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Monday, August 5, 2013

Gratitude, new contacts, and members are key

WELL. This week was very good again. 

So this week just continued to be super great. The companionship is just getting better and it is funny to see us getting more comfortable together as friends, which of course is when sarcasm comes out of us. I have never been able to be sarcastic with my Mexican companions because sarcasm apparently doesn't exist in Spanish. Or I just don't know how to be sarcastic in Spanish. Probably that.

Okay so first, thank you so much Familia Robles for bringing down the package from my family! I still haven't gotten it... but I have received word that it is waiting in the mission offices. I am soo glad you were able to do that. I hope you enjoyed your trip to MEXICO. Haha sooo fun. aaand THANK YOU. I wish I could've run into you guys by "accident"...

Well we have two investigators that want to be baptized but they both have to marry their "wives" before. UGH. You think it would be easy but one guy doesn't have da money to do it... So I think we are going to ask the Bishop if the ward can help. He lost his job and is struggling to get his kids ready for school to start. I hope the ward can help him. The other lives in a very strange situation. Like very strange. Everytime we go to his house his wife is apparently "listening" to us through the wall. I have never actually met her.... buuuut who knows. I kind of think he might be legally crazy, but maybe his wife really is the crazy one. Maybe they are both crazy. So get this... they don't want to get married because they don't love each other... But he wants to get married so he can get baptized. And then I am thinking well just separate... But I don't think I can make that suggestion and break up a whole family. So better not. But he also is afraid that if he marries her she will be entitled to the house and kick him out. So it is all very strange. We only every find him when we runs out the back way of his house and is like whispering and I don't know if I should be scared or not. Hahaha anyways. It is just a little interesting. He came to church this week and slept the WHOLE TIME. ahhahahahaa. Why do you do this to me? But he was awake in the other meetings which was wonderful.

More investigators. So this week we were just praying to find NEW people to teach. And prayers worrrrrrrk, yayaya. Practically every day new people contacted us on the street. WoW. I am just so amaazed with all this contacting. It is really cool. We are teaching a family and another woman that have so much potential to get baptized. They love listening to us and are so willing to keep their commitments. It is so cool to teach people that progress and keep their commitments. WHY? Because when people progress, you feel like you are actually doing your job as a missionary. Anyways. Love it. 

Also we are really trying to teach more lessons with members. Sometimes it is really hard to find members that are willing or have time or really want to actually help. SO please, be members that help the missionaries. It helps like 5000 times more when we teach lessons with members. One because the investigators have a real and concrete person to relate to (yes, missionaries aren't real and concrete people) and two, because they strengthen their own testimony and get super excited about the work. SO yeah. Lessons with members are KEY as missionaries. So help the missionaries, and help yourselves. Ha #blessings. win win. the end. thanks. 

We had a meeting this week with the Zone and I was graded on my teaching and the President came and it was really bad and I felt super dumb. haha the stupid other missionary was laughing at me and it was rude. So that was awkward and unfortunate. But yeah, it happened. So greeeat, like frosted flakes. 

Well I am kind of blanking on what else happened this week. But it was good and fun and great and more good. I hope that next week we get permission to go to Centro so that I can buy a new cheap suit. And also so Elder R. can see all the Cathedrals and cool stuff that exist oooerrr there. So if I get permission I don't know when I will have time to write you all. Who knows if I will be able to find it. I have a map of the subway, but that's it. WOOOHOOOO. I feel so grown up when I figure out how to use the Metro. It is scary and crazy and a thrilling adventure all in one. What a bargain. 

OKay I have nothing else to say. Sucks that you guys have school in one more day. heeeeeehehe. Have fun suckers. Jk. Love you all so much. I hope you had a wonderous summer time. One more summer and I will be home shortly after. Weird. Yupp.. I have been out six months. It kind of sounds like nothing but it feels like a huge hill that I just conquered. Now I can calmly walk the rest of the way up until I have a year, and enjoy the last year like a downhill bike ride. SOWEIRD. I am not counting time... I am clearly just contemplating time. So back off h8rs. LOVE. paz y bendiciones.


Elder Hamburguesa. #theycallmethatbecausemcdonaldsisaburgerplace. OBVI.. 
Our "Study". So sophisticated, I know.

SOMEONE from Chinampas made me this little boat. What a treasure. They really did love me. #igotaboatandyoudont

Our beautiful, brand new, top of the line kitchen. #canttouchthis

The grand suite with bunkbeads. They are so back and soo padre. 

 Show rachy. haha she inspired me to draw again.

So I live next to a jail. If the Zombie apocolypse happens I am all set. #walkingdead

Zombies broke in. obvi

Love the views from where I live. 

Dats me. After this pic some guy pretended like he was mad because we were "on his property". But he really just wanted an excuse to talk to us. So we contacted him. HAAA YEAAAH.

This is Elder J., Elder R., Me, and Elder P.. I didn't know he was gonna jump,  but I ham it up for da camera.

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