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Monday, January 27, 2014

Choir, hot water, and cleaning competition



Okay well I hope it was a fantastic birthday. I thought about you yesterday as I went to a special choir practice. It was super fun. Only a few missionaries were asked to sing for a special occasion... because.... Elder OAKES is coming to Mexico on the 8th and the 9th of February and its gonna be sick! So first, on Saturday, he is just going to talk to all the missionaries in the stake center close by the temple. That is when I am going to sing. Then on Sunday he is coming to OUR STAKE CENTER to give a stake conference talk here. That either means that this stake is fantastic.... or he is going to planch the hairs off our chinny chin chins. Apparently there is a bunch of apostasy in our stake.... it was the first stake in Mexico and so some of the members have been members for a LONG TIME and they are just prideful and confused about what that means. Who knows?? #missionrumorsarethefunniest Or he just might planch us about the missionary work... But I doubt it... because we were asked to study his recent conference talk about NOT having other Gods. Hahaha.... uhhh awkkk. No it'll be so cool. I am stoked. 

Okay so we worked hard this week. We taught 41 lessons.... we found a few new people, and I got a perfect score on the cleanliness of my home... 4 more perfects and I am eating with the President and his wife. Hahaha. lol. It is some competition to motivate the missionaries to be more clean. No doubt we have a winner here. And everyone knows it. 

So we also suffered a whole lot this week with cold water because the gas truck never passes by our house cause we live so far away.... But luckily some person sells it in their tienda so that was a tender mercy. HOT WATER. The best... Never will I take it for granted. 

We are working with 3 people fur shur with fechas. Some other people kind of have fechas but they just are not as convincing. So I am super stoked. The 22nd of Feb we have 2 planned. One is the grandma of a family! She finally wants to be baptized. She was like, "yes it would be a beautiful thing to be baptized with my family". So she is convinced. She loves the Casa de Oracion and is just such a quiet nice little Grammy. The other one is L. We found her in the street a couple weeks ago. She is perfect. She loves the way she feels when we teach her and when she learns more about God. But she LOVEDLOVEDLOVED the Casa de Oracion and was so convinced that everything is true. The only problem is she isn’t married. I promised her if she made this sacrifice God would provide the way to do it. So hopefully she trusts in that promise and gets hitched with her husband who I personally don’t like. I find him very rude. All he does is laugh at us in a mean way, but whatever.  They have 2 kids, so I was like... get married... If she can’t get the money together I will be very tempted to pitch in. BECAUSE WE NEED HER IN THE RAMA. 

So everything is great. We just have to keep contacting in the street a TON - BECAUSE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BAPTIZE EVERY WEEK. And so that means we need to find more and more people. Pray for us to be able to do so. 

I am glad you talked about missionary work in stake conference. Don’t worry about being too pushy. That’s how I have gotten by my whole life... And look at how I turned out? It’s the way to be. You are just offering others the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Think of a few people that you haven’t invited in a few months… and invite them again, and if someone bails out or seems uninterested... just keep inviting and bearing testimony. And if they still don’t come... SEND THE MISSIONARIES to their house. Give the missionaries the address and the name. That gives the missionaries an opportunity. Just trust God. It’s really nothing too hard. So don’t stress out about friendships. You can do it..

Well everything is great. I have lots of practices for the choir this week... So that’ll cut into work time. And. Yes. It’ll be fun. I am almost at the year mark and it freaks me out because it’s like... I just got here. But whatever.

Love you all so much! I am glad your birthday was great mom. I miss ya. I will find time to write a letter to you!  But, heaven knows when you will get it. nbd.

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald

hahahhaha the only pic i took this week.... 41 lessons didn't leave time for pictures. Sorry. We made yummy quesadillas. 

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