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Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving to the "far away top" and New Year's goals

CAMBIOS and guess what -me cambiaron. They changed my stinkin’, sorry butt. I’m seriously so sad to be leaving this area, but I am also excited for the change because change has always proved to be good. Hopefully it stays constantly good. 

So I was changed to an area se llama Topilejo. It means “far away top”. Haha. I am literally going to a mountain far away in the cold. I even think it snows. Haaha jk. But people actually do joke about it snowing there. I guess I will have to see for myself. I am worried because I have been super cold lately here. DANG. But it’ll be good. So when I started the mission I was in the farthest area southeast. AND NOW I am going to the farthest area southwest. That should be fun. I am going to the four corners of Mexico City. 

I really am content BUT I am sad to say goodbye to the amazing people I met here. Elder W. and I went to go say goodbyes this morning to some people and they all cried and were sad and it made me sad and cry too. Haha. But I told them in a year we will come and visit them! That’s the good news. CHEER UP ELDER MAC. So tomorrow we will be leaving QUEZTAL and I will be almost on my way to Cuernavaca. 

This week was super funny and long because no one was home. But it ended with a perfect Sunday testimony meeting. And I was prompted to bear my testimony so I pretty much knew I was going. That has been the pattern on my mission - Lots of people coming to sacrament meeting and bearing your testimony means you did your part and you’re done and on to a new adventure filled with challenges and wonderfully joyful experiences. SO I just accepted it even though I didn’t necessarily want to. 

This week was New Years Eve, New Years, and of course MI CUMPLEANOS. Well let me just tell you the only person that knew was Elder W. but he forgot. lol. And so it was just a tender mercy that others found out secretly and gave me cake and parties. Hermana T. and the Familia C. gave me cakes and it was fantastic. The C,’s surprised me after we watched the Testaments with them and then it was super funny because they sang me happy birthday in the Spanish traditional song and it is super long and not repetitive so I don’t think I will ever learn it. But I got it all on video. HAH WOOOHOOO. SO I will show it to you I guess in a year. I can send stuff over email;, but idk how... Other missionaries in my district somehow knew and gave me Snickers and we also went to learn about Family History that day and I ate my first brownies in 11 months. WOOHOOO. It was yummy. But yeah it was a great birthday. Super calm and filled with love from other people. 

Well it is also a New Year and I am super excited to make it fantastic - A whole year as a MISSIONARY. I feel super lucky and blessed to dedicate this whole year to the Lord. I know he has blessed me and will keep blessing me as I continue trusting in Him. It is an interesting thing trusting in the Lord. I don’t think I have ever doubted the Lord could bless me because I have lived a life full of His blessings. But the tricky part is gaining His trust because sometimes we decide to be disobedient. Well actually I know he trusts me even if I haven’t proven to be completely trustworthy. He knows my potential and loves me and wants me to be greater. So he keeps putting more trust in me... I guess the hard part is living up to his trust. I know I will fall. I know I will get distracted. But I can also live up to this trust as I trust in the Atoning sacrifice of His Son. I have lots of goals to become better this year as I live and serve in new areas and have new companions. I have learned so much this past year about my weaknesses and imperfections... And I am so grateful to be aware of these defects of mine so I can constantly try to better myself in these defects. I have learned a lot and still have lots to learn. eeeey, that’s okay though.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring others unto Christ through being a vessel of the Lord. It is a blessing from God. My mission is shaping who I can become and what I will be for the rest of my life. Right now is the learning process and after will be the applying process. 

Okay well my mind is really blank. This ward truly made an impact on me. So many fantastic people with so much “fantastic-ness” in their spirits. I am not worried about them. 

I love you all so much and just miss you all a bunch. I mean I am tempted to ask for a winter coat because my sweaters won’t be too helpful. But then if you send it it wouldn’t get here until after I die of frost bite so I will just try and knit a coat of tree leaves since there will be a bunch where I am going. Haha. Saying goodbye to the Concrete Jungle and saying hi to green forests. 

PS still didn’t get my package. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

Birthday with T. family!

Birthday with the Rabbits! 


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