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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pizza with chiles, surviving the train, and I need chocolate!

So I always try to think of fun, clever titles for the week, but I never can. 

Well this week was a good one. First of all today was super great because Elder R. and I went to DOMINOS Pizza and I died of its goodly greasy ways. Also something super Mexican is putting hot sauce on pizza. So next time I challenge you to put hot sauce on your pizza. It is suuuuper yummy. #imsomexican. Also I really love chiles and I die when I eat them because they are so hot. So get ready to start putting the chile seeds in your homemade salsa, mom, because if you don't, I won't eat it. #sorrynotsorry

Well yes yes yes. We went to immigration this week. Did that happen this week? I think it did. I don't remember. But it did so I'll tell you about it. Well I am a pro with the metro/subway here. Like I am just riding it like I've been riding it my whole life. So get excited because we are definitely traveling in Metro when you get here. hahahaha oh yeah. So here in La Noria we have to take a Light Train (Tren Ligero) to get connected to that. So in La Noria the train always arrives like SO FULL in the mornings. People are like pulling hair, gnashing teeth, elbowing just to get a spot. And it is so full in the mornings that by the time it gets to my station only about 2 people fit in the door everytime a new one comes #war. And the two people only fit because people are pushing them in while the doors are trying to close. Like legit chaos. If only you could imagine how funny this could be. Like I am just dying while watching the people struggle to get in. Just imagine all of these things hanging out of the doors: hair, backpacks, shirts, fingers, etc. SO NOT OKAY. But anyways Elder R. and I managed to get in the front on the mosh pit. We prepared by putting our backpacks on our fronts so they wouldn't get cut off as the doors shut, and we locked arms so we wouldn't get separated. The train arrives, the doors open, people try getting out of the train but so many people were pushing so we got pushed in like a legit mosh pit. It reminded me of crowd surfing. But we were in. And then I was like pulling Elder R. so he got in all the way without losing an arm. Luckily we got in all the way. Anyways once you are in there is not such thing as a personal bubble. You are so close to people that you don't even move when the train goes. It is like playing tetris. You just got stuffed in and don't move until other people leave. So yeah... It was slightly hilarous. There were little people sleeping because they didn't have to make any effort to hold themselves up. So I took a picture of that time. It doesn't show the full effect, but it gives an idea. Anyways we got there. I went to the offices and R. went to immigration. It was super fun to be with all the other misioneros. We got there and watched mormon. org videos and studied/did the secretaries work while we were there waiting for a few hours. It was fun.

Okay. So this week we really saw the Lord's hand in everything. We put 4 baptismal dates this week. That means I really have to do everything to help these people reach their goal and be baptized on that date. So hopefully September works out. I always say that and then the baptisms don't go through... BUT this time it will. I've got the faith.

We are teaching a family super close to my house and they are great. But they didn't come to church this week so I was just super annoyed and frustrated because the night before they were all GUNGHO. So we went by their house before church and they weren't there. I WAS LIKE WHHHHHUUUUUT. hahaha. So I just love them but think they are a little bit SILLY for not coming when they said they would. rude. They are a great family and have so much potential. They love the missionaries and I am so glad that they are showing interest right now.

Another family we have are Christians. Let me tell you that the Christians here in Mexican are different then the ones in the US. Well not really in beliefs but the titles are just held for different things. So we went and the dad is like a pastor for his church. And I was super shocked when he accepted to talk to us. But he did and we had an amazingly powerful lesson with this family about the Restoration. I made it clear to them about the Apostosy and the Authority and how the Church of Jesus Christ needed to be restored. I felt like they were so understanding. Then we testified about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He told me he has no doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I was like WOAh. But then he said he has been baptized and changed and gave a big schpeeel on why they didn't need to be Mormons or whatever. I really hope they just pray, REALLY pray to find out. But I realy think his wife and daughter could get an answer and accept it, it is just so hard when he husband/father testifies for the whole family and lets us know that change isn't necesary. But we are still going to visit them. They love us and thank us for all we do for the world. Like great people... just a little bit set in their ways. Just pray for the familia H. to get an answer from their prayers.

Another thing this week. I had intercambias with my District Leader. Elder P. He is from Ecuador and only has like a month more than me. We are great friends. He is also a beast of a missionary and like runs from cita to cita. I was like dying at one point because I didn't think I could make it anymore. hahahah. It was soo hardcore and I just have so much respect for him. He speaks well in English and I guess his old Companion was Elder B. from Mesa... So funny.

We went and traveled up the mountains to find some more investigators in my area... My area is sooo pretty once you get into the mountains. I have cool pictures.. 

I can't remember what else happened. Nate Tingey told me Katie got married. So I am confused? Did you get married sister? If you did without telling me I will steal your gum. 

I really hope you all had a fabulous week and hope you have another fabulous week. ONE MORE MONTH UNTIL LA CONFERENCIA GENERAL and I ammm soooo excited like soooo excited you have no idea. WOOOOOHOOOO. Time is flying yes yes yes it is. I am really worried because I feel like I am not getting better as a teacher or better in spanish. PS I hate when people tell me they note my accent. I want to kindly tell them to drink a cup of nails. hahah SOoOOOO send me a recorder to help me practice sounding better. I might just buy one in Radio Shack. I also get lazy with Language Study and I need to take it more seriously. 

Oh ps Elder R. and I went running this morning. It was so great to run after 5 months of not.

Love yaaalll.Take care foos. Send me twix and snickers. And letters.Or I'll disown ya. Pazy bendiciones

Con AMOR, 
Elder Macdonald

en el tren ligero. bien llenado. (in the light train. SOOO FULL)

So I met one of Michael Ann Oslund's friends from her mission. SMALL WORLD when your a MORMON

A very sweet lady just got baptized into my ward. 

BEAUTIFUL MEXICO. oh hey, Mexico is really beautiful. 

The new suit a wondeful woman in my ward gave meee. Love.


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  1. LOVE your pictures Matt. I love reading your messages. I laugh and smile throughout. What a fabulous missionary you are. Love you :)