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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick changes and Popo the Volcano

HEY. SO this week was super crazy and I will tell you about it in a sec. BUT first HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAHORN HOLT. I hope you had a greeeaaaate day. I love and miss you cuzzin.

Okay so yesterday while we were in a lesson at 8 o clock at night we got a call from the assistants. They said that I was going to have special changes and that I was to go to La Noria at 8 in the morning the next day. We ran home so I could have time to pack. It was really weird that this happened because it was SO unexpected. Anyways. I am here in La Noria. My new comp is Elder G. and the area is beautiful. I live on the top of a mountain and there are trees everywhere. I am living in a forest. The house is nicer than Chinampas... but we don't have a heater that works for the water. I could die. Whateer. Umm my District is a lot bigger and Elder G. (from Mesa) is in my District! Pretty crazy. So I am super content with the change but I do miss the rama (branch) in Chinampas like they are my family. I had made such great relationships with them and I wanted to ball when I found out the news. What is crazy is that Sunday was testimony meeting and when we were there I felt a needed to bear my testimony because it could possibly be my last time with these people. Well it was my last time and I am so glad I had that opportunity. ALWAYs in testimony meetings the spirit is so strong with the people here. The branch is progressing so much and I am just soooo happy for them. Such a humble group of people. I am SOOO EXCITED to visit them in 19 months with you peeps, da fam.

Anyways I have like NO TIME to write because this day has been crazy with moving and all. I hope next week I will have more time. I might write more early in the day so make sure you send your emails earlier. 

The volcano is crazy and there was SO MUCH ASH and I was suffocating but I survived so no worries. I had the opportunity to teach an english class for the past month in the Rama Chinampas with Elder R. and it was a great opportunity. I loved it. Seriously I feel home sick for those people. But I know the Lord wants me here to learn more and become the missionary he plans for me to be. 

I love you all and wish you a very merry 4th of July. I can't believe it has already past. One year ago I was in the Stadium of Fire rocking out to da Beeeaaach Boiis. Yaaababy. I completed five months this past week too. WEIRD. I love you all and sorry this is short but I gots no time. Bai.

Con Amor, 

Elder Macdonald


Also something that I applied this week and continue to realize is that God truly shows us our weaknesses to make us stronger. I have LOTS OF WEAKENESSES.. But I am trusting in the Lord and know I can be made strong through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

A big dead cow - no biggie

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Elder G. and Elder Macdonald

Hermana P. - she is his "mom" down there who fixed his dog bite pants

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