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Monday, January 20, 2014

He will be warm, Cathedral, ruins, and hastening the work

HAHAHAH OMG I’M SO SORRY YOU SENT THAT COAT AHHHHH BECAUSE TODAY I JUST WENT TO CENTRO TO BUY A COAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH. Well. I’ll sell it to some cold Mexican. 

I am seriously so sorry... can you like call it back or something?? haha jk.... uhh. 

Okay well this is funny. I guess I will start with the trip to Centro! Well President was like you need to go buy something if you’re cold!!!! And so I was like SWEEET and we were allowed to go to Centro today. It was just as cool as it was 9 months ago! Haha. I feel like it was yesterday. This time was different because we went shopping - SO WEIRD. I haven’t been shopping for clothes in a long time... It was just weird to see normal clothes at the tip of my fingers. Haha - but I’m super down to keep the mish rags on for a while. But it was a good day. I bought a coat, two sweaters, a scarf (yes.. it is that cold), and new black shoes. I bought the shoes because mine will only last me like one more month. So better to be prepared than suffer. They were all pretty good prices too! I hope. Haha. I don’t remember what is cheap in dollars actually. So I just went with my gut. But man were the stores fancy and beautiful with so many classy dressed people. I was like what in the world. So not used to that. We went to go see the templo mayor, which is the pyramid here and it was unfortunately closed so we couldn’t enter. But we could see it from the outside. It is just a bunch of ruins. So fantastic! Those rude Spaniards built their cathedral on top of all the beautiful indigenous temples. But hey. Gotta do whatchyou gotta do to spread the word about Christ, right? Haha in fact today we met a group of tourists from Canada in McDonalds and I was like yaaaa so fun. They were a Catholic group and their Bishop was hilarious. I loved him. They are Orthodox Catholics. My comp and I talked to him for a while about their beliefs and the differences between all of the Catholic churches. He was a great man. Super animated. It was interesting to learn more about their beliefs. Unfortunately he talked the whole time, not leaving us any time to tell him about our beliefs. But he said he went to a Mormon church one time and in one Sunday learned all about Joseph Smith and our beliefs about how we can progress eternally. He probably was way overwhelmed that day. But it was nice to discuss religion civilly. Especially to talk to a Catholic that knew what he believed. Then we had to hurry and buy my comp a camera and leave cause we just barely got back. WHAT A DAY. So yeah, sorry you sent me that big coat in the mail. I might send it back...? idk tell me what to do... Cause that coat will definitely take up a whole suitcase. 

So this week was awesome because we also had a baptism! I mean that day was a bit hectic because our water disappeared, and our gas was frozen so we couldn’t take showers. So it was just “go to the baptism dirty day”. It was crazy. We went super early, like at 7:30 am, to fill the font up with warm water, but the water turned out being cold and I was just expecting it with my running luck. But the important part is they were baptized and gave fantastic testimonies afterwards. GUUUREEEAAAT. I love that family so much. It was a mom and son. Their other family members we baptized a few weeks ago. We just about finished the family. We are only missing the Grammy. I think I can help her. Haha. 

We also had a great Zone Conference. Seriously, president and his wife are rock stars - Such amazing people. I wish you guys could understand them when you come to pick me up. So hurry and learn Spanish. 

Well. We are finding lots of new investigators and putting them on a date. So we have seen lots of tender mercies in the work. God is hastening his work. We have been asked to teach 40-60 lessons a week and baptize every weekend in our mission. And that is coming from the Area Seventy Presidency. Seriously... God is getting a little bit hasty with this, but we have got to put our shoulder to the wheel and work hard. We can do it. We just have to focus more now than ever. No time to think about ourselves. More on how we can help our current investigators and constantly find new people to teach and invite to be baptized. We have received promises and I have seen God keep his promises this week when we keep ours. It’s true! The work is truly pressing onward. It is fantastic!

Well I am kind of losing time. But I love you all so so so much. I invite you all to stop being babies and bring the missionaries to the homes of your non-member friends. Just do it. Don’t think about it too much, and just wing it with da spirit. Ka boom. And that’s a wrap folks. 

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald



We didn't shower that morning. #baptismbath

my breakfast.


The ruins of the templo mayor

great acoustics

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