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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cowboy land, loves his rama (branch), and freezing!


So I have literally jumped off the face of the earth (meaning Mexico City) and landed in true hick town, mountain hillside, cowboy land, but it is just fantastic. I am also in a RAMA. #branch.

To start... our house is beautiful and big and an actual house. The only negative side is that is gets super super cold. HERE it is really cold. Apparently it snows in some parts of my area. So that is the negative because the house is super cold and airy since we don’t really have much furniture. But the upside is that we have a legit big house and its clean and new and smells good and we have a YARD. It is a real yard with grass. I thought it was a joke at first. But no.. it’s real. So the house is cool (pun intended).

The next thing is that I really do miss and love the people from my old ward but I am really starting to love the people HERE. I knew I would. But the mind is just such a strong thing. Haha. One day I will triumph over my doubts and worries. The people are fantastic. There are probably like 55 to 65 members. 55 came to church on Sunday. Our Branch President has a year and 3 months as a member and was just sealed in the temple. Oh, and same with his Counselors. HAHAH. It’s so funny. No one knows what is going on. Well that’s not true. There are probably 5 members with experience. But it’s great because the lack of experience just makes all the members so humble and so willing to learn. So I do just love it. Some of them have apostate ideas, but I mean we can definitely work with that. 

My Zone Leader is Elder P. again and I love him and missed him a bunch. He was one of my old District Leaders in La Noria. He’s a beast of a missionary. The other Elders in my District are both Mexicans with like 6 and 5 months each. They are great, super smart, loving, and have strong testimonies. So that’s an upside as well. 

What else. I am trying to hurry because we are in a time crunch as always...

Okay so the area was actually just opened up and it is a work in progress. Everything is super spread out and very beautiful. The land and mountains and everything just makes me super happy and makes me want to sing "The Hills are Alive…" five times over. Lots of cows. Probably more cows than there are humans. Lots of Jehovas Witnesses... probably more JWs than there are cows. I actually am pretty positive they have more success then us. So I see them going to our investigators all the time so I take creepy stalker photos. I want to be their friend! There are lots of dogs that have lots of puppies and so it is just super happy. And super tempting to take one and put it in my yard because we have a YARD so why wouldn’t I? But I can’t because that is against the rules. Dumb. But I pet them all the time. I might die of worms. 

Oh and forgot to tell you. WE HAVE A CASA DE ORACION. (It means a House of Prayer – usually a rented building to hold the meetings for the branch) Haha seriously it is a replay of my first area and it makes me super happy and grateful - Such a tender mercy. I mean I hated the fact that I was in a branch with a house at first, but after being in Chinampas I decided that ramas and Casas de Oracion are just better. It brings back lots of memories. Also funny because all of my areas have been touching the outside border of my mission. Prez hates me wut? No. But it’s good. I like it a lot. I mean we literally only have small tiendas to shop in so that is a downers. But I like top ramen.... and chips. Haha. 

I really have been dying of COLD. I am not exaggerating. Thanks so much for the gloves. What an inspired gift. I need to buy a jacket but ONE BIG PROBLEM.. WHERE? So I think I will just tough it out with my sweaters. 

The people here are great. Don’t have too many crazy stories. Just learning as I go. Lots of nice people. The people here actually want to talk to us a lot. It surprised me. Who knows? We might have lots of potential. Also we have baptizing a mom and son this Saturday! Woohooo. They are super awesome. I feel bad cause they totally miss the other Elder that was here and kind of made it clear that I wouldn’t be baptizing them. No well it was more the grandma. Haha. So I was just like sorry. But they will learn to love me, I am sure. 

Anyways I love you guys so much. Still haven’t gotten the packages. It is a little bit worrisome. And the next package you send, please send me warm articles of clothing. Anything. I don’t know. Oh yeah and an umbrella - Because mine literally disappeared. Weird, huh????

Love y’all so so much! Pray for the rama de Topilejo! We need your prayers! 

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald
the apartment is boootiful

kitchen yaaa


Comp Elder L. We do everything in our bedroom because it keeps us warm. The house gets absolutely freezing. ayayay

the HILLS.



running away from my comp.

The Nimbus 3001

quidditch in the backyard

cool house, huh?

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