REALLY HARD AND I HAVE A PICTURE AND IT WAS BLEEDING AND I AM AFRAID THAT IT HAS RABIES AND THIS IS NOT A JOKE. So yeah if the dog dies ten days after it bit me that means it has rabies and that means I have to go to the hospital.... SO that kind of sounds backwards but apparently that is what happens. So I am hoping it doesn't die. Because if it dies, I die. But the wound is healing and it doesn't hurt so I think I am good. I clean it twice a day... hahaha. Oh Mexico. 

I love you all so much and hope all is well. It rains all the time here. I drown everyday. BYE.

Con Amor,

Elder Macdonald

Dog bite. Evil, nasty, rabie infested dog. I miss Scout. 

Just by a lake... nbd 
Super artistic

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