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Monday, May 26, 2014

Golden Pork, painting is a learned skill, and teach, love, and serve.

Haha SCOUT (our dog) is a baby. Tell him to shape up. Send him to the Mexican streets and he will man up a bit.

Well this week was super duper better. I suppose. Just in - Tomorrow we are moving houses to a better house. That’s good. But that means that today we spent 2 hours packing and cleaning. Super fun. 

So this week I learned more things about the area. I am starting to build better relationships with the members. It is all progressing slowly but surely.

We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday and I had to give the teaching time and it turned out well. I talked about Prophets and why we need them. I used the story in Exodus 32. It is when Moses came down from the mountain later than normal and all of the Israelites freaked out not knowing what to do, so they started worshiping a golden pork (translation error – it’s still a calf).... LOL. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?1 We learned lots of good things about the Sabbath day and also the importance of talking to ERRRRYONE. Elder R. (my buddy from Chinampas) is my Zone Leader. I have missed him ALOT. So good to be back together. 

On Wednesday we had interviews with the President and he told me that this ward might be a little tricky and just told me to teach, love, and serve. lol. Okay! I’LL DO IT PRES. 

What have you heard about the movie "Perfect Obedience".... it looks super interesting. Haha. I have actually only seen a poster. I assumed it is about the Catholic Church. Fill me in folks.

I did interchanges with Elder T. I remember when he first got here... and now he has 8 months! I was like HOWW?! I feel like this mission thing defies the laws of time. It was fun. Their area reminds me of the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter. I was super tempted to run away and find the spider. It was POURING rain that day and we went from house to house and NO ONE LET US IN. I was like “RUDE please learn that when it is raining, you let the missionaries in. Especially if you had an appointment?!?!” But it was fun. They’re opening that area, so it is tough right now. The rest of my district is doing great. We are going to have like 4 or 5 baptisms this week! Yay!

We went to eat with an investigator this week. Her name is I... and she is hilarious. She is basically a long lost member of the familia C. She will get baptized soon. She doesn’t really know if she wants to yet. BUT she came to church!!! I was suuuuper stoked. But she only stayed for Sacrament meeting and the talks were very dead.... and so I am worried that she didn’t like it. She was like.... I HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS FOR YOUU!!!  - and ran away. eeep.. She made us yummy food though, and then we painted her house!!! Just a room. They made fun of me for not knowing how to paint.... I didn’t know you had to know... I thought you just did it. lol.

The Mountain View alumni brought his girlfriend to church! AWESOME YAAA. So there is lots of potential with that. ALSO an inactive member of 13 years came to church yesterday. MIRACLE. She finally came. It was good. She liked it a lot. 

Hoping that Sunday we have a baptism. Tomorrow we are moving. And it is starting to rain a lot. 

Love you guys so much. Sorry for not knowing what to say. Keeping working hard - oh ya... you’re in summer break. I don’t even remember what that is. Hahaha. BAIII

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald
We painted with I. She's basically part of the C. family. hahaha and she came to church this week.

Super pretty. rainy season has come back from the dust.

Pizza on muh tongue

The church!

Selfie for the fam. I saw a poster in a Mexican bus that said "tomete un SELFIE".... and I was like WUUUUT. So I obeyed and did it.

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