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Monday, May 19, 2014

We go to church to be perfected in Christ, Krispy Kreme, and adjusting to changes...

WOW. Lots of things happened this week.

So did I mention I don’t like changes. I don’t know. Maybe the mission is preparing me to move from state to state every year. Who knows? Haha.

I really miss Topilejo. But, oh well.

I really also am starting to like my new area. But I don’t think I am going to be here very long. 

My new area is called Aculco. The attendance is WORSE than my branch. Haha. WUT? Only 30-50 people go every Sunday... and there are about 550 members on the records. HOW EXCITINGLY FUN! Haha. Apparently everyone is super delicate here and gets offended about everything and it’s just a mess down here. Seriously. ALL I have heard are bad things. Everyone is so negative.  And so it’s just a little bit weird. I mean I have to admit that some of the leaders have a super sarcastic sense of humor... But it’s like... they aren’t that bad???  There is so much work to be done. 

On the bright side my house is TINY and super gross and ugly and I HATE IT. jk. It’s not that bad. We did a deep clean today. But going from my mansion in the mountains to my closet in the hood hasn’t helped give me a positive outlook. 

The area is SO BIG - So big. And half of it is the richest of rich and the other half is normal or super poor. It is strange. I have never had so many REAL restaurants in my area. There is a Chilis!!! We went to go eat THERE TODAY... But it is so expensive and so I am asking permission to buy myself and my comp a lunch there next Monday with the card? What about that parents? HAha. I haven’t eaten Subway and PIZZA. ohhmg. There is even a Papa Johns!! HAha. I have only seen Dominos. NO YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT. I ate Krispy Kreeeeeemes! HAHAHA. I died. I saw it and peed and cried and ran over and the donuts are like 16 pesos which is like SOO MUCH but I didn’t care and so I ate it. SO the best thing about my area is the FOOD. Which is good because the hermanas here apparently don’t feed the missionaries. I don’t know.... Lots of crazy things happened here with the missionaries and the members and now they don’t trust us.... I don’t know. It’s a different world. One of my Zone Leaders is ELDER R. That’s super fun. I really like him and missed him.

OH my. You won’t believe it. We have some guy in our ward that is a less active that graduated.... wait for it..... FROM MOUNTAIN VIEW.... TOROS BABY.  I was shocked. Utterly. Strange no? HAHA.

We have really fun investigators. I am loving the people here even though everyone tells me I should hate them. I am thinking about doing a unity building activity. LOL. 

We should have baptisms in June. We will see about that. 

I really am happy. This week was just hard to get used to everything. I have LOTS of work to do. It should be good. I am in physical shape because my WHOLE mission I have had the hilly areas. I think he loves me or something... He also sends me to the wards with the least attendance in the mission. It’s like he thinks I am good at getting people to go to church? 


There are lots of beautiful houses here. I am going to baptize one so they invite us over to eat. 

I am happy and adjusting. Love you all so much. The church is true. The members aren’t perfect. Get over it. That’s why we GO. To be perfected in Christ. So have patience and keep going. That’s all I have to say. 

con amor,
Elder Macdonald


Love this District


favorite family. 

doooogy fat dog

My mansion, my clean and beautiful mansion. 


big da city




the beautiful house in the hood.



found a poncho in the house... hahahahha so weird.

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