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Monday, August 12, 2013

Blessings, the Lord is preparing many hearts, and Mexico is COLD


SO this week was super great. Really. Like the best week so far. Why? Because we worked hard, had fun, and saw the blessings of the Lord through our work. Super cool.

I didn't go to Centro today because the Zone Leaders didn't go to the offices this week so no one was able to get permission. And also they are super strict about giving permission, which I think is dumb. But whatever. I think they want us to baptize again before we can go.... grrr. But HEY, I have 2 baptismal dates for September.

I will tell you a little more about the baptism dates. So it all started like 3 weeks ago when a woman contacted us on the street and told us her daughter was really interested in knowing more about us. So we talked to them for a little, cleared up some questions/doubts and made an appointment for the following week. And we have visted them two times since. It would be so much better if we could visit them in the week, but they can't due to their busy schedules with work. BUT hey, you gotta work with what you have. SO the first lesson with them went really well... But we didn't feel prompted to ask them to be baptized then and there. We waited for a whole other week to be able to see them and teach them about the Plan God has for us and our purpose on this life. The spirit was seriously so extremely strong during that whole lesson. I could see their understanding of the doctrine in their eyes and I was just feeling so pumped. Then by the end of the lesson they were just really reverent and calm, but you could see them like half smiling (like trying not to pee because they were so happy). And so we eventually asked them to keep praying to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, etc, and all that good stuff. We also invited them to prepare themselves to follow Christ's example and be baptized. I was kind of worried they were going to be like welll.... ummm..... idk...... that's..... like...... a.... biigggg..... deall..... BUT THEY DIDN'T. Literally a split second later A. (the daughter) was just beaming and said YES! It was like she was waiting her whole life for someone to ask her this question. And I was like shocked and started laughing and they were probably confused, but I WAS SO HAPPY. And so was my comp. He has like a joker smile on and he couldn't get rid of it.. Then the mom said yes tooooo! So we made dates and let them know that this is a goal to prepare themselves to feel worthy to enter the waters of baptism on this date. They were just so great and happy. They didn't come to church, but I still have faith in them. I really just need to keep helping them feel comfortable. The most incredible thing about this all is that A. told us, when we met her, that she didnt believe in God. But that when she started praying she really started feeling happy. We explained that this happiness is the love of God he sends through the Holy Ghost. Well, it is great with them. We have to wait a while because the mission changed the rule that we have to bring members 3 times to church before baptism instead of 2.... and I think by next year it will be 5 TIMES. uhhhh. Oh well. We can do it.

More investigators.... So we are teaching a kid named J. and his mom H. She is soo interested in el Libro de Mormon and Jose Smith. So she started reading the book this week and is already in Jacob. That is ridiculously fast for an investigator. Obviously God is preparing her. We are juust helping her a tad. She prayed, in a prayer with us, to know if she needed to be baptized in la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias and I was just so touched that she wants to know. PS it was her first prayer with us in our first lesson. Ya. Talk about that. WOOOT. But she has a tough schedule so we can only talk to her Saturdays and Sundays too. POOOPY. Why do people work? Like get a life, or something. JK. But it is just trying my patience when I want to see these people every day. J. already prayed and knows el Libro de Mormon es verdadero, is true, and knows Joseph Smith was a prophet of the Lord. We have invited him to be baptized, but he needs to talk to his mom because he is only 15. I think he is a little scared to do it without his mom. SO i hope they both get to the same desire.

A. is another investigator we are teaching. He is great. He was a reference from a member. He was so excited to talk to us and loves learning and coming to church. But he isn't married, and right now doesn't have a steady job. So he literally can't pay for a wedding right now. So we just have been passing every now and then to see how he is. Well the day we went he told us he was having emotional problems... like one moment he would be happy, then sad, then mad, then terrified. So we talked to him about the Atonement and how Christ knows everything he is feeling. He literally has felt these same emotions and knows how hard it is. We the told him that through prayer he can feel Christ's love and support through these trials. A. is always afraid to pray because he "doesn't know how", but because the spirit was so strong in that lesson he was willing to pray as soon as we invited him. There wasn't a second thought in his mind! And once he said that small and simple prayer you could see the change and the instant spiritual gratitude in his eyes. The next day he was in the Iglesia and soo excited because after that lesson he was able to sleep with a clear mind and heart. The best thing is the Bishop is going to donate ward money to help us pay for his wedding. So I hope he accepts the invitation. 

Well we have other investigators, but these were the ones that stood out in progression this week. 

So around our house there is always a gang of little twwit hoodlums that are like 5-15 years old... and guess what. THEY LOVE US. hahaha. We always stop to talk with them and teach them english. I have a picture I will send with you. The leader of the pack is R. But I call him Beans because he reminds me of Beans from Even Stevens. Its perf. 

So I have been reading all of the weekly emails from all of my friends that are missionaries and it reminds me how splendidly blessed I am to have amazing examples serving missions with me and learning the same life lessons through hilarious stories. Like the mission is where it's at. Love you missionary friends. 

Well I just want to cordially give a warm welcome to my new brudda Zaaaaachhhy. Love you bro! WELCOME TO DA FAMMBAMM. Since you are my brother now, you are obligated to write me. Haha, jk. Love you buddy!

It is raining and I am cold. I don't know why I thought it would be hot in Mexico. I am always freezing and confused with life. PS I still haven't gotten my backpack and am growing impatient with this trial. hahha. jk. I just want the package. givemedapackagesecretaries. 

So I don't remember what else I was going to say. But I love you all and just wanna give Scout a hug on his bday. PS happy late birthdays to both my Papas. You two have been great examples in my life and I just love you both soo much. Thanks for everything.

I am probably going to stop writing now. But anyways. I will send pics in a sec so hold ur horsies. 


Elder Macdonald

Elder R. makes hotdog sandwiches. They are addicting. #freshmanfifteen


With the hoodlum crew of 2009 (probably cause they were born that year.)

Once a creeper, always a creeper.

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