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Monday, July 22, 2013

Gonna be a trainer, trios, and seeing the Lord's hand


So I still don't know my new comp but his name is Elder R., or something like that. So I am assuming he is from the USA. If not I was wrong and this email is a lie, but I am pretty dang sure he is a guerro like mee. hahahahahaha. I am seriously having visions of all the struggles we are going to have. My comp (Elder G.) was such a great comp for 2 weeks and it was a nice transition to kind of learn my area so I can help some poor soul that doesn't know anything about Spanish or Mexico. AH. Well, just pray super hard that we won't get lost or get in some fight cause we don't understand anything. okay.

Well this week was super good. We were in a trio all week. Elder G., Elder J., and mee. The comp of Elder J. got his visa last Monday in the night and went to Argentina the next morning so Elder J. had to stay with us. It was a fun experience to be in a threesome all week and see how different the dynamics are compared to 2 people in a companionship. The first day of the week we went to visit an investigator who is sick because of a surgery. We went to give her a blessing. And I had the opportunity to give her a blessing. Naturally I was super nervous about what I was going to say or if I was going to say something she wouldn't understand, but literally the Spirit led every single word I spoke and when I finished she was crying. She was super grateful for the blessing and it was just such a great experience. She has such a strong testimony of the church and everything but it was a struggle to commit to her baptismal dates. But she is going to move this week to the northern part of Mexico and we JUST passed by her and talked to her about getting baptized this week and she said if it is possible she is willling. It was so great. So I might have 2 baptisms this week. We have one for sure this Saturday with G. We started teaching G. my first week and she was like the perfect investigator and is ready to get baptized this week. So we are doing it. So it is cool that my new comp will have his first baptism this week! 

La Noria is a ward this time (compared to the branch in Chinampas) and we have a building. I really like the ward and get along with mainly everyone super well. Well, all of the people I know. Haha. We sang at a baptism this Sunday and it turned out good. OH yeah. This week I got super sick for like 3 days and threw up and it was disgusting and I wanted to die. I don't know what I ate but something gave me something baaad. But I talked to Hermana V. (mission pres. wife)  and she gave me a list of things I could and couldn't eat for a day and I was all better after that. Haha. So I am hoping I don't get sick any time soon because it is annoying. But it is nice to get sick to realize how amazing life is when you are completely healthy. Such a blessing to be healthy. Haha never taking it for granted again because I like to be healthy.

Well I don't remember too well what else happened this week but nothing too exciting. I am super excited and scared out of my mind to train some new missionary, but I am trusting in the Lord because he knows best. Plus he is trusting in me to have this new responsibility. AHHHHHH. Who knows if we will get lost and die. Hope not. But not making any promises.

I am super super jealous you all got to see Miranda Sings and hang out with her. But I am patient and can wait another 18 months to be her friend. It's chill. Plus I am doing something (can't believe I'm saying this) more important. This work is so amazing. It is super tough but when we forget ourselves and give our all to the Lord he blesses us sooo much. Then he tests and tries our faith, and then blesses us more. It is such a cool experience and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world right now.
Have fun in Cali and with your last few weeks of summer break. 5 months until Christmassss. FELIZ NAVIDAD MOM. haa kkk bai.
Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

Saying bye to Elder B.

This is Vanessa.  She is my bff.  She calls me hamberguesa.

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