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Monday, May 12, 2014

Moving, hard work, and God knows us perfectly.

Transfers always come even when we don’t want them to… It is really frightening because time is going by extremely fast and I only have 6 more transfers. But guess what? All I can do it keep working and enjoying the work.

President changed me to Aculco in Contreras. I am still a District Leader and I am still training. I am pretty sure I will die training at this rate. I am actually super excited to go to Contreras because it is supposed to be super beautiful like here (Topilejo) with trees and rivers, but there in Contreras, I think it is a ward with lots of people! So that'll be fun. But I really actually have no idea because I have never heard anything about this place - And that’s life. Tomorrow we have changes. I really hate packing because curiously I have accumulated more THINGS that aren’t fitting in my suitcases. HELP. Haha. I think I am going to leave lots of stuff in the house here.... Sorry, say good-bye to dads huge warm winter coat. Awk... Frustrating.

The other side of me is super sad because I LOVE TOPILEJO. Hahaha. I know this always happens. I always end up LOVING my areas. So I just have to remember it is a good thing. Hopefully this area doesn’t let me down. Yoyoyo. But I didn’t get to see all my efforts harvested. But that’s the mission right? Some of us are planters and others are harvesters. Fun stuff. I have already said good-bye to lots of good people. Tears. So depressing. I HOPE that the branch keeps fasting and keeps working hard to baptized every week. We have set up the way. Keep going. 

Hilarious drunk grandma came up to me and Elder H. and told us that we were in her dream and that she needed to know who we were.... umm. And then she kissed us on the cheeks. Hahaha it was super funny because it was like an eternal struggle trying to tell her we can’t kiss women as missionaries and she was like "that doesn’t MATTER" and so she grabbed our faces like a cute little drunk grandma would and slobbered all over our cheeks. How loverly, right? Haha so yup definitely feel violated and it’s just wonderful. Hopefully she gets baptized someday. hahaha

We taught 40 lessons and it felt like it too. Seriously. IT IS TIRING.  Practically running everywhere. Being a missionary is really hard but I think that the Lord makes us super humans for 2 years without even knowing it because we walk SO MUCH. I don’t think I could’ve done this before the mission. I didn’t even realized this before. But yeah. We are super humans. 

F. and C. and progressing a WHOLE lot. They read and everything but the silly little fritos didn’t come to church. I wanted to nail them to the pulpit by their toes. But I know they will get baptized. I feel good about them. Everyone else is also doing well. They are gunna be baptizing lots here soon!

I ate a whole pig this week and wanted to die. Thank you very much. Wakala. 

Okay seriously we found 9 new investigators this week and I was super PUMPED. But now I will never be able to see them progress. It’s really a sad life. 

Topilejo is going supér well. I am honored to have had the opportunity to teach and work here with these great souls. I am going to miss them with all my heart. But soon we will visit them right? Yeah. 

The other elders in the branch had a miracle baptism! It was super fun to be able to interview him and see HOW READY he was. I love it. God loves all of his children so much. And it boggles my mind to know that he knows us individually and PERFECTLY. Its soo true but I just don’t get it. So great.

It was a pleasure talking with you FAM. Can’t believe the next time we skype I will be on the road to Calvary coming home. hahahaha. Love y’all. Pray for me to love my new area and people. I just want to be a better missionary and I am really trying. Hopefully I can make it by the time I am finished. 

I love you all soo much and I know this is true! I will go where HE wants me to go even though I don’t want to. Haha. Love ya.

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

Walking miles to teach.



mi companero y yo

you folks!


family R.

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