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Monday, March 10, 2014

"Missionary work is tough, tiring, draining, tear provoking, but also fantastic, rewarding, and recommended to all"

Hello family and friendos. 

This week was an improvement from last week. If you would have come to church you wouldn’t have thought so because no investigator came and lots of baptismal dates fell through and it was super chafa (lousy)... But the quality of this week was high. 
We had a fantastic lesson with P. and H.! P. and R. (members whom I love) came with us and helped fellowship them. The lesson was about the plan of salvation and they really enjoyed it. The testimonies of the members were PHENOMENAL, and I was convinced that the investigators were coming to church this week. P. even cried and felt the spirit super strong. Then we left and it warmed my heart to hear how content and happy P. and R. were. Seriously. They said they had never felt the spirit so strong and that their heart was so full it felt like it was going to explode. I just was so grateful that we could be part of a lesson that benefited ALL that took part in it. But unfortunately P. and H. have some other issues and they didn’t come to church and I actually think they are avoiding us. Apparently the mother in law of this family is a witch... And her daughter would help her with "cleansings" and other weird witch stuff. So P. and his kids have been uncomfortable in their house and seen weird things and they are scared all the time and so they were super smart and went BACK to the witch yesterday to clean the children INSTEAD of coming to church....... SO that was not the best choice and I’m pretty sure we will be casting out devils soon. Haha jk. It’s actually something super serious and I am not sure how to handle it. But they are just super confused and when their children get sick they go to extreme measures to heal them.... even just after one day of having a fever. So, that’s annoying and dumb - witchcraft is real and I NEVER got my Hogwarts letter, so pretty mad about that. Also some strange old man that apparently lives close to us claims that he is Jesus Christ reincarnated and has messed with a bunch of people’s heads. He gives them "cleansings" for 1000 pesos and robs poor people of their money. Making bank isn’t always an honest profession when using religious tactics. But these are the perks to living in Mexican pueblos away from civilization. 

Our Frenchman came to our English class and commented to us that he has seen miracles since he started praying to God in the name of Christ. WOOHOO. Love it. But he works in another state on Sundays and so it’s like he can’t come to church... Difficult. But he was able to stay for the gospel class and heard lots of great testimonies. It made me happy.

Marrying people is super difficult and I have lost all hope here in Topilejo. 

The Presidente de Rama and his wife came with us to a lesson on Thursday. They are a great young couple and have super strong testimonies. Two thumbs up. They came with us to visit A. and V., who came to church last week for the first time... Apparently they really liked it and learned a lot. A., being unemployed, saw a miracle for going to church and GOT WORK the following day. So I was super sure that because of that testimony he received he would come to church again this week... But no. I am tired of giving all my time and energy to people that just suck it up and don’t do anything with it. But hey... got to stay positive...

We saw the dedicatory fireside of the new MTC in Mexico. It was super inspiring and I was a wee bit jealous that I never got to know the CCM here... Maybe I’ll move to Mexico after the mission and teach here. Hahha. Elder Oaks was there to dedicate it and he said lots of great things. Learned a lot. Actually it was basically the same gist of what he told us a couple weeks ago. But it was nice to be reminded and reaffirmed. We can’t rely on the members to give us references.... That’s what he told us.  How does that make you feel? Bad? Good. lolol jk. But seriously, GIVE DEM MISSIONARIES REFERRALS. And be happy about it. 

L. is a lost cause. I am very depressed to admit it. But it’s true. Super sad and shocking to see someone so prepared and so excited to make covenants with the Lord change before the blink of an eye. It makes me sad. But I know if we keep doing our work and focus on finding new people that are ready, before we know it, L. with be calling us asking to be baptized. High hopes... But it is all I can do. 

M. is an old lonely woman who lives with her cat and dog. Hopefully she can start coming to church because she has the desire to be baptized. But her dumb work takes advantage of her since she is going to retire soon. LAME sauce. 

All in all... this week was a lot better. Many excitements. Many disappointments. But that is the life of a missionary. So much for being the only time in my life when I didn’t need to be stressed - LOL at that. Missionary work is tough, it is tiring, it is draining, it is tear provoking... But it is also fantastic, rewarding, and I recommend it to everyone. I still have so much to learn and I don’t think I will be able to fit it all in with the time I have left... 10 months and a cachito... wut? Talk about stressful.

Love you all so much. Thanks for your examples and your prayers. Pray for the Topilejo Branch and pray for our investigators. The prayer of the faithful is a useful thing, don’t ya know. 

Keep on chugging along folks. Chaou 

Con Amor, Elder Macdonald

We went to Walmart and I cried of joy after buying and eating this glorified and celestial chip.

city lights

A pretty walk to church.


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