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Monday, July 15, 2013

Storms, electricity outage, language mistakes, and his testimony

La Noria 2
So that is how my new area is called. La Noria 2. I really do love it alot. My companion is kind of crazy, but in a good way. Haha, we get along really, really well. He is the boy Mexican version of Taylor Holt. Their personalities are so similar it is slightly scary. Haha but it makes life exciting and happy.
Well the first day was suuuper hectic. I hated it by the end because it rained. IT RAINED LIKE IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD. So we went to the District Meeting and it was swell and fine and wonderful and I really like my District. But then it started to rain and I was all, OH CRAP... MY CLOTHES ARE HANG DRYING OUTSIDE AND NOW THEY ARE HANG SOAKING. So I just sucked it up and dealt with the evil world that sometimes hates me. I also was PRAYING that someone in our apartment complex would be a saint and get da clothes and RUN. But they didn't. So it was rude and I am grudging against them. ha jjkkk. So I was super frustrated by the end because we had to walk to someone elses house to get the agenda of my comp because he left it at the other house and then we didn't get home until late and right when we were getting close to the house it literally started pouring like a tsunami. We got off the micro and I almost flew away from the wind and went down the hill like it was a water slide. Yes I was wet. We were able to manage to walk a little and then BOOOOOOOOOOMMMM. Something blew up hardcore and I was like omgomgomg we are under attack. But we weren't. It was all of the electricity for the whole hill that we live on. So we arrived home and it was pitch black. PITCH BLACK. The explosion took out our electricity. Like the irony is so bad. I was like wow why don't we have light. OHHH YEAH MY CLOTHES ARE STILL GETTING WET. So I ran up the four flights of stairs like 5 times to get aLL OF my stupid soaking wet clothes to put them somewhere in my little house that was pitch black. And it was really horrible. And then our tile was like a swimming pool because all of the clothes were dripping and I kept falling because I was running back and forth frantically. Ha. So dumb. And then it was like 10:45 and I was like omg my bed sheets are soaking wet. So is my other blanket. So is my pillow case. So is everything else in this house!! So I slept on a nast mattress without blankets freezing my butt off, and really mad. And that was the first day. We woke up and there was even more water on the ground and I just gave up. Then we still didn't have light or electricity which means we still can't see because it is still dark at 6:30 in the morning... OH YEAH, and because we live on a hill the water is pumped up to us by ELECTRICTY WHICH WE DIDN'T HAVE. So obviously we didn't have water to shower. hhahahahaa omg it was just really annoying and stupid and never ending and I went back to bed. ooops.
But after that day it was good. It was like my welcome to La Noria joke. The people here are really so wonderful and I get along with them so well. Everyone is super nice and tells me my spanish is good. So I like them even more for sucking up to me. ha thanks guys. One night we were walking home from all of our lessons and I was like "buenos noches" to a old woman and it came out like "buenos naches". And naches means butt cheeks or buns. So I told some old woman that she had a nice butt and it was super embarrassing and so funny and I peed my pants after my comp told me what I said. Hahahaha. So bad. So I am like a terrible missionary I know.
I think I eat like twenty times more in this area than I did in Chinampas because we are always eating and I am always full. It is nice. So I think it is my turn to be the fat missionary.
So this Saturday we had the amazing opportunity to go to CHINAMPAS and help the Mission President do a mission activity with the members there. Such a tender mercy because since we had special changes I didn't have any time to say good bye to the people in Chinampas. But on Saturday it was such a nice good bye and I got to take more pics with some of the people that were there. Woohhoo. It was really sad but I know I need to be here now.
I loved the Restoration Movie about Joseph Smith. We watched it 2 times this week in different lessons and I am always super close to tears so I pretend like I am sneezing or something. I don't know, sometimes it works. We helped a young married couple this week with being member missionaries and did some practices with them and how they can contact a friend or bring up the gospel or the Book of Mormon. It was such a good experience to see them so willing and so excited to be member missionaries and to see their testimonies about this gospel. God is hastening his work big time folks. We need to be instruments in his hands by being prepared at all times to help everyone know the truth. Keep the faith folks and just love the gospel. This gospel is the only one that gives a lasting, eternal happiness. Love that I have this opportunity to be a missionary in this time in the history of the world.
So glad all of your weeks went well. Gotss 2 go, but love yaaa. bye.
Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald 
A super cool church that I can enter cause I am a missionary. #missionaryprobs.

da puuuppppies.

more puppies

part of my district

on my roof

more photos from my roof


Elder G y meeeee

baby grafiti is da best

the view from a rooftop. chimney sweep.

Hermana L. and BRUNO.

more Chinampas lovin

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