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Monday, May 5, 2014

A great week, a month long fast, and God watches over all of us.

HELLO hola, bonjour and ya that’s it.

This week was super good. Some minor things changed in the mission. This transfer is almost over and I am terrified because I DON’T want to get moved out of Topilejo, and we are getting ready to baptize every week. SERIOUSLY IT’S NOT A JOKE.

Lots of fantastic things happened this week. We taught more than 40 lessons and we are finding lots of potential. It’s super interesting because the standard of excellence is to baptize every week. And when you hear it at first you think. WHAT ARE YOU DUMB? But really, the Lord has called us to do it because he KNOWS we can do it. It’s a little bit of pressure, but pressure makes for good hard work. All we have to do is stop focusing on numbers and have more frequency. Love it. 

District Leaders had a meeting yesterday with President about all of this. They changed some other stuff about the way we are going to report and how we will do District meetings and stuff like that. WOOP. Not too big of a change. But we really have to be sincere in this work and strive to receive power to be able to accomplish it. 

So on Tuesday we had a cita (appointment) with E. at 12:30 and we got there super on time and I was like woohoo. But when we got there a testigo (JW) WAS THERE AND I WAS LIKE “HEY NOT COOL WE HAD A CITA”. haha. But it was whatever. We just went around close looking for other people to teach. In the meantime we taught a Pentecost Pastor and confused him super bad - I actually kind of felt bad. Finally after an hour and a half, the Jehovah Witness left and we could talk to E. She apologized and said that the JW wouldn’t STOP TALKING. lol. E. is still being super stubborn about baptism. It’s like “COME ON ALREADY - GO SWIMMING. I promise the water will be warm”. But she is like no. But they were able to go to church for the 5th time. This Sunday was a fast and testimony meeting. The spirit was the and I died because it was SERIOUSLY SO GOOD. Like I didn’t know Topilejo had it in them. But sure they do. Everyone bore testimony that THIS is the true church. They also bore testimony about trials. I think both of those things are what E. needed to hear. Her son J. came to know that this is all true - I AM SURE OF IT. But we have to talk to them. She got interested in temple work for the dead and we started explaining that and also about the twelve tribes and patriarchal blessings and she got super excited. Hoping that this might help her get in da water. CAUSE SHE IS SOOO READY. If we have a surprise baptism, I'll be happy. 

Okay we are doing something fantastic in the branch. A MONTHWIDE FAST FOR MISSIONARY OPPORTUNITIES. It was my idea and I feel like a genius. It is getting everyone super excited and we are seeing miracles from the fast. I started the fast on Thursday. Guess what? I ACTUALLY LIKE TO FAST. Haha. I think I am going to do it again soon to just be able to know HOW to baptize everyone and to see miracles. The members are starting to understand that this is a church wide force. It is not just the silly young stupid missionaries that have to teach, preach, invite, baptize. It is the members’ job TOO. Now is the time for the members and the missionaries to join forces and work together! We have to do it. Come on peeps. But the fact that we filled in the May calendar with families that are going to fast for missionary work makes my heart super content. Topilejo is surprising the world. HAha. We are going like you aint ever seen before. Good things are happening. Hoping this fast makes things keep moving.

So F. and C. are perfect. All they have to do is get married and have permission since she is a youngster. But yesterday was her FIRST TIME IN THE CHURCH. She went up to the pulpit and gave a sweet and powerful testimony about how she KNOWs that this is the true church. She felt so good afterwards and C. did too. I wanted to cry because they are just true examples of Disciples of Christ. Once they heard it and felt it, they started applying it and sharing it. Love it.

Other people came to church. A total of 12 investigators came to church! Some of them left after sacrament meeting. But they loved it and felt such a peace. Seriously. A testimony meeting can make it or break it for an investigator. Sorry, but its true. This Sunday MADE it for LOTS. 

A less active hermana told such a powerful story about how she had separated herself from her brother and family for 5 years. There was NO COMMUNICATION between them for five years. Her brother and family lived in Veracruz while she lived here in Mexico City. But one day she just felt the need to surprise visit her brother and family in Veracruz. She went in the moment. When she landed in the airport, she got off her plane and started walking to find her bags. While walking in the Airport she saw her whole family in the airport saying their goodbyes. Her brother was about to leave on a mission... She arrived JUST in time to hug her brother and wish him luck and he was about to serve the Lord for two years. God works in mysterious ways. But it is such a testimony builder to know that GOD knows everything. He watches over us and blesses us to be able to bear the trials of this life. Love it.

I hope your bday was AWESOME DADDY.

So I did intercambios with Elder H. and Elder S. two days in a row. Can I just say hilarious? H. and I were talking about BYU and when he saw one of the pics I have with Nate Tingey he was like “WHAT?” haha I was like “do you know him???” He said no, but that he knew his x girlfriend. So we had some funny moments and it was really funny in the moment but I am not going to go into details. Haha. I will explain later when we skype. lolol. And Elder S. is perfect and was super nice. Everything was good.

I love the mission. I love the miracles. My comp and I get along so great and work super good together. It’s nice. Everyone is gunna get baptized soon. Starting this month. It’s real. 

Can’t wait to SKYPE Y’AALLL. Can’t believe it is that time again. Time isn’t a real thing. Haha. Next week I will know the changes. 6 transfer left. WUT?

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald



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