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Monday, June 2, 2014

Wonderful people to teach, the rainy season is here, and using his "puppy dog eyes".

Hey guys! I am supér short on time. hmmm. Love when my comp washes everyTHING he owns for half the day. It’s a true joy. 

Haha the mission is just such a funny thing. Companions are just such a funny thing. But I have learned that that is just the way it is. I have lived and learned. 

So this week was crazy. We moved houses on Tuesday and I DIED. You would think that missionaries wouldn’t have to move a lot of stuff since they are missionaries... but it was super a lot and heavy especially because our house is on a slight hill. GRR. But the good part is the view. IT IS FANTASTIC. I have been blessed with the best views of the mission. Tender mercies. The house is a lot better.

Our investigators decided to disappear or go on vacations or something like that so I felt like NO ONE was home. It was harsh. But it’s okay because some of them magically appeared at church, which was a SHOCK. But super good.

Well our investigator G. passed her baptismal interview!!! After planning the baptismal date like 50 times we are finally going to have the baptism this Saturday at one o'clock. It should be good! She is such an adorable little Grammy. She has a good heart. It was really difficult for her to stop praying to the virgin, but she DID IT. Seriously. Props to da grams. She is super happy and excited for her baptism. Last Friday she was like ..... "CAN I JUST DO IT NOWWW?!?!?" and I was like “yaaaaaaaa”, but we had to wait until her interview. poo. So that is the good news for now.

D., my Toro brother is awesome. HAha he always says I remind him of the good ol’ high school days. I took it as a compliment. He came to church again this week. Little by little we are activating him into an AWESOME MEMBER. 

R. M. is the most perfect investigator except for the fact that she is never home. Her children were just baptized in another state and she has seen the church bless them so much. Whenever she goes to visit them she goes to church with them and so she is basically a member. We just have to find her and teach her. She came to church though! That was gooooood. She is excited and really nice. 

We found a part member family! Well they technically aren’t a family cause they aren’t even married yet. But, they are golden and we just have to work with them a lot. 

J. is the coolest recent convert ever. He passed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday and had the BIGGEST smile on his face. It was soooo fantastic. And he always wants to hang out with us. He wants to start coming on visits with us. He suffered with depression before he knew the missionaries and has had many suicidal thoughts. But his depression is curing through the gospel and hanging out with us! weeee! 

What else happened? Oh, I am becoming better friends with the members. Some less actives are mad at me because I told them that they should attend their ward instead of going to the neighboring ward.... Haha.... eeek. I should be more neutral. 

Elder’s quorum was a straight out yell fest and I cringed and left with a huge migraine. Anger management issues are real stuff. Where’s the love ya’ll? Haha and the Black-eyed Pea’s start singing in Elder’s quorum. 

The ward is a work in progress. 

I did interchanges with Elder J. He is a good missionary. Went to BYU. We didn’t know each other... Haha. I thought I knew everyone. awkkk.

But everything is super good. I love the gospel. I finally got the General Conference issue. FINALLY. Ughh. Waited YEARS FOR IT - And I am loving it. Started reading it today. Ballard’s talk is fantastic about discipleship. We as missionaries get the best and worst parts of discipleship. And I also read someone else’s talk. Oh yeah.. Bednar’s. It was really awesome! 

I love you guys sooo much. The rainy season has started and it is going to be a tough one. Haha. Be safe and enjoy SUMMMMER!!!

PS,,, the food with the members is better. I just go up to the hermanas and beg with puppy dog eyes and they are like “OF COURSE ELDER”. Haha. If you got it, use it. I think the only thing that was happening was bad planning with the RS because the hermanas are super nice to give us food. No worries folks. 

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald
tomate un SELFIE. It's a Spanish word too...

The night city view from the new house!

The new house

sweet balcony...

so pretty

Shaking a dogs hand.

He wants to be my friend.


da big city bois

The volcano. I can see it everywhere


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