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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Comp, Dominos, and can't wait for General Conference

The diagnosis of transfers is this....


Haha okay, well, don’t take that literally... but I am finally getting a Mexican companion. Well at least I assume so because his name is Elder T. And that's a Mexican name... And he is brand new from the MTC! That should be fun, no? I am hoping sooo. But guess what? WE have to CHANGE TODAY. Not tomorrow. Usually we get the news Sunday night, then we have pday to do the things we need... and Tuesday we go and do the transfers... But NOT THIS TIME. Who knows what happened to the crazy people in charge of this thing... But we have to be in Tasquena at 4 in the tarde. PM. and its super stressful. Haha not too much for me because I don’t have to pack... But hey... I can still complain, right? 

But this was an interesting week... We had lots of complications and less time to see investigators... Another week without investigators at church... But they had legitimate excuses... One was dying of hiccups.... WUT? Yes. So he had to go to the hospital. Pobre P. And the other family that is like golden that I told you about last week had other commitments... So I'll let it slide. Actually I am a little worried about them. So the wife of J. C. is super nice but she DOES NOT want her husband to change religions. SO I am pretty sure she is trying to curse us when we are in the middle of teaching him. She is just mad because when they first got married she suggested to changing religions and becoming Jehovah Witnesses... And he told her that he would NEVER change and that he was content with being Catholic. So when we showed up and he started liking what we taught him... She got very defensive, and claws came out. Anyways. I am afraid that he will drop us because it is causing problems in the marriage.... DUMB. But I have faith that God will give him an answer about all this if he prays and does his part. Hoping! And his daughter told us that she doesn’t believe in religions, only God. And I was like... “OKAY WELL ASK GOD WHAT HE THINKS THEN”. Haha. But I have confidence that all will be well... Pray for them porfis.  

We had interviews with President. It was good. We hardly even talked because lots of people kept calling him during the interview and then when he hung up I think he forgot where we were and was like "anything else?!?!" akjajajajjajajahahahahahahha and I was like... puess... no. Haha. So it was super short and fine. 

I can’t express how EXCITED I am for General Conference. You KNOW how much I LOVE IT. Seriously. I am getting all ansie. Its like the night before Christmas, or the car ride to Disneyland. IT’S FANTASTIC. 

Okay so we had a baptism for the branch (the other elders) this Saturday and it was super nice and awesome. It was the mom of the Branch President. She is perfect and kind and so smart! It was totally her time. So after the baptism some of the sisters were going to bring us, the missionary’s, food. And they brought it. But there was a miscommunication that the food was for everyone.... HAHA. So all 30 of the people that attended the baptism were there to feast on the missionary’s food. And we were like AWK. But it all worked out because the Relief Society President bought us each our own box of pizza from Dominos. LOVIN IT. It was so kind and thoughtful and super great and yummy. 

So I am kind of sad about changes because I will miss the presence of some of my District. You know. You just get so used to people. But it’s always so good. Hopefully my new comp and I can work super hard and baptize ALL DAY EERDAY here in Topilejo. I am counting on it. 

I don’t remember the other things that happened this week... ha.

Hope all is well at home. Love you all so much. Enjoy General Conference OKAY? And I will talk to yaaa l8r 

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald

So after the baptism they bought us our OWN pizza. Heaven sent.

I was happy ya know?

Soy yo.

One of my favorite families at the Casa de Oracion.

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