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Monday, August 19, 2013

Porque hablo gringo

Okay so this week was good, not as good as the past few weeks, but still good. It was just a harder week. Still FLEW by, but we didn't have as much success. I probably say that because I feel like our investigators aren't progressing. They don't come to church, they don't read their homework, they don't pray when we aren't with them, etc etc. But hey, that's part of the misión, right? Yupp.
For example. We had baptismal dates set for September, but A. and M. didn't come to church so we lost the date. I don't know why they won't come. They are super scared about changing religions and what it might do to their family or lives. I think they know that baptism is a huge commitment with God, which is PERF, but they aren't in too big of a rush to make the changes. This past week we changed their dates for the very end of September. I really know they can be ready if they just read and pray and do the stuff they need to to feel their personal relationship grow with God. But one doesn't like to wear skirts, so she feels dumb about coming to church. The other is afraid of the commitment. But I have so much faith that in their own time it is going to happen. It is really hard to find that right balance of me working my hardest and doing all I can and then letting people really just use their agency and feel like I have done all I can. I don't know if that makes sense but it does for me so deal with it. ha jk. AH. I am not stressed. hhahaha. I amm just venting. It's fine.
Okay so A. is going to get married in September so he can get baptized! I feel bad because his wife doesn't want anything to do with the church. But at least she was willing to get married so he can make this covenant with God, RIGHT? I think so.
Another investigator is Christian and she has heard some things about mormons and almost didn't want to keep talking to us. I think she is avoiding us actually. It is really too bad because she has so much truth.... But she just is missing the restored Gospel. All you have to do is pray and ask God. He WILL answer you. I kind of forced her to take a Book of Mormon and then felt really dumb after. hahaha. Let's just say this week was not my best week. ugh.
Umm we had a Zone Conference with a Seventy this week. It was super inspired and just a beautiful conference. It really just strengthened my testimony that I am on the Lord's errand and I just have to keep working harder, repenting harder, and working harder to have success. And success is not about baptisms. Sometimes that is how the people in my Mission make it sound. For example, we need to baptize a few times before we can get permission to go to Centro. I think it is silly to do that because we could be working hard without baptisms.... But it's fine. I think that will change because they just changed the rule that we have to take investigators to church 5 times before they can be baptized. That is very hard. Like I am all for it because I think it will help us really have members that endure to the end and don't just go inactive, but it is going to be a challenge. For that rule change I just really feel like we aren't graded on our baptisms. It is quality, not quantity. But ya. About the conference. So this one missionaries companion was about to leave, like two weeks before, and he was a butt hard worker. They woke up at 5 every morning, ate from a little store at 1 every day for lunch and then didn't get back to the house till 11 pm to sleep. All they did was work work work work work. Like I feel like we do that but according to this, no. So the guy apparently had made a covenant with God at the beginning of his misión. He told God he was going to give all of his strength to the Lord on this misión for two years. ALL of it. All he asked for was that somehow his parents could be touched by the spirit and be light hearted (his parents kicked him out of the house when he baptized a year before his misión) to hear the Gospel or let him be with them again. So literally his last week of his misión he was freaking out because he hadn't recieved anything from his family for almost two years. He was worried that nothing changed. But the last week of his misión he received a letter that said his parents had been listening to the missionary lessons and that they were waiting for him to come home to baptize them. The Lord is real. He loves us. He wants to bless us so much. I just thought that story was cool. I kind of killed it though as I re-told it.
Anyways. I can't think of what else happened this week. Elder R. got sick from burrito we ate on the street. ooops. But its part of the experience. Also we can't go to the temple very often on the misión. And they are going to close the Mexico temple here for 2 years starting in January.... SO I ONLY HAVE LIKE 4 MONTHS TO GO AND I AM LIKE WUUUUT LEMME GO PLZ. If we get sick we can go because the doctor is super close to the temple. Kind of wanna get sick. So idk. We shall see.
OH YEAH. One last story. So two weeks ago we went to visit a family in the Ward whose mother had cáncer. She was just about ready to die, so we decided to go and visit her and them. We went to go sing a song to them hoping that it would bring a little bit of peace into this situation. It was the most heartbreaking thing to see her condition and her family having to take care of her in all of the pain she was in. She was not there mentally, but she was spiritually. We were able to sing a hymn to her to feel the love of the spirit in that room. Then we gave her a blessing of comfort, as well as all of the other family members that were there. About 8 peope. Blessing after blessing.... What an experience. I was crying the whole time because it made me think about Amy. All of the emotions I had as a little kid were coming back. It really is a hard thing to lose a family member. But once we realize God's plan for us on this Earth, it is a whole lot easier to accept the pain we may feel. Why? Because it is an opportunity we have to draw nearer to Jesús Christ and his Atonement. Without the Atonement we couldn't feel peace in this life, or overcome death. But because he felt our pain, gave his life for us, and was ressurected, we can really overcome challenges like a death in the family. It is all part of our plan to become more like our brother Jesús Christ.
Anyways. I got the package finally. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Love the ties Boo, love the pbandj, and all the other stuff. I will wait patiently for the other stuff you guys sent me. Love ya. Hope all is well.
Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

The evil stairs we have to walk on everyday to get to our house.

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