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Monday, March 24, 2014

If you read my journal you will read hope falling through the cracks, BUT miracles do happen!

MIRACLES HAPPEN ONCE AND A WHILE EVERYBODY - It’s true. And I am happy and content with life and the mission. 

So as you may remember, these past two weeks have been super difficult and discouraging. Well not just the past two weeks… the past month. Okay, lets get real... this TRANSFER was not the easiest. However, I know that everything happens for our own good. Whether it is something fantastic, or horrible... it works together for our own benefit. 

That’s what I learned this transfer...

This week I was praying so hard to find someone... anyone... even a dog... to come to church with us. Because all of our investigators se chafiaron, they turned crappy. Still wonderful human beings... but really bad investigators. So the pressure was on. We are supposed to baptize every week in April and I was just dying of all the pressure and the lack of success... We had worked so hard and not seen results. We had been mistreated and lied to. We dealt with lots of trivial problems, but they weren’t very trivial in the moment. So yeah it was tough. I was contacting like a monster and literally talking to everyone. I am pretty sure I scared a few people cause they weren’t expecting me to talk to them. Haha. But I didn’t care. I was determined to find SOMEONE. Well…we found lots of potentials that were less than convincing. My comp and I were even getting frustrated with each other because of the difficulties we were having. We were turning on each other. Not too much,… but a little. 

Seriously if you read my journal you can read the hope falling through the cracks. 

And plus, I was super sore from wall ball on Monday.

Then on Wednesday we had a tender mercy. We had a zone training and I didn’t think much of it. Something fantastic happened. We watched a video on the Atonement of Christ. Elder Erying and Holland spoke on the video. Eyring talked about going that extra yard when you physically can’t - through the power of the Atonement. It hit me hard. Because I started to think about the beginning on my mission.... #oneyearago #midmissioncrisis about how it was super difficult for me. The culture change. The language barrier. The companions. Everything. But the only thing that kept me going was KNOWING that through Christ my weaknesses would be made strong. I knew and lived that promise. And Through the Atonement of Christ I overcame a lot and learned to LOVE the mission. So once I started loving the mission and having lots of success... I fell. I fell and forgot that this power is always available because it is something necessary... EVEN when everything is great. I lost the full trust and remembrance I had in my Savior. Well obviously not all the way... But everything was just super good... So I started trusting in my own strength. Big mistake. In that video Elder Holland also talked about the difficulties of missionary work. He said that missionary work was never easy... because salvation was never a cheap experience! And it is so true. We as missionaries have to pass through sorrows and tears to really become true representatives of Christ and representatives of what HE did. It doesn’t mean we have to look for hardship... Because it will and does come naturally... The opposition comes in all things. And I know now it is for our wellbeing. 

This confidence requires a lot of hard work, diligence, love, patience, charity, humility, trust, and prayer. But it comes. I felt like the Nephites when they fell into the pride cycle. Luckily I didn’t become too apostate. But I wasn’t as powerful as I could’ve been because I wasn’t trusting fully in the Spirit, and I wasn’t relying on the Atonement to HELP me in my imperfections. I don’t like to admit those imperfections... HAha but they are definitely there... 

So this week when I was tired, hot, exhausted, and looking for someone I had contacted a few days earlier.... I almost gave up. We couldn’t find the dumb house and we were just super done. But I was like... Fine... I will just knock on this door and ask someone WHERE ONE EARTH this lady lived... So when I did some short guy came out and said that he didn’t know where she lived. So we were lost and annoyed because of some rude lady lying to us.... And I honestly didn’t even want to introduce myself to him because I just thought... HE WON’T BE INTERESTED. I AM TIRED AND HOT. THIS IS DUMB. However what happened in the next hour was proof to me that the Lord knows and watches over us, and that his plan is better then ours. I am soooo grateful I got over myself because he accepted the invitation to a short message then and there. We taught him a lesson and he really was so happy we found him and felt like we were sent from God. Man did I feel horrible and unworthy when we told us that. That was on Saturday. The next day in the morning (Sunday) we passed by his house to pick him up for church and his WHOLE FAMILY WAS READY TO GO. Talk about being humbled. We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday. Prayer is real. But never give up. God is all knowing. If I had never contacted that woman a few days before... And if she hadn’t lied to me (ironic no?)... We would have never arrived to the house of the Familia M. P. It was all planned out. I will keep you updated on their progress. I know they will be baptized. And I am positive the 17 year old daughter will serve a mission. The best part is they LOVED CHURCH. 

Also we went with my favorite couple to talk to one of their friends... But they stopped us in the street and said... “We have to say a prayer to know WHO to talk to”. And I was impressed and said... “PERFECT”. They prayed. We walked around the corner to come neighbor... R. was like.... “THIS GUY”. He ran up to his neighbor and invited him to church and he accepted... And guess what... HE CAME TO CHURCH TOO. So yeah.. Miracles happen everyday folks. 

We had other good things happen this week but the letter is already long. Good things are happening. Transfers will be in a week. 

I love you all and am grateful for the example you have set for me. Happy birthday to Dallpall Larsen. Hope it’s wonderful. Hope you all enjoyed Andrew’s birthday in Cali. I was thinking about you enjoying the sun while I suffered walking in it this week. HAHAH. 

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

Last Monday we went to play FRONTON. I won. Surprising, I know. But I won.

Fronton is wallball.


Painter in the process. Don't mess.

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