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Monday, July 1, 2013

The "bite" story (better known as the blessings of service), ghosts, good music, and member missionaries

Fam bam.

WHATSUP. SO first I am just SUUUUPER EXCITED that Emmy will be serving like 2 hours away from me (in public transport)!!! I didn't believe it at first because we all know that girls haven't been sent to Mexico in like forever because of safety... SO I could say that, Emmy, you will probably get jumped or kidnapped #hideyourkidshideyourwives BUT I am not going to say that because it is super safe here and I have been thinking lately that there is no reason American girls shouldn't serve here. ESPECIALLY in her area. It is beautiful there! It is the New York City of Mexico. Super nice and high class in the areas I have been in (to do my visa stuff). I thought to myself how cool it would be to serve there. So yeah she got lucky with that. And that is really suuuuper cool and exciting and perfect that she is going to speak Spanish because now our band will be a mariachi band. 'Nough SAID.

About the dog bite... Okay so we were walking to a members house to eat food. We have been here like 5000 times because two families live there that are members and then their other neighbors are not members. This is the family that has like 20 rabid dogs roaming and growling at us. ALWAYS. But they have never bitten us before. They are usually locked up in chains (probably to prevent them from biting innocent missionaries). With that said, we were walking in and saw that the non member family was carrying in a bunch of branches into their house, so we - being the perfect missionaries that we are - started to help this little old lady and her two grandkids carry these huge branches. Yes, we were serving. Right when I put the branch down outside their house and turned around, the psycho dog attacked my leg and I thought it was a shark. So yes it hurt. I don't know why it wasn't chained up.... I don't know why it bit me when I was HELPING his family... And yeah. It was bizarre. And yes it ripped my pants. But my mom here (Hermana P) sewed my pants up. It doesn't look very good but there is not much we could do with it because it ripped the pants in a really awkward way. But whatever. I will forever have the patch on my pants, therefore I will forever remember this stupid dog. And that is the story. The bite is healing and the dog hasn't died so I think I am good... But close call, right?

Yes, I have more strange stories. Surprised? I'm not. So we went to this other families house for lunch. I really do love this family, but they drive me a little crazy. Haha, they always have problems. Problems in everything imaginable. And whenever they have problems, the first people they call are US. The missionaries #wearedoctorphil&oprah&allofthosegoodtalkshows. But this day the problem wasn't something tangible. It was ghosts. I am not lying. SO I guess I am a certified ghost hunter now. Cool huh? So I mean the issue is kind of personal and weird and scary and I should probably not say everything that happened buuuut yeah it was bizzare and I felt weird. But no fear, my comp is here! Remember my comp is a master at everything so he was quick to his feet to "detect the room" and later give them a diagnosis. Not lying. But we were able to help the daughter feel better and give her a blessing. The next day at church she was beaming with a smile and everything was better. This happened. 

We have ward conference coming up. Guess what that means... CHOIR. The ward choir is absolutely awful. It is not just awful, it is so bad I am crying the whole time. And they all know it too. So it is fine. No one here knows how to sing. They literally can't match a pitch with the piano to save their lives. However, we are progressing slowly but surely to teach them how to sing. It is really fun. Haha. The familia B. who I sang with before are great and musical so we are helping everyone else with their parts and stuff. It has made me think of how blessed I have been in my life to always be surrounded by singers. Two years in high school of all state, regionals, encore, chorale, and then a semester of Men's Chorus at BYU has made me a horrible and unforgiving person when I hear someone that can't sing. But these people are so humble and have such a desire to learn these songs BECAUSE they feel such a powerful spirit through the himnos. It is such an example to me to be a more loving person and appreciate the little things in life. Lovin' me some Chinampas right about now. 

This week we had intercambias and I went with Elder R.. Elder R. has been with me since day one and is my best friend up in this joint. We work so well together and have such a fun time doing the work. We started teaching new people in his area and it was super fun to get to know them and start them off on a good foot. I hope one day Elder R. and I can be comps because we will baptize all of Central America. No worries. But really it was such a nice break to be able to be myself around him for a day. We took some dumb photos, so wait. 

We have so many more new investigators and the work is about to explode! I can't believe how much potential we have right now. We just have to stay on top of everyone so they don't fall through our fingers. M. is doing well. I hope she gets the testimony to be baptized the 13th because SHE IS SO READY, she just doesn't know it yet... hahaha, weird I know. But one day she will probably be president of the Relief Society of the whole world or something. She is awesome. We are also helping a mom of a new member learn the lessons to get baptized. She is sooo ready and willing also. It happened over the past week. Another daughter of a member is finally ready to learn and she came to church. We still have some people we are working on to GET to church, but it is just a matter of time. Chinampas is going to explode. We need a church building assaaaapp. So call a plumber please. 

The members are getting soo stoked about helping us and it really does make the difference when the investigator has a friend to help them in this process of conversion. So please MEMBER help the missionaries. We need you everywhere. So get to work. Plus it is a commandment so if you are not doing missionary work then you are breaking a commandment and that is notttt a good thing. Ha so do it plz. 

I love you all and thank you all for your emails. They make Mondays really great. I am glad everything is well. Have a great last month of summer. I can't believe it is JULY and in one month I have 6 months on the mission. It is going by really scary fast... So that's weird. 

Con Amor,

Elder Macdonald

When it rains, it floods. Forget shoes, I need a boat.

Flood. Call Noah, we need an Ark.

Dats my buddy Elder R

This was his idea. I promise we were studying.


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