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Monday, March 17, 2014

Another hard week and some thoughts on perfection.

Well this week was better but I still wanted to kill a bird on Sunday cause none of our investigators came. But the attendance in general was ALOT more than usual. We didn’t even all fit in the Casa de Oracion because 72 people came! So maybe in a weird round about way it was good my investigators decided to frito out (flake out) and not come... because otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to sit down... AH, what am I saying? Haha. #lame

But we worked super hard with our investigators and members. We gave lots of members lists of the names of our investigators so that they could pray and fast for them as well!!! But the results are slower than we would’ve have liked. We taught 37 lessons and worked our butts off and I think we just have to keep working doing that and then trust more in the Lord. It’s also sad because the investigators that would come to church have to work on Sundays and it’s just so ironic and pitiful. Wanna know why I want people to come to church? Because if they don’t come, they don’t progress... And if they don’t progress, they don’t get baptized. But maybe I want these things for selfish reasons. I have got to do some introspection to do folks. 

Hopefully things start getting better. This week we are focusing on street contacts FOR REAL this time. I know I have said that but then we haven’t really focused too much on it. So maybe that is why people are progressing because we are focusing too much on them and not focusing on finding new people and maybe God needs us to find certain people right now. Who knows why nothing is meshing? All I know is that we have to try new things. lol. help.

But don’t worry about the Branch cause the other half of us are doing SOOO GREAT. Elder Y. and Elder S. are working their butts off too and have a lot better results. 8 of their investigators came to church and I was so happy for them. They are working toward two baptisms in this month and hopefully a lot more in April. I know God is really pressuring his work. Even though he isn’t pressuring our investigators, he is doing it to others. hahahaha. I’m not bitter.... 

P. and R. are still coming with us to lots of citas and are doing great things. Man are their testimonies fantastic. And by coming with us they are gaining more confidence in teaching and in other social aspects. They are such a fantastic couple. 

L. fell off of the face of the earth... Which still makes me sad.

I really thought we taught lots of fantastic lessons. The Spirit was with us... He testified the truthfulness of our message. The people felt it... But their agency is throwing me off the edge. It’s such an enlightening thing. I now understand how God must feel when I KNOW what I am supposed to do but I DON’T do it. It’s frustrating. SUPER FRUSTRATING. Ha. Really though. So I need to work on being more merciful and loving unconditionally. 

Anyways… today I was studying and read a quote from some apostle (don’t remember who....) and he said that God expects us to be perfect as he is. And I was thinking. Great. Haha. I know he expects that from us. I know it’s hard. And LOTS of times we think it is IMPOSSIBLE. But the apostle said something so interesting... "Jesus never said that being perfect means we can't make mistakes..." and I was like WOAH. Profoundness and then I died from shock, the end. But it’s true. Why do we always assume that to be perfect we can’t make mistakes. FOR THAT REASON we have to repent. God knows that we make mistakes and he is so patient with our weaknesses’. He gave his only begotten Son so that in our weaknesses we could become strong and BE perfect, even as He is. So we never should lose hope. I know we have divine purposes as sons and daughters of Gods. We need to show God that we are worthy of these divine purposes through obedience. He wants us to submit our will #agency to HIS. That's why he requires us to make covenants with him. When we make covenants with God, we give up our will and use our agency to follow His will. Or in other words... we USE our agency and exercise our will when we decide to FOLLOW him. Obviously he will never literally take our will or agency away... But he expects us to humble ourselves and give up dumb tendencies. He teaches us how to be perfect, even as he is. And through the making of covenants, we commit to DO IT. I don’t know if that makes sense with anything. But I forgot everything that happened this week so I just decided to write some spiritual thoughts. Hope you can take something from it. 

Well.... the power just went out and luckily everything was SAVED. Love you google. hahahaha. 

Ate some super good food this week. I love Mexican food. But my comp doesn’t like spicy food. So NO ONE MAKES THE SALSA SPICY. rude. Haha. jk. 

Love you all so much. I think lots about you all. I am happy in the mission. It scares me because I am still not even close to the type of missionary I want to be and I only have 10 months left to learn. Why is this so not okay. Haha. 


Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald


A Catholic church I found. Some guy asked why I was taking pictures in front of another church... ooooops. run.

Good clouds. I thought it was the second coming and so I was calling people to repentance like no other. 

silly dog..

da city view. Vista Hermosa... ya our poor elementary school is grammatically incorrect. sowwy.

interesting Mexican frutas.

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