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Monday, June 9, 2014

Best baptism ever, 1200 year old pyramid, and great photos


Anywho. We had a baptism this week and it was just so great to see how that can unite a ward! Before the baptism we had a ward BBQ type thing. And LOTS AND LOTS of people came. We were all shocked. Everyone was just so happy being with one another. I was just loving the people so much, that there is no way they can’t love me. Haha - that’s my plan, to make everyone love one another by loving me. We will see how that works out. 

About 10 investigators came to the BBQ, and 5 of them were brought by members. Aka we didn’t know them before the party! So it was great. After the ward party we forced everyone to stay for the baptism. #BRILLIANTIDEA because the baptism was full! Like 45 people were there! It was such a happy moment for G. She is such a nice lady and I just love her. FINALLY she got baptized. It was her time. She even brought her two grandchildren. It was obvious that they didn’t want to be there but she brought them!! That’s good, right? yes. 

The talks were marvelous and you could definitely feel the spirit. Then I was supposed to sing a special musical number. But I don’t think the ward got the hint.... Hahahaha. Or they just don’t know what a special musical number is. So when I started singing, some people starting singing with me in the congregation... LOLOL. It was like a choir of angels in the background. Super dramatic movie material. Everyone was loving it though so I just let it flow... The spirit was super strong. 

And then... came the ordinance. And let me tell you... We took FOREVER trying to baptize this woman. I am just so grateful I didn’t baptize her because I would have laughed. My poor comp got to do it... and it was his first baptism. And she was obviously afraid of the water because every time they attempted to do the baptism she would get her head half way in the water and FLIP OUT. She turned into a fish out of water gasping for air and trying to reach for the wall. hahahahhahahahahahhaha. So I was up the stairs of the font in the doorway that leads into the bathroom. Good thing too so I could laugh to myself without anyone seeing. They literally did that one 10 times. Then they tried to have her squat but she wouldn’t get her head all the way. Then they had her kneel and go front first. GHahaha. we actually took 10 minutes practicing before adding the prayer so she could learn. And it was just a riot. The good woman has a great sense of humor too, so it makes the whole situation better. Oh dear. Why are baptisms thought to be a perfect moment of peaceful bliss, but in reality it becomes a near death experience? Oh Mexico. 

But the best thing is that she is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Lovin it.

On Sunday we gave talks about Missionary Work. The Bishop is now happy and loves us and told me to thank you guys for me. Haha. And the MEMBERS FILLED IN FOOD SLOTS FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH OF JUNE. Progress people. They love us now. All that was missing was love. I have just tried so hard to love these people and help them feel good about themselves, and just agree with them, even if they are crazy, because they just need to be loved. I think everything is going to be great here in ACULCO. 

Other investigators are doing well. A miracle happened. A newlywed couple just moved down the street. The husband is an RM and his wife is an investigator and wants to be baptized. The funny thing is, they just came to us. We are working super hard here to find the chosen by contacting and teaching and being rejected, and the chosen come to US. Haha. Being a missionary is just funny. 

Our landlady lives below us. She has cancer and is going to chemotherapy right now. We taught her and her daughter. They are so perfect. I love that we were guided to this house to live here and find these people. Soon they will be members. I just know it. 

And today we went to a pyramid!!! IT WAS SOO COOOL. Hahahha super funny cause Elder J. ran up and walked down singing the song from the TESTAMENTS and it was super apostate but hilarious at the same time. Took lots of pictures. The funny thing is, it is super close to our house. This area seriously is the best because we have EVERYTHING. From Krispy Kremes, to pyramids, you name it we have it. 

Well we are super happy, working hard, loving the work, being fed, helping the members, and the members helping us. Oh PS, an hermana is sewing my pants so they’ll fit better, (she is taking them in) and she really is doing a great job. I think I’ll pay her. And she loves my pants, or the material and wants to know what website you bought it from dad. Speak up. Thanks! 

I love the conference talks. I love the one about the four minutes. It is so true. We have been trained mentally, physically, and spiritually to be here. Now we are here. So we need to perform to our best ability to win the Gold. We can do it. These four minutes fly by, and we never know when they will end. So perform like you have never performed before!!

Love you all so much! 

Con Amor!
Elder Macdonald

we got a couch! sofa party.

old train track that is now a bike track and runs all the way to Topilejo! super tempting.

ward party! (

me helping the Bishop!

good member brought a non member friend!!! yayay!

me and my short comp!

N. and her fam took us to BURGER KING. yay

rainy days

this is KIKA. she is our pet. at first she hated me. but now she loves me.


play sets are fun for missionaries too.

an igloo?

little Elder J.

found an abandoned cabin. 


we found the ancient pyramid. Apparently it was made 1,200 years before the birth of Christ. Thank you JAREDITES. 


no one can jump like me.

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